Timothy: Dangers of the Last Days


Popular verses from Timothy accurately reflect today’s crazy world

As much as the Christophobic media and leftists try to put down wisdom in the ancient texts of the Holy Bible, and debase Christians daily with constant ridicule, facts do not change just because people do not want to listen to them. The Christophobic narrative coming out of Big Media and Hollyweird illustrates how twisted Western society has become in modern times. Hypocritically, Islamophobia is damned by the left while the media constantly berates Christians.


The low-brow anti-Christian humor on Jon Stewart’s show includes putting a manger in front of genitalia

Before going any further, I am not a religious person. However, I do notice the sickening bias displayed against Christians in modern entertainment and I notice the damage abandoning religion is doing to Western society in general. When is the last time you heard the court jesters Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart making fun of a religion that throws gays off roof tops, makes women wear burqas, and even stops them from driving as is the case in Saudi Arabia?

If the left is “tolerant” of these types of views because they belong to a religious group, why do they discriminate against Christians? The answer is there is an agenda at work to debase Christians and the West in general. As reported by the Christian Research Institute:

Most of the barbs spewed by Stewart on The Daily Show seem to be directed at conservative, moderate, and libertarian political opponents of the leftist platform of the Democratic Party, including members of the so-called “religious right.” Stewart does have guests that are critical of religion or Christians, as does Colbert, who makes the most of such comedic opportunities. For example, Colbert conducted a mock interview of Robert Wright, the author of the poorly researched, contentious book The Evolution of God.

People need to get away from the television, especially when it is spewing culturally corrosive bile like this, directed at one religious group. Flying in the face of the mockers like Colbert and Stewart, there is a passage from the Bible that has been circulating around the internet, and it describes perfectly the situation in the West as modern day Rome figuratively burns down all around us. Even if you are not that religious you have to admit the “sociologists” from 2,000 years ago knew human nature better than the insane leftists of today.


Kill your television – take it from someone who spent 15 years in the industry

Prophetic Verses

Whether you subscribe to the cyclical history model of Spengler, know the history of the fall of Rome, or just have your eyes open as society takes a sharp turn towards left field (pun intended) most people have figured out something is wrong. Politically, even leftists know they just got berned by Bernie Sanders who sold out to Crooked Hillary with his endorsement of her. Republicans regularly betray their own flock. Waves of invaders are pushed into Europe. White people are increasingly persecuted in the U.S. The economy is kept afloat on a house of cards. The world is in turmoil. No surprise to some Timothy predicted just that. Marvel at this wisdom in these verses from a book the left absolutely despises.

You should know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. For people will love only themselves and their money.

If God does not exist, anything is permitted. The above verse describes the solipsistic, narcissistic, “me” driven Happiness Machines culture of the West perfectly. Bellies are full but Westerners are spiritually dead. Nihilism is everywhere. People feel as if life has no purpose as they go to soul-crushing jobs every day to get money to spend on things they think will make them happy but don’t. They’ve abandoned family and friendship for money to make trips to Walmart and McDonald’s. They have become the oafs depicted in Bruegel the Elder’s famous painting the Land of Cockaigne. This 2,000 year old text got human nature right.

They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred.

Boastful and proud pretty much describes your average ‘Murican shopping and eating addict. Additionally, as men were cast aside and fathers kicked out of the house for a government check, child delinquency has predictably exploded. A full 70% of black children are now raised by single moms, a total reversal from pre-feminism days in which the two-parent black family was the norm. The result? High criminality in black communities and the formation of violent hate groups like Black Lives Matter. White families are not far behind in child illegitimacy as white women adopt the Don’t Need a Man™ mantra.

This is exactly what social engineers want – so the government can raise children instead of families. Sound crazy? The government largely does just that already. From age 5 to age 18 (and age 22-24 with the college debt slavery system) a full-on indoctrination program turns them into good little sheep that are good at rote memorization and following instructions but not very good at critical thinking. Kids now spend less time outdoors than the average prisoner. This helps turn them into pliable consumers and lab rats pressing the feeder bar to get a food pellet. Children spend more time in the hands of school administrators than with their own parents Monday through Friday because mom is off chasing dollars and materialism at a job instead of building a healthy and sane next generation. Obviously, nothing is sacred except being the most cutthroat son of a bitch around in order to buy a socialist box on wheels sedan with an average of 6 years of debt servitude.

They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control.

The above verse is painfully obvious when surveying Western culture, as the wisdom of live and let live and forget and forgive was turned on its head. Humans have always been slanderous and self-indulgent, but it modern times this behavior has become so pervasive it’s destroying the social fabric of society. The band plays on as the Titanic goes down, and as long as Westerners have two cents to rub together and a plate full of food and a glass of wine, nobody seems to give a damn that the ship is going down.

They will be cruel and hate what is good. They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God.

As people shifted their focus from family to money and materialism, they became increasingly cruel to one another so as to climb higher in some imaginary pyramid.  Friendship is indeed an antiquated notion in today’s world. You have a friend until you have something they want, then you can expect to be thrown under the bus. Women especially are reckless as they throw themselves under bad boys when they’re young, kill the resulting offspring in sickening numbers, pat themselves on the back with pride for defending the right to murder unborn children, then repeat the cycle rather than aspiring to higher ambitions. Humans have always been this way you say? Yes, they have. But at least one religion attempted to control those instincts for the greater good.

They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!

We’ve all seen the holier than though attitudes of atheist Marxists and leftists as they scoff at “primitive” Christians and religious people, while destroying themselves and society in the exact ways biblical texts said they would. One of the only choices to escape the insanity of the Anglo American Matrix is to run off the plantation like the tax farm slaves most of us are. Indeed, many of us want nothing more than to stay away from this sickness.


Could a new Dark Age be upon us, or will things work themselves out? Or both?

End of Civilization, Or The World?

As Timothy warned in The Last Days, the end of civilization is the likely result of a culture where nobody is constrained anymore, they “let it all hang out, man!” In other words, a continuance of leftist degeneracy as man descends back into what anthropologist J.D. Unwin labeled a “zoistic” or animalistic state will turn us into the new Babylon. (Ed: I’d say we’re already 3/4 of the way there.) This is a cycle that happens repeatedly and without exception throughout history.

As the ebb and flow of these cycles becomes stronger and more sweeping with man’s modern technology, one must at least worry that the reverberations of such damaging evolutionary baggage will someday set our species back in such a way that we will disappear from the face of the earth. Abandoning wisdom that doesn’t conform to suicidal Marxist doxy is a gigantic mistake, and we are paying for it. How long before the pendulum swings back the other direction? Will it be too late by then?

There’s a reason the Holy Bible has survived thousands of years as a document, and whether one is religious or not it is filled with wisdom on human nature, as proven by these humble passages from the book of Timothy.

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