Headlines for Free Thinking Men | July 1, 2016


Headlines from alternative media and the Samizdat for the awakened. This is a trial run, depending on feedback and traffic this may become a regular feature here at The New Modern Man.

  1. Federal Regulation of the Internet Coming
  2. Paul Joseph Watson: Stupid, Butthurt Millenials on the Same Side as Big Business and Big Banks over Brexit
  3. Legacy Media Mum as NOAA Reinstates July 1936 as Hottest Month on Record
  4. EU Bans Claim that Water Can Prevent Dehydration
  5. TSA Makes Move to Work Outside Airport

Poll: Would you like to see headlines like these as a daily or semi-weekly feature on The New Modern Man?

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One comment

  • Typical daily “alternative” media Headlines like these are such a pile of fear based generic negative crap for the most part. I mean whatever man but fuck it. I would model more in the lines of Henry Makow site in terms of approach (not saying content mind, just approach) – it still has integrity and info of actual relevance from real people. Your stuff is fun too, hitting on and articulating the truth now and then makes me laugh it sheds light on your own life sometimes – I mean life and trying to actually work it out with these gorgeous women we are so lucky to have on this planet can be such a fucking mess its like a divine comedy of errors! I like that vibe about your work. Your sour milk/ageing wine stuff really made my day it was just funny! My two cents is regular quality articles not always taking life too seriously in line with your mission of trying to HELP the relationship between men and women including true sexual healing, the misery of LGBT dead end reality, the unbelievable evil of a small group of people in this world, the pervasive herd mentality, and the need to SPIRITUALLY RETREAT either psychologically or physically like you did after waking up to the BS and propaganda of the mainstream and “alternative” – now we’re fucking talking! Believe me a lot of people are about to go through what you did in their own way but the problem is when you finally admit its a pile of shit and you’re living a lie, what to do about it as you feel like you’re on your own. Well that’s because you ARE on your own when it happens, some people even end up on the streets, but with a bit of faith and smarts it can and does eventually open up a new reality!! Also a good article spins off some very interesting comments and shared life experiences from readers too which I like to read as long as you moderate the trolls/shills/haters/fanatics out. We can learn a lot from each other and our adventures with the girls…mainly our mistakes I guess!??? But making male and female relationships really GREAT is the key to the whole thing…there were no good old days in recent recorded history as far as I can tell it was mostly horrific so we got to go into something new. Er like you – how about clear minds and healed emotions and healthy bods for starters?


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