TraffickCam Puts the Police State in Your Hotel Room


Now the police and government know more about your hotel room than you do – there’s an app for that!

Big Brother is here. But he’s not just in your cell phone and on the street corner watching you, now he’s in your hotel room. A new app called TraffickCam lets users upload images of hotel rooms they stay in, which somehow is supposed to help the police and surveillance state help victims of sex trafficking. Of course, the Marxist media didn’t find this Stasi-like proposal creepy at all, perhaps because it’s really geared at putting that “primitive” heterosexuality further into a defensive crouch.

TraffickCam operates under the guise of protecting children from sex traffickers, which seems like a noble cause on the surface but one has to look underneath the surface of public relations campaigns to see what is really going on with the machinery of the police and surveillance state. Here’s the “official” narrative:

Help fight trafficking by uploading photos of your hotel room. These photos will be used to determine where perpetrators of sex trafficking are committing their crimes.

The duplicity of the mainstream media – pushing this app as a way to combat against child sex crimes while at the same time pushing an agenda to normalize pedophilia – is astounding. Several leftist publications including Slate and the the Los Angeles Times have been publishing articles which are intended to victimize pedophiles like Todd Nickerson. In a piss-poor execution of the Hegelian dialectic this time around, Todd published an article stating he was a “pedophile, not a monster” then predictably went on to publish a follow up article documenting his “week inside the vile right wing hate machine.” Yes, the evil people who run the media are that twisted.

It’s as though the German Stasi never died along with the East German Communist regime and still wants to know what people are thinking and planning. German historian Hubertus Knabe explains how constant surveillance of this type really operates:

But why did the Stasi collect all this information in its archives? The main purpose was to control the society. In nearly every speech, the Stasi minister gave the order to find out who is who, which meant who thinks what. He didn’t want to wait until somebody tried to act against the regime. He wanted to know in advance what people were thinking and planning. The East Germans knew, of course, that they were surrounded by informers, in a totalitarian regime that created mistrust and a state of widespread fear, the most important tools to oppress people in any dictatorship.

Surrounded by informers. Only today, technology is becoming the informer. Now, the hotel room you stay in has been mapped out by an app uploaded to police. Adam Kavanagh, a cog in the police state wheel in St. Louis is helping spread awareness about the app. He told people to be “good Germans” and go along with the scheme.

Law enforcement is always looking for new and innovative ways to recover victims, locate suspects and investigate criminal activity.

In the biggest police and prison state the world has ever known, the number of people incarcerated is never enough.


U.S. incarceration rates are already the highest in the world


Pushers say TraffickCam is already 85% accurate in identifying hotel rooms. Proponents of the app say a shadowy network of sex traffickers is kidnapping 300,000 children a year, mainly from ages 12-14 and forcing them into sex work. They say sex traffickers upload photos of them from hotel rooms and this app will help locate the victims. They never said what happens when sex traffickers get wise and start taking photos in other locations. They also never said if the app will be used to help vice squads clamp down on prostitution between consenting adults, currently illegal in the United States, as a way of cutting down on sexual supply for heterosexual men who do not want to be taken advantage of by a family court system which regularly enslaves men. Carol Smolenski of ECPAT, the governmental child sex trafficking agency hints at this being the real purpose behind the app, throwing in “14-year-old” as a smokescreen.

When we started this work they were all seen as bad kids who behaved badly. There has been a shift afoot. A 14-year-old in prostitution is not a bad kid, they’ve had a really hard knock at life. They’re really being exploited by someone who has power and money.

The last part of that narrative could easily be twisted to turn men into devils and women into saints, as is largely already the case when an adult woman wants to sell sex. Take 14-year old out of the sentence and you have an app ready to go that is geared towards destroying the lives of “Johns” which are often the hard-working Beta males of society women hate who decide to buy sex. It’s the classic PR move in the scheme of the larger “human trafficking” narrative being promulgated by governments. Supposedly, there are women being kidnapped and forced into prostitution by the millions. Hmm.

Were adult women forced into it? Or was it a result of piss poor life decisions? I think we all can agree child sex trafficking is a horrible thing, which makes it all the more curious the media is pushing that narrative while working on the normalization of pedophilia at the same time. Anglo America also has a history of marginalizing men and working hard to control the supply of sex so it can extract what it wants from them in terms of lifelong labor and tax payments.

In any case, be very skeptical whenever you are being told to be a “good German” and let the police into your hotel room. What are the other potential abuses of an app like TraffickCam? Now a database will know where you are staying and what room number you’re in when you take a selfie and upload it. If that doesn’t creep you the fuck out, it should.

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  • Actually the reported cases of child abuction worldwife is quite low… However it skyrockets if you put into account legal kidnnapings performed by the goverment itself… the notorioys CPS, semi or fully private and sometimes for profit in many parts of the world. If you put this grisly statistic into account … your article becames much more allarming…. the goverment spreads massice anti child-trafficking PR campains… while at the same time is the officially No1 child trafficker itself. It doesnt marginalise just heterosexual males… it marginalise and brands as suspect all biological parents of both sexes…. while pushing the mantra that artificial/foster and homosexual families is “equally good” despide overwhelming evidence to the contrary.


  • Great blog, and a good expose of yet another arm of the octopus. One correction: The Stasi was the secret police force in Communist East Germany. The Gestapo was the Nazi secret police force.


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