Comment of the Week | July 24, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter Craig wins Comment of the Week with his response to Predatory Females: Woman Stabs Man Over Doughnuts, an article describing relationship dynamics between a demanding woman with a sweet tooth and her Beta male provider.

It’s the endless stories like this where I feel no remorse towards women with abusive men. More often than not, the woman started the argument and escalated until the man had to act. It is because of omnipresent feminist conditioning in society that men are bending over backwards for these cunts. Instead of trying to run away and getting stabbed, the man in this story should have put the smack down on his bitch. And if she keeps coming back for more, give it to her even harder.

He wins for his ballsy political correctness if nothing else. Indeed, as I approach my fourth decade on this planet if life experience has taught me anything its that women are often much or more to blame than men for discord in relationships and petty bickering. One has to wonder if women are evolutionarily adapted to keep shit testing men until a violent reaction happens.

We all know women seek out and make excuses for violent men. But the vitriol they have towards soft Betas often turns into what we see in this case – a man getting stabbed over a bakery item, and a compliant press downplaying the case as if domestic violence against men is acceptable.

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