Fatties: Women Now Weigh as Much as Men Did 50 Years Ago

Women Dining

Eating out is a national obsession in America, but in reality Anglo women don’t look like these models from central casting, as 2 out of 3 are overweight

American women are fat, entitled, bitchy, demanding, statistically sterile, and have the power to turn men into slaves in the court system. Did we mention fat? Perhaps the most insidious of these strikes against the modern American woman is her fatness, as it damages her sexual market value more than her bad attitude, promiscuity, lack of any traditional skills, and ongoing, statistically astounding murder of her own offspring as her tribe dies off demographically. The average American woman now weighs 166 pounds – as much the average man did in the 1960s.

This means the average Anglo woman has gained about 25 pounds in 50 years, and what she’s gained in weight she’s lost in femininity, charm, and class. NIH tells us a full 62% of women in America are either overweight or obese. That’s nearly two out of three!

A lot of this is due to government manipulation of the diet, substituting carbohydrates for fat in the American food supply and recommended food pyramid. Carbohydrate keeps the insulin level artificially high, and insulin is more closely related to weight gain than any other hormone. But, a lot of it also has to do with a recreational eating obsession and a culture which shuns any notion of personal responsibility. Why are women unashamed and even pushing to stop “fat shaming” so they can maintain their girth instead of adopting healthier lifestyles?

Columnist Linda Kelsey joined the chorus and penned up a damning article criticizing today’s women. So, we men in the “evil” manosphere are not the only ones noticing the epidemic of fatass women in America. Kelsey doesn’t allow women to make excuses.

It occurred to me that if these girls hated their bodies and were racked with self-loathing, as we’re so often told that the majority of young women do and are, they were doing a grand job of projecting exactly the opposite impression. Far from body hatred, what I witnessed was a let it all hang out faith in themselves and a don’t give a damn attitude to their evident obesity.

The obesity epidemic is one result (among many others) of a culture that doesn’t have tough fathers whipping kids into shape so they can deal with a vicious world emotionally, spiritually, and physically. One of the reasons women are fat and slutty and boys are weaklings is the diminishing role fathers have played in the human family since feminism kicked them out of the home.


Fatherless homes are leading to an epidemic of lack of self control as we wave goodbye to women who look like this in exchange for food obsessed fatsos

Foregoing Fathers

In modern times some 20 million children are living without one of their parents, and in the vast majority of cases – 15 million – that’s children living without a father abandoned by mom. In the No Shit, Sherlock department, the National Fatherhood Initiative breaks it down for people as to why having fathers in the home is important, and how the trend of turning men into nothing more than sperm donors is causing society to decay.

Vincent DiCaro, vice president of the National Fatherhood Initiative, blames this trend for many of society’s ills. He claims the way to deal with poverty, drugs, crime and other hot-button cultural issues is to strengthen the two-parent family. Deal with absent fathers, he says, and the rest follows. A growing number of studies show that fatherlessness has a major negative impact on the social and emotional development of children.

As is often the case in America, the effects of feminism hit black families first but the epidemic of fatherless homes is spreading like a cancer across the nation, as it moves from destroying black families to white ones.

The move toward single-parent homes has included every race. There are now 1,500 neighborhoods in America with substantial white populations where most white households lack fathers, including Curtis Bay in Baltimore, Millcreek outside Salt Lake City, and Vancouver, Wa. Maine, Vermont and West Virginia are the states with the lowest rates of two-parent households among whites.

So, we can expect obesity trend lines and other measures of a healthy and sane society to get worse as solipsistic women who Don’t Need a Man™ are unsurprisingly putting themselves ahead of the best interests of their children, the cohesiveness of society, and the rights of fathers to share in raising their children as men get reduced to writing checks for instead of spending time with Junior.


Not making excuses is the first step towards healthy lifestyle change

Not Accepting Fatness

Let’s start correcting these problems by calling a spade a spade. A woman who dumps a quality Beta male father who works and contributes to society because “she’s not happy” is selfish. Someone who shoves food into their face nonstop is a fatass. They have a food addiction. They need to go on a diet. Niceness doesn’t cut it in the real world. In the past, a hard assed, Red Foreman-like father figure would have made these comments to people. The harsh truth might hurt feelings, but it is also a catalyst for positive change. Instead, today we have soft Beta and Omega herblings who medicate themselves with food as their male purpose in life is taken away.

In addition to losing weight, developing the following traits will go a long way towards improving the overall poor quality of Anglo women:

  • Be warm hearted, not frigid
  • Be modest, really men don’t give a damn about your YouGoGrrl accomplishments
  • Develop a modicum of integrity and FIDELITY
  • Stop killing your offspring
  • Stop expecting the moon when you offer so little in return
  • Reduce your BMI (we can’t say lose weight enough)

Ladies, men generally like small waists and big butts (not fat asses!) and it is time for us to stop hiding this. If women can make demands of men as degenerate (and plump) pop stars often do, why can’t men make a few demands of our own? The best thing you can do to attract that “good guy” you claim to want (but really don’t) is to drop a few pounds and stop shoveling cake into that hole in your face. And be a little more feminine and ladylike.

When women, who naturally weigh less than men have now caught up to men through sheer force of appetite and lack of self-control, and are raising a generation of fat, entitled, irresponsible little kids, the banishment of men and fathers from society ironically exacts a cruel revenge on society. But, it’s a vengeance none of us want. Which is why we believe men have an important role in the family and in society, well beyond getting women (and themselves – men are fat, too in America) to lose weight.

Perhaps returning to the nuclear family model and making divorce nearly impossible again would give men reason to care about themselves and what’s going on in their nation, while influencing behavior of those they have been caretakers of for thousands of generations in a positive manner. Incentives matter, something we seem to have forgotten since the collective lobotomy brought on by leftism took common sense right out of Anglo society.

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  • The women of gen X and millennials are the most gluttonous and slothful in world history. Most of them are so smug in thinking they’re clever in learning these fad eating habits and exercise cheats, but yet they’re not smart enough to understand basic diet and exercise. Specifically, most women think aerobic exercise is all they need to be healthy while resistance exercise like lifting weights and calisthenics is demonized as only for men. The disastrous results of their “women know best” bullshit is obvious for anyone with functioning eyesight.


  • You wrote:

    “In modern times some 20 million children are living without one of their parents, and in the vast majority of cases – 15 million – that is a father abandoned by mom….”

    If this is written correctly, then moms are having babies and leaving the homestead, and fathers are stuck with the kids. However, it’s clearly meant to read: “…that is a father abandoning mom” or “that is a family abandoned by dad.”


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