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Commenter FunkSoulBrother wins Comment of the Month and gets $20. In response to Is Marriage Just Legalized Prostitution he commented on the high price of “entry” (heh) into the cave of love. The cost-benefit analysis doesn’t work out in favor of the feminized woman. Extremely high cost, virtually zero benefit for the modern man outside of some tepid intercourse. (Men don’t give a damn whether you have a career or not, ladies.)

When you consider just how cheap pussy is these days….But I don’t mean inexpensive. Far from it.

In my estimation, the empty hook-up culture that has developed along side the expansion of so-called equality, liberation and the extra ‘rights’ women enjoy (that men are denied…so much for the 14th Amendment) has demeaned and devalued sex and even romance to the point where it is no longer an ideal. Certainly nothing is in it for men.

And yet these self-anointed, self-righteous, powerful, independent and proud sluts have the nerve to demand cash and other perks for their company, offering no benefits other than sex as, or if, they please.

Now that’s quite a paradox. Men of the West should be looking at women elsewhere for fulfillment.

Indeed, many of us have fled the Titanic as it sinks into the abyss and the socially engineered, man-hating, male-enslaving police state blossoms into full flower. Coming soon to a dystopia near you: men who have completely checked themselves out of a system and society that abuses them. Some stay, some go where women haven’t devolved to base natures just yet.

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