The American Revolution Would Be Thwarted Under Current Law


One need look no farther than Brexit to see the Establishment’s reaction to the commoners making a stand, just as they did in 1776

As we celebrate this Independence Day, let’s remember that thanks to a growing police and surveillance state, political correctness, mass propaganda tranquilizing the sheeple, and marginalization of the hated Evil White Male™ by society the American Revolution against tyranny would be virtually impossible to organize and conduct in modern times. And year by year, as our masters prepare to confiscate weapons and further subjugate the American populace to everything from unwarranted searches (NDAA, TSA) to protecting the First Amendment by destroying the First Amendment with coming regulation, the noose gets a little tighter around fat American necks.

FBI agents regularly swoop in and take out resisters to government authority, such as in the LaVoy Finicum ambush and murder in Oregon for which agents are now under investigation for possible misconduct. (Read: The FBI hierarchy is throwing a couple of its own under the bus so the power structure can save face.) Proposals are in effect to create secret government lists on which those blacklisted cannot purchase weapons. Innocent citizens are now being placed on terror watch lists to meet TSA quotas. Politicians are above the law, as the mere mention of the name Hillary proves.

Let’s look at some specifics of the American Revolution that would be all but impossible to realize if one tried to declare independence from today’s organizing socialist government.


The Declaration of Independence is an utter defiance of authority

Defying Authority is American

Acts of Treason. The Declaration of Independence was not a nice, friendly breakup letter that King George III warmly welcomed. It was an overt act of treason by some “ungrateful” colonists who had overstepped their boundaries and in turn, needed to pay with their lives. Years of bloody war began as a result. Unlike colonial days when Americans had a healthy aversion to being bossed around by governments, the American public has been so brainwashed with the concept of obeying authority they hardly question or even notice the ongoing year by year and even day by day losses of freedom as they cry out for security. As journalist Adam Curtis proved, a lot of the security concerns pushed by the government and the corrupt media have been either exaggerated or invented out of whole cloth so politicians can aggrandize and centralize power for their corporate paymasters.

Let’s look at it this way. What if a group of states wrote a similar breakup letter to the overbearing federal government today? First, we’d likely see charges of racism and every other kind of “ism” thrown about as a way of debasing those “unwashed masses” with legitimate concerns, as the “journalist” Christine Amanpour did when she figuratively screamed, flopped on the floor and foamed at the mouth when little old Great Britain decided to leave the monstrosity that is the EU. Incidentally, since that departure the EU is now moving to form a new Soviet Union. The name – European Union – even echoes the former Communist empire. There are already moves in place to restrict free speech and even to label writings the government does not approve of as hate speech, and hate speech is likely what a modern day Declaration of Independence would be labeled.

There is little doubt any act of secession from the decadent and corrupt American empire (like a modern day Declaration of Independence) would be heavily propagandized by the attack dogs in the media and then mercilessly dealt a full frontal assault by the military. But, conservatives are so used to caving in when leftists call them names they probably wouldn’t even make it to the signing ceremony.

Tax Evasion. Ah, the Boston Tea Party, a political protest by the Sons of Liberty in 1773. Imagine today if the IRS was defied in this manner. Beyond having the ability to seize bank accounts and property without even accusing people of crimes, the IRS has enormous power to come after people in ways the men who threw tea overboard to protest taxation without representation never dreamed of. Figures vary, but one widely quoted figure says a 3% tax levied without representation was enough to spark this prelude to the American Revolution. Yet, Americans routinely give 30%, 40%, 50% or more of their income away today. A common argument from those who enjoy being subjected to insanely high taxes, as is the case today, is well, those colonist were justified only because they lacked representation. You have representation in Congress, so shut up, you lousy right-winger. But do we really have representation?

As numerous unpopular bills that passed show, the American public is either intentionally deceived or left out of the discussion completely as a rogue Congress passes monstrosities like Obamacare in which such stupidity and shameless evasion tactics like we have to pass it to see what’s in it are spun by amoral PR flacks. Often, legislatures will pass unpopular or unjust bills just before a holiday weekend as in the case of Hawaii’s recent gun registration law so it will fall into the memory hole and bypass the catlike attention spans of media whores who are supposed to be the Fourth Estate, protecting you from tyranny with honest reporting.

So, refusing to feed the beast its life blood of tax dollars by becoming a tax protestor or even trying to move abroad to escape paying taxes to your masters are not workable strategies. The U.S. is only one of two nations in the world in which expats have to pay taxes on money they earn abroad – the other nation being the fine, partially Islamic nation of Eritrea. With taxes, you can run but you can’t hide from the U.S. government.

Fighting Law Enforcement. The Boston Massacre was another springboard to the American Revolution. British army soldiers, acting as the equivalent of police and enforcing unpopular laws on American subjects ended up killing five people and wounding six others after colonists subjected the soldiers to verbal threats and thrown objects. This defiance of authority and centralized power by taunting and other actions of the colonists would be enough to land today’s average peon terrorist charges, and many other charges in today’s de facto American police state. Of course, biased judgments would be rendered in the Marxist media and broadcast around the clock, turning patriots into enemies of the state.

Today, if Americans acted in the manner these colonists did towards “authority” they would be labeled the bad guys rather than the King’s fine soldiers. However, in days when people were not manipulated by pro-government propaganda, free to form their own narratives, the Boston Massacre was one of the most successful events in organizing resistance to the crown and the authority of Britain. John Adams wrote the foundation of American independence was laid on March 5, 1770 as a result of average citizens pushing back against centralized force being used in their hometown. Today, a similar action, commoners rebelling against the growing, militarized police state would be smacked down and subjected to a witch trial before they even got started.

All these actions are considered “American” historically, but in modern times any resistance to centralized power and police authority is considered “un-American.” Whether committing “Acts of Treason” or tax evasion or fighting oppressive law enforcement, neither of these options are available to the average American serf today as a rebellion would be crushed before it took off.


Getting piss drunk is how we celebrate Independence Day in 2016

What are We Celebrating

Americans have been so browbeaten, gelded and threatened they dare not resist their government the way these rabble rousers called the Founding Fathers resisted theirs. So, they quietly fall in line with a tyranny that’s bigger than the world has ever seen. The irony is, if not for people who defy authority the American government would never have been formed. Which begs the question – if Americans are so controlled they can’t break free from a government that’s supposed to represent We The People but only represents a corporate-government elite, if they can’t raise hell over unfair taxes and demand reform a la today’s Tea Party without media defamation of their character, and if they can’t push back against authority and a militarized police force without serious consequences including imprisonment without trial – what the hell are we celebrating?

Is it just another opportunity for a three day weekend and a chance to get drunk, eat to excess, and mumble some feel-good sentiments about how “free” we are while driving through government checkpoints on the way to our destination? Meantime, it’s back to work on the corporate plantation bright and early tomorrow, and now that our tax burden has been paid with the first 4 months of our labor this year going to the government, we can earn some more money to spend on junk we don’t need! All while we suffocate under a mountain of debt as 2/3 of the population lives paycheck to paycheck, and bureaucrats in Washington bury us under a pile of regulations and restrictions on freedom.

Our current government is turning into everything the Founding Fathers warned us about. Perhaps the most important thing to remember this year is in inalienable human right to declare independence from any government that would oppress its people, including the current goliath we are all subjected to. Not blind submission to an unjust and criminal authority, and attacks against those who point out the farce that is freedom today.

As we have seen, the structure is in place to thwart any serious resistance to government tyranny before it even begins. King George III would have been thrilled if he had the resources and dissent-crushing laws of today’s U.S. government at his disposal. And we would still be swearing allegiance to the crown. Only in the near future we will be swearing allegiance to the New World Order by getting a chip implanted into our hands.

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  • FunkSoulBrother

    We addicted to comfort, and the illusion of security. Normalcy bias reinforced by hypnotic liberal, leftist messages in the media will keep most people from identifying their enslavement until it is irreversible.


  • “What the hell are we celibrating?” Pamem en Circes, bro. We’re all just waiting for the bread to run out and the circus show to be over. Then the shit gets real and times become more interesting to say the least.


  • It is telling that the people we celebrate today would have been labeled terrorists had they existed in the modern era. Decrying taxation without representation, while championing oppressive levels of taxation today is the height of irony.

    The official story regarding the motivations for founding of America may not be accurate, however. Thomas Hutchinson, former Governor of Massachusetts presents an exhaustive list of evidence suggesting that the stated reasons for instigating a rebellion were baseless. In his work “Strictures Upon the Declaration of Independence”, he makes the argument that the colonists sabotaged efforts for peace, and took nearly every opportunity to foment dissent and to create an environment where revolution would be encouraged.

    Rather than the historically complimentary notion that the leaders of the rebellion instigated a revolution out of a sense of justice, their true motivation was to establish a new power structure in America which they would be the top of. Many, if not most of the founding fathers were members of a fraternal society known as Freemasonry. During the same year that the revolution was instigated, the Order of the Illuminati (an offshoot of Freemasonry) was founded. Rather than dismissing all subjects related to the secretive organization of Freemasonry as conspiracy theory, there is no argument among scholars that the above is true.

    George Washington, in Letter to the Reverend G. W. Snyder (24 October 1798):
    “It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am.”

    There is speculation that over 100 years before the declaration of independence, Lord Francis Bacon, a prominent member of an esoteric society which was to be the forerunner to Freemasonry, describes an American nation founded under the principles of his society in his work “The New Atlantis.” Bacon was also instrumental in pushing for the establishment of an English colony in America.

    Serious study of the topic of Freemasonry and esoteric societies has been discouraged, and even mentioning the word “Freemasonry” in a sentence is often enough to be labeled a “conspiracy theorist.” An interesting side note is that the term conspiracy theory was created in 1967 under the COINTELPRO program in order to discredit scholars that exposed unpopular aspects of government policy.

    Of the information available on esoteric societies, much of it is rife with misinformation, disinformation, and obfuscation. Officially, it is simply a fraternal organization which aims to encourage freedom and equality throughout the world. I find it hard to believe that such an organization would go through such immense efforts at secrecy, or have the power to challenge and defeat the world’s strongest nation during the 18th century.

    To understand their true method of operation, and to reveal their system of morality will likely not be an easy task. There does seem to be many homages to Egypt and the cult of Isis in their architecture and symbolism. On the dollar is an Egyptian Pyramid capped by the eye of Horus. In Washington DC, there is an Egyptian monolith (The Washington Monument), and in NYC there is Cleopatra’s needle. Some scholars have speculated that Freemasonry and it’s many offshoots (Rosicrucians, Knights Templar, Freemasons) derive their origin from the cult of Isis, a tradition which they’ve carried down unbroken from the greatest antiquity into the modern age.

    An interesting video in support of this theory was produced by Scott Onstott and can be found below:


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