Video of the Week: Do White Lives Matter?

In this week’s featured video, Fresno, CA police shoot and kill an unarmed teenager in an incident that has barely moved the needle of public attention, despite the fact police kill far more whites than any other race each year. Even though the teen clearly acts like an idiot in the video, many say there was absolutely no reason to fire 4 shots into him. That said, who didn’t do stupid things at some point in their lives, especially when they were teenagers?

Even Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer expressed reservations about what he sees in this body cam video:

Were the last two rounds fired by the officers necessary? Based on a reasonable fear, did the officers have to use deadly force? I do not have the answer to that today. That video was extremely disturbing to watch.

Where is the righteous outrage over this incident? Why aren’t white people marching and demonstrating? Did Dylan Noble deserve to be shot and killed in the parking lot of a gas station? Should the cops have fired warning shots? Did Dylan deserve to die? These questions were never given the emphasis they should have been because to the Marxist media, white lives DO NOT matter. After seeing this body cam footage, Darren Noble, Dylan’s father told interviewers:

They just wanted to shoot him. They’re just trigger-happy.

“A Freethinker” posted this response to the video, questioning police actions:

I can’t get over this amateurism by American cops. In the army we were taught about warning shots, intimidation shots and shots in the leg before anything. But this cop had his gun drawn and aimed at the vehicle through his own front window whilst driving! We would have been burned so bad for this kind of Rambo behavior. Notice how everything American cops do resembles more like roid-rage than anything else. And again, from my army days, I remember how special forces complained about the lack of self control by police special response teams. Then I noticed a lot of countries have that issue. (Yes this suspect was an idiot, but that aside.)

Jennifer Bestemianova posted this response to the body cam video:

Dylan said (I hate my life)? That was the green light for the cops to execute him, when is normal for many Americans hate their lives for the kind of society they live today, where few have everything and many have nothing. He said I hate my life which many Americans says everyday, he [didn’t say kill me.]

Others say this was an unfortunate case of suicide by cop.

SUICIDE BY COP! He was given many many chances to show his hands and to comply! He CHOOSE to REACH for his WAIST BAND, THUG STYLE! The cops tried to beg and plead with this guy to comply. He would NOT LISTEN. He lead the cops on a chase, didn’t comply, did not show his hands when asked and would not lay down on the ground when instructed to do so, then he wouldn’t lay on the ground either. He also approached the police while reaching for something! He said he hated his life right? He wanted to get killed by the terrorist with a badge. He knew who and what he was dealing with. And he did what he had to do to get himself killed that day. The police wanted to kill him and he wanted to die. Sounds like thugs on both sides to me.

What is troubling is the fact a majority of people killed by police last year and in recent years have been whites, but no one has taken account of this fact nor has it been fairly and accurately reported in the media. What this case and others like it show is the fact media agenda setters are twisting facts to fit the Black Lives Matter agenda narrative for political and ratings reasons, ignoring the fact a cop is 18 times more likely to be shot by a black man than vice versa, among other troubling statistics. Yet again, the media is proven to slant the news is service of a racially divisive, anti-gun agenda.

While police and prison reform is needed in America, the narrative is being steered towards nationalization of the American police force – something we DO NOT need. Obama has been calling for this move since his 2008 campaign. Nationalizing the police force is one of the most crucial steps in the formation of a Communist state.

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  • I don’t agree with the whole shooting a leg or arm. I’m a big believer if you’re going to shoot someone, it needs to be with the intent to kill. That way there’s no mistaking motives/intentions. Start opening up the door to shooting anything other than center mass and I think it’ll be opening up a whole can of worms.

    That being said, the warning shot into the ground might be a viable option in some instances depending on the situation and the surroundings (don’t want to shoot a gun in an area where there’s a chance of it ricocheting off and hitting someone). The question that would need to be asked is “Will this warning shot startle the individual and make them submit or will it enrage them?”

    I honestly don’t know what to make of this video. The cop seem justified to take the first shot, but subsequent shots? I honestly don’t know.


    • Relampago Furioso

      I have mixed feelings about the video, too. I do find it troubling that between 1,000 and 1,500 people (mostly white, contrary to media propaganda) are killed by police every year. Seeing videos like this of how easy it is to get shot by police along with others that are much more troubling than this video does lead me to believe police need to be trained and paid better than they are. In a high-crime area in Texas, I knew officers who had very poor training and were making $22,000 a year. Unreal.


      • I would be very much interested in the training they go through. Hell, if I had the time and money I’d love to go through the police academy just so I knew exactly what they were being taught. Maybe take that knowledge and become an advisor for different police districts.


      • charlessledge001

        Agreed it is troubling. I have friends who are officers and it is what I went to do before my current job. While there are certainly police crossing the line especially at the federal level I don’t know about this one. It’s a little hard to see but it seemed like the kid approached the cop with his hand reached behind his back. That’s just idiotic. And those people commenting don’t seem to know what their talking about. Except maybe the army guy but even in my experience army guys have been way more unprofessional and bullheaded than officers. As for firing multiple rounds once shots are being fired you have to end the target to make sure. Officers (and soldiers) are trained to empty the whole clip once it comes to that level because once it crosses a threshold there is no going back.

        I don’t think local cops (not sure if this was local or not) are the issue as much as federal. Especially with things like Ruby Ridge and Waco where civilians are pretty much butchered for having different beliefs. And obviously when a thug is shot by a officer acting lawfully it’s used as race baiting. Much of the comments on the video seem to reflect this as in “he’s white it doesn’t matter” which is good to see people are aware of this. As things get worse Americans are pulling their heads further and further out of their asses. Which is long overdue.

        So I think that the anger at the police state is justified but it is targeted wrongly. It is targeted at local cops doing their job while federal forces are given a free pass. This videos a tough one. I know this with all the violence cops are experiencing at the hands of diversity probably makes them paranoid and a bit trigger happy. I know when it comes down to it I’d rather the other guy be dead than me, even if I acted a bit prematurely. For civilians who have never had their life on the line this is hard to comprehend. Hence the “why didn’t he do x, y, or z” because your heart rate is through the roof, you have tunnel vision, the images of Dallas probably played in his head. It’s an intense situation for the officers involved as well. Also officers are going to shoot people its part of their job, of those people shot I bet a good percentage deserved it white and black.

        Great article as always Relampago.


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