Innocent People Being Placed on Terror Watch Lists to Meet Quotas


The growing American police state continues to expand into every area of the “commoners” lives

The expanding American police state is now putting innocent people on Terror Watch lists to meet ridiculous bureaucratic quotas. Arbitrary quotas now have the names of millions of people on them, with many on the lists being totally innocent. This reckless approach to creating an illusion of security while giving government agencies the illusion of legitimacy threatens the freedom of all of us when innocent people are being wrongly entered into secret databases. We have entered dangerous territory when citizens are falsely accused and are knowingly considered collateral damage against liberty by government bureaucracy.

It’s a scenario right out of Nazi Germany playing out in the “free country” called the United States, Inc. The government’s Terror Watch list is gleaned from a database known as the Surveillance Detection Report and anyone entered into it can be identified as a terrorist by the Department of Homeland Security. Beyond the concern of anyone potentially being considered a terrorist by the U.S. government, Hillary wants to institute a “no fly, no gun” rule to further erode the Second Amendment. This means totally innocent people could be kept not only from flying but from gun purchases as they’re blacklisted in clandestine government databases. It’s a scenario right out of Nazi Germany playing out in the “free country” called the United States, Inc. A federal air marshal told the press, on condition of anonymity, this worrisome fact:

Innocent passengers are being entered into an international intelligence database as suspicious persons, acting in a suspicious manner on an aircraft … [even though] they did nothing wrong.

When asked if these reports negatively impact the day to day lives of totally innocent people who are identified as potential terrorists the whistle-blowing air marshal Don Strange, who lost his job after challenging corrupt government Terror Watch list policies told reporters:

Absolutely. That could have serious impact. They could be placed on a watch list. They could wind up on databases that identify them as potential terrorists or a threat to an aircraft. It could be very serious.

Air marshals in Las Vegas who also wished to remain anonymous said the quotas force themto make things up to meet quotas and keep their job. Of course, public relations flacks with the Department of Homeland Security denied the existence of the quota system even though whistle blowers have documentation proving the quota system is in place. Some say the quota program has been in place since 2004.


The TSA is only one of the many agencies that have turned airports into prisons while failing to capture a single terrorist, security expert Bruce Schneier calls them “security theater”

Blacklist Problems

The number of people on the No Fly List has been rising sharply. There were 10,000 people on it in 2011, 21,000 in 2012, and a whopping 47,000 on it in 2013. The much bigger Terror Watch list currently has 1.9 million people listed as potential terrorists, and that number is also growing. Around 1,600 people are added daily and 600 are removed, which means around 1,000 people are net added as potential terrorists every day! Beyond the multitudes of people being wrongly placed on lists, new gun control legislation would prevent gun purchases for anyone who has been investigated by the FBI in the last five years, even if no charges were brought against them. (Does that mean The Witch Hillary can’t fly?)

As evidence of how worthless this list is while at the same time posing grave threats to personal freedom, mass shooter Omar Mateen, who (according to the government) perpetrated the Orlando gay club shooting was taken off the Terror Watch list in 2014, even though a G4S employee told the press:

Mateen had talked about killing people, [he] used slurs and had a lot of hatred for people. Black people, women, he did not like Jews, he did not like Hispanics, nor did he like gay or lesbian people.

Yet, even though Orweillian snitching put him on the watch list, the L.A. Times reported:

He was subsequently removed from that database after the FBI closed its two investigations, one official said. In the first investigation, Mateen was questioned by FBI agents after they were told he had made inflammatory comments that co-workers worried were sympathetic to terrorists. The FBI agents determined that Mateen had not broken any laws and closed the investigation, a second official said.

Just as the TSA has never captured a terrorist, DHS blacklists have proven to be more oppressive than effective. The enormous Terror Watch list is frequently criticized for numerous errors and slow responses to complaints from people who should not be on the list. Innocent people, who while not on the list themselves but with names similar to those on the list are also subject to scrutiny from government bureaucrats. These people are kept from flying even though the only crime they have committed is having the same name or a similar one to someone on the secret list.

The scenario of innocent people being wrongly listed as terrorists happens so frequently is it termed a “false positive” which is a phrase coined by DHS. False positives are often kept from boarding flights until they produce documentation proving they’re not the person on the list, even though the list itself is full of errors because of the quota system, as air marshals reported.. The No Fly List in particular has had a number of troubling issues, illustrating a growing tyranny and police state:

  • Children under five have generated false positives
  • Veterans have been kept from flying because of false positives
  • Robert H. Johnson, running for office in the House of Representatives was put on the no fly list and suggested it was politically motivated
  • Ted Kennedy was repeatedly delayed at airports as the name “T. Kennedy” got ingested into the list
  • A U.S. citizen was stranded in Columbia after being placed on the list after having studied abroad in Yemen
  • Journalists reported in 2012 the No Fly List program was netting “mostly preists, nuns, journalists, and right wing activists”

No one who is on the list is ever notified of their status. They usually don’t know they’re  considered a “terrorist” until they go to board a plane. There have also been rumors that irreleveant information like credit scores are used to calculate a person’s risk of committing a terrorist act, even though the TSA denies such claims. What the hell?

Remember, freedom is slavery and you are guilty until proven innocent as well as subject to being placed on secret lists you don’t even know you are on in the New America. Meantime, next time you pass through an airport keep your fingers crossed that you don’t accidentally become a falsely accused potential terrorist so a government functionary can make their quota for the month. Beyond being forced to miss your flight to visit family or take a vacation, you may soon be kept from purchasing a gun for no reason at all than someone had to meet a quota. You can even be killed without trial just for being accused of being a terrorist thanks to NDAA and The Patriot Act.

What happens when the quota is raised higher? Do we all become potential terrorists? To an oppressive government trying to maintain power, anyone becomes a potential terrorist. The fact the government is becoming so paranoid should give the thoughtful man a reason to worry about what its long-term intentions are.

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