Venom and Vitriol: Women’s Psychology Towards Men

A very angry aggressive woman is clenching her fists in rage

Lurking beneath the sweetness act of all women is venom and vitriol and a tally of every perceived slight a man has ever made against her

As any man who has gone through a breakup with a woman knows, her venom and vitriol get turned up to about 9 or 10 once she has finished extracting what she wants from him and he is of no additional material or social benefit to her. She will also twist everything he says around in a way that makes him look evil and her look like a saint. She will say some of the most hateful things you have ever heard, bringing up slights from years or decades ago you had forgotten about. Rev. Lawrence Shannon’s classic book The Predatory Female details the female play by play as she details the infamous what she has had to put up with litany:

During the final hours of your marriage [or relationship], the predatory female reviles you over all the real or imaginary affronts she has held you accountable for over the years. You will be chastised for even the most insignificant or questionable slights, some you can’t remember, dating back prior to the wedding. She may exhibit genuine hatred as she berates you for what she has “had to put up with.” The predatory female works hard to preserve all these self-defined offenses and ceremoniously dumps them on you as the marriage collapses. She often stages these scenes in front of your neighbors, friends, and children.

A succinct synopsis of this aspect of female behavior comes from the Twelfth century French tale Tristan and Iseult: The wrath of a woman is much to dread. I have heard the above scene play about time and again from childhood from women who had good men as husbands. But, they were never be satisfied with what he was providing them as television always put more illusions of consumerism and materialism into their heads. I heard the “what she has had to put up with” line countless times, even from my own mother as she leveled venomous attacks against my hardworking father, who was a good man. He has been dead 25 years and she still brings up the slights “she had to put up with” which in reality was a passel of little things as she benefitted far more from her relationship with him than she suffered. However, women do not see it that way.

In any breakup, venom and vitriol usually spew forth like a broken sewer line from the mouth of the “sweet little lady” a man once welcomed into his life and his home. Don’t be fooled, the sweetness is all an act. Women are consummate actresses, it’s hard to know what is real and what is not with them until a man has had some experience and suffered some disasters with them. What is really brewing psychologically between her pleasing exterior is further elucidated by Rev. Shannon, as he details the breakup phase of The Predatory Female cycle:

You are about to see the cold side of your spouse, a primal, hissing, bone chilling transformation that is rooted in thousands of years of female survival. Brace yourself for scenes at airports where your children are torn away from you, screaming and crying, while your former spouse stands in the background with a smug, victorious sneer.

As soon as women think they have a man in the corner, the act stops and the real personality beneath the façade comes out. Once a man has seen this side of women repeatedly, there is no un-seeing it. A plan of action must be made to avoid legal and financial entanglements with her in the age of male oppression in the court system.


Better to rent by the hour than finance the purchase

Don’t Risk It

Your wallet and your freedom are at risk anytime you deal with women in Anglo America. Thinking women are your friend is tantamount to suicide by stupidity. If life experience has taught me anything, it’s that the female association with Beta males is strictly transactional. Her association with the Beta operates under the guise of a relationship or a marriage, but underneath it all she is looking to maximize the return on investment of nature’s credit card – her vagina. Marriages have operated this way for 5,000 years. Only has Western civilization been able to delude itself with the concept of love for the past few hundred years.

Know your adversary. Know that she IS your adversary. Develop a working understanding of predatory females. Accept what you’ve learned about predatory females, both emotionally and intellectually. Forget your past presumptions and values concerning females. They were sprinkled into your mind by the matriarchal system. You have to break out.

Whether paying for her McMansion and SUV or paying for dates or paying to rent her wet hole for half an hour, if men are dealing with women money is involved. The cost-benefit analysis works out best 9 times out of 10 when a man rents sex by the hour. This is why prostitution between consenting adults needs to be legalized in America, as it already has been in much of the world outside The Matrix. Rev. Shannon touches on this fact:

For the risks involved, you’d definitely be better off with a high class prostitute. After all, there are good reasons, most of them very Darwinian, for prostitution being the oldest profession. We’re talking survival here. Banned and hunted by the matriarchal society because they threaten the established marital scam, prostitutes are not only legal in some jurisdictions, but may be the wisest investment for your dating dollar.

The real reason women hate prostitutes is it brings competition to their scam. Why put up with all their bullshit when you can get sexed and then move on with life? Why deal with someone who hates you 24/7 when you can rent the wet hole by the hour?

The venom and vitriol towards you as her chosen Beta meal ticket is always there, lurking underneath the surface like lava inside a volcano. Women only choose to hide their true feelings towards men when they can benefit from association from them in the way anthropologist Robert Briffault so eloquently described in the 1930s: The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place. But make the wrong move and the hapless Beta is subject to a violent eruption of all the hatefulness simmering underneath the surface.

The male choice is to either be a disposable provider module of benefits or to short circuit the system by being a badass Alpha or Sigma. When’s the last time you heard female venom and vitriol being spit at an Alpha male who pumped her, dumped her, then left her. My bet is if there’s any venom at all coming out of her mouth it’s not nearly as toxic as that special hatred women reserve for used up Beta providers.

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  • Interesting to note the guy who wrote predatory female failed to take his own advice and apparently remarried later again.


  • So one should feel no shame in a rent-a-hole scenario? I’ve made no judgements, but I struggle with the idea.


  • Someone once said, once a girl loses interest her feelings towards you, even years later, are colder than to a stranger she has never met. It’s hard for men to understand this because we cherish fond memories of faded loves.

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    • True. Once her interest level drops down and into the ground it can never go back up again. That is the reason why a man should never try to take her ex wife or gf back when she dumps his ass. She dumped him for a reason, most likely because she hates his guts. Women have no sense of loyalty at all. Just let them go


  • Never give anyone the legal, financial, physical, social or spiritual power to destroy your life.

    Marriage is set up to give women the legal, financial, physical, social and spiritual power to destroy your life.

    There are many ways to give someone this kind of power over your life – such as false accusations – which lead to civil suits payouts and quite often prison – but marriage is by far the easiest way for women to destroy men’s lives. False accusations are – without the benefit of the misandric marriage contract – plan B for all women. Roger Ailes just found this out the hard way. Every year, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of men, in the US alone, learn the above lesson too late – resulting in the forced transfer of trillions in wealth and power from men to women over the past several decades. Just the way misandrists and white knights like it.

    The above piece of advice, if followed by the majority of men, would result in nearly all men living a life free of the slavery of the gynocracy and white knights. Rest assured – everything possible is being done to prevent the majority of men from reaching the above enlightenment – especially by women and white knights.

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