Comment of the Week | July 3, 2016


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Commenter Craig wins Comment of the Week and gets $5, enough to have a beer on us. In response to Papi Chulos and Users of Women which demonstrates yet another way women sexually (and in this case financially) reward Dark Triad (Machiavellian, psychopathic, and narcissistic), bad boy characteristics while punishing good guy characteristics in men, he wrote:

So what happens when every man becomes a Machiavellian asshole? Modern society vitally depends on trust and cooperation between men to function. I think we have some very dark times ahead in the form of some sort of apocalyptic event or another.

Yes, dark times are ahead now that the forces of the sexual jungle have been unleashed on society, and patriarchy relegated to the ash heap of history. An article describing this de-civilizing process entitled Women’s Unrestrained Sexual Instincts Lead to Dystopia goes into how this degenerate cultural milieu will bring man back to what anthropologist J.D. Unwin called a zoistic (animalistic) state, the lowest level of human existence. Beta males have no incentive (other than force from an organizing, tyrannical world superstate) to participate in a society that marginalizes and sexually disenfranchises them. But what better for an elite than a mass of zoistic human putty to manipulate and control?

Once a society flips the script and puts women and weaklings in charge of everything, as the West is doing, expect Bedlam to ensue. Men will inevitably turn against each other as only the most ruthless ever reproduce in an 80/20 sexual market. It’s reasonable to think the sexual market could soon skew 90/10 because in nature, males are largely disposable and humans are no exception. What gave us humanity was giving men a role in society and letting them manage the family and society rather than relegating them to today’s current status as nothing more than sperm donors and walking, talking ATM machines.

We can already see the process of civilization decline accelerating as the Western world circles the drain, casting aside the very men who made it great. Men are not to be in control of family or society anymore, as an assembling worldwide Marxist state takes the reigns of power. Resistance to the New World Order is futile. Or is it?

To me, there is perhaps no better symbol of this decline, of America turning its eyes from looking onward and upward to looking down, scratching its belly and waiting for a gubmint check than this sad image of a decrepit Discovery being mothballed in 2012. This photo speaks volumes about the moldering greatness of a culture that peaked and is now descending further into well advanced decline. We only have the fumes of our past glory and our iPads left, as degeneracy becomes normalized and greatness falls to the scythe of equalism.


A civilization that stops exploring is a civilization in decline

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  • riccardo, rome

    Apparently, one quarter of Norwegian men never father children.


  • It’s forgotten about these days, but the Apollo program was the pinnacle of human achievement. Thousands and thousands of men working together to put a man on the moon. They had only primitive computers, no internet, and rocket technology that we have now lost. Here’s a sobering thought: if the US decided to return to the moon, they would struggle to do it. We are like the warring barbarians of Europe, wandering along ancient Roman roads, wondering if they were built by God.


    • Relampago Furioso

      No doubt historians will look back and see the Apollo landing as the pinnacle before the great fall of Faustian/Western society. Ironically, the internet could have been our next great achievement but it is dominated by stupidity as one only need look at what goes viral, and what does not to see the lowest common denominator at work. The decline is proceeding much faster than even I expected. People who made fun of me 10 years ago for talking about decline are now at least forced to pause and think a second before they recite MSM talking points about how Obama is God Almighty and Hillary will finally give America the YouGoGrrl power it’s always needed.


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