What I Learned from Hillary Getting Off Scot-Free


Get ready for 8 years of Queen Hillary

Rules and laws are for fucking losers. That’s what I have learned from watching decades of the criminal Clinton dynasty unfold. It finally gelled yesterday when I watched the FBI director, possibly fearing for his own life in my opinion, say Hillary wouldn’t be convicted even though others have been convicted and sentenced for much less in the way of using sensitive government information in a non-secure way. I have to say I wasn’t surprised, just disheartened as I already had zero confidence in the corporate-hijacked U.S. government. I had to downgrade my opinion after the Hillary’s innocent announcement.

But the dismissal of the Hillary email scandal only shows the double, triple, and quadruple standards in Washington. As exposed by The Intercept:

Secrecy is a virtual religion in Washington. Those who violate its dogma have been punished in the harshest and most excessive manner – at least when they possess little political power or influence. As has been widely noted, the Obama administration has prosecuted more leakers under the 1917 Espionage Act than all prior administrations combined. Secrecy in DC is so revered that even the most banal documents are reflexively marked classified, making their disclosure or mishandling a felony. As former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden said back in 2000, “Everything’s secret. I mean, I got an email saying ‘Merry Christmas.’ It carried a top secret NSA classification marking.”

People who leak to media outlets for the selfless purpose of informing the public – Daniel Ellsberg, Tom Drake, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden – face decades in prison. Those who leak for more ignoble and self-serving ends – such as enabling hagiography (Leon Panetta, David Petreaus) or ingratiating oneself to one’s mistress (Petraeus) – face career destruction, though they are usually spared if they are sufficiently Important-in-DC. For low-level, powerless Nobodies-in-DC, even the mere mishandling of classified information – without any intent to leak but merely to, say, work from home – has resulted in criminal prosecution, career destruction and the permanent loss of security clearance.

My gut feeling is the fiasco was resolved last Tuesday as The Godfather himself, Bill Clinton, barged onto Loretta Lynch’s plane at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport. He delayed his takeoff so he could give her the surprise visit. Let’s think about his visit rationally and not the way media fluff heads have trained us to. Bill and Loretta weren’t having tea and croquettes and discussing meat loaf recipes.

Arguably, the Clintons have left a large swath of bodies behind in their two generations in politics. People mysteriously die when they don’t do what Bill and Queen Hillary want or if they turn on them. Loretta Lynch was a hand-picked nobody when Bill Clinton put her in a position of power in 1999. The conversation probably went along these lines, in my opinion: I put you where you are, I gave you everything you have and I can just as easily take it away unless you take care of this mess before Hillary’s campaign kicks into high gear.

This incident is only further proof that government “servants” can do anything they want and get by with it as long as they know how to play the game. Just as huge scandals like Fast and Furious have been buried under Obama, so was the Benghazi scandal and the email server scandal buried for Hillary. Expect more of the same as the Marxist media provides cover for her over the next eight years. I had a gut feeling before this charade of a campaign began Hillary would be the next president, and yesterday’s sudden dropping of the case against the Queen only confirmed the fix is in, at least in my mind.

As Spengler predicted, it’s becoming painfully obvious our government does not function as a republic or even a democracy but as a country club for political prostitutes who serve the interests of elite pimps. They don’t give a damn what the peons think beyond feeding mindless sheeple verbal manure to get elected. Spengler wrote:

Through money, democracy becomes its own destroyer, after money has destroyed intellect.

That statement, written a century ago perfectly describes the situation in America and Europe right now. As Bryan Ward Perkins describes in The Fall of Rome: And the End of Civilization, Rome fell because of barbarian invasion, political instability and loss of tax revenue. Check all three of those boxes for Faustian/Western civilization in the early 21st century. We are repeating history.

When I wrote Democracy Collapses: Expect the Rise of a Caesar This Century I proceeded with the assumption the Caesar that arises in America would be a reaction against suicidal liberalism from the battle of New vs. Old ideas and the corruption of the republic by moneyed interests. I also posited Trump may be the first sign of a much-needed reaction and pushback from the Silent Majority (quickly on its way to becoming a Silent Minority I might add because of changing demographics).

But maybe I was too optimistic, maybe it’s the bad guys who win out and become the Caesars in the end. Every time the backs of traditionalists and conservatives are stepped on, or our rights and freedoms stripped from our hands we whine like bitches and then fall back in retreat. Perhaps we are just too civilized to push back, unlike the degenerates on the left. This has been the case numerous times since Obama started figuratively “transforming” i.e. assassinating America eight years ago. From Obamacare to his administration refusing to acknowledge when terrorists happen to be Islamic we have seen how he has carte blanche to do whatever the hell he wants as the whores in the media never take him to task. We are only halfway through the socialist revolution as the baton is passed from Obama to Hillary this year. Her eight years (maybe more) will complete the transformation of a once free nation into a nation of serfs.

What I do know is this adds to my belief that I was wrong to play by the rules as a young man. I saw it in the business world, and we all are seeing it on the political stage – being a ruthless son of a bitch (or in Hillary’s case, just a ruthless bitch) is what it takes to win in life and politics. Michael Corleone describes how the world really works in The Godfather:

Well, when Johnny was first starting out, he was signed to a personal services contract with this big-band leader. And as his career got better and better, he wanted to get out of it. But the band leader wouldn’t let him. Now, Johnny is my father’s godson. So my father went to see this bandleader and offered him $10,000 to let Johnny go, but the bandleader said no. So the next day, my father went back, only this time with Luca Brasi [a savage killer]. Within an hour, he had a signed release for a certified check of $1,000.

The high ideals America is supposed to be built upon are quickly being turned into nothing but a farce by a deeply corrupt political structure on both sides. We know they don’t listen to us, we know they don’t care about us, and now we know they are above the law. What we don’t know is what they have planned for us, but as pieces of the New World Order jigsaw puzzle fall into place we know it can’t be anything good.

I hope Trump wins, but his sudden move to the center and hiring of political hacks from Republican campaigns of political failures past is not an encouraging sign. To me, all that’s left is turning the page to see what the coming Hillary chapter will reveal.

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  • High ideals being turned into a farce? Nah bro. It’s already a done deal. The FBI not prosecuting her is all the proof you need to see she is untouchable. Clinton will be president. She is basically the American version of Angela Merkel and we can expect all the same shit that is happening in Europe.


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