Video of the Week | July 8, 2016: Another Police Assassination

If ever you needed proof an authoritarian, out of control police state has blossomed in America and grown upon the fertile ground of arising tyranny created by the corrupt political machine, here it is. The media never points this out, but statistically an American is 9 times more likely to die after being shot by a police officer than a mass shooter. This week, Diamond Reynolds filmed the death of her boyfriend Philando Castile after he was shot 4 times by a “Chinese police officer” who stopped the couple for a broken tail light.

Castile, 32 was a cafeteria employee at a Montessori school in St. Paul and family members said he had been a good student when younger, and employed since the age of 18. Castile was licensed to carry a firearm according to his girlfriend, and when asked to show his license the cop shot Castile four times as he reached for it. After fatally wounding him, the cop screams:

I told him not to reach for it! I told him to get his hand open!

Diamond told the media “all lives matter” rather than just “black lives matter” when asked to comment.

Before the days of internet streaming video, and cameras in the hands of anyone with a phone, police in America were given broad authority and trust. Their word was always taken over that of the “commoners” whenever they gunned someone down in so-called self-defense. But, we are beginning to notice disturbing trends of people being killed by cops for no reason as this video shows.

America has too much authority, and not enough freedom. The nation has become the antithesis of what it was supposed to be, the freest society on earth. There are too many poorly trained, poorly paid cops on the streets today and a constant stream of unjustified killings is the result now that cameras are everywhere. Rather than pushing Marxist gun control narratives, the marionettes in the media need to stop directing people to centralized authority as a magic fix to every problem. America needs less police state, less regulation, fewer laws, and more freedom.


Dylan Noble, killed by police June 25

Castile died over a broken tail light. Eric Garner died for selling cigarettes. Alton Sterling was killed for selling illegal CDs. Dylan Noble, a white man was killed by Fresno police at a traffic stop June 25 after erroneous reports he had a gun in his truck. Noble’s father, a trucker, says his son was murdered after watching video of the encounter. Well over 1,000 people are killed each and every year by police according to the only place keeping track of such statistics, Killed By Police. Police supporters say most of those killings are probably justified in the name of self-defense. But a steady stream of videos like the Castile shooting raise more questions than answers.

The death toll on Killed By Police so far in 2016 has just surpassed the 600 mark. Many videos of citizen interactions with police leave viewers with the impression some cops are power hungry assholes. The continuing spate of killings, only noticed by media in recent times needs to be looked into. As of right now, police departments handle their own investigations most of the time, which is troubling. People should not fear for their lives at a simple traffic stop.

The textbook definition of a police state is an undesirable state of living characterized by the overbearing presence of the civil authorities. The government is in people’s face constantly in the New America. And they’re killing people at a much higher rate than mass shooters. This state of affairs is something to think about, as the media pushes to remove any defense we have against the state away by stripping gun rights. I don’t trust authority, do you?

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