Economic Statistics Show Men Are Increasingly Going Galt


Put a feminist under there, Atlas is getting tired

Why bust your ass so half your money can go to support welfare queens, carousel riding and man-hating single moms, all while enriching bureaucrats who sponsor your personal enslavement in the American family court system? This is the question many MGTOWs and other Red Pill men are asking themselves as a mass awakening occurs to the realities of the modern world. The U.S. government has put its ass in a sling by inviting, no begging, American men to walk off the Anglo female tax farm/plantation and Go Galt.

Let’s examine some dire facts revealing what socialism and Cultural Marxism (i.e. feminism and the destruction of the nuclear family) have wrought on the declining fortunes of the American Empire. When it comes to male workforce participation, American males now have the third lowest rate out of 34 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Financial Times reports:

This fall in the prime-age male labor force participation rate, from a peak of 98 per cent in 1954 to 88 per cent today, is particularly troubling since workers at this age are at their most productive. Because of this, the long-run decline has outsized implications for individual wellbeing as well as for broader economic growth.

It’s all about that male “productivity” ain’t it? But, now society wants the productivity without the rewards of a decent wife and children a man knows are his provided in traditional cultures. Provide disincentives for men to work by adopting a feminist culture, villainize men in the media, and reduce or eliminate opportunities for them to advance through policies of female preference, while taking the only reason most men have to work hard away from them anyway – a wife and children – and watch our current societal slow-motion trainwreck ensue.


Feminist narratives tell us Superwoman don’t need no man

The Facts

Let’s take a look at how an enormous welfare state and a toxic Anglo culture of male scapegoating is destroying the economic goose that lays the golden egg.

Labor force participation is at a near 40-year low. A record 95 million Americans are not in the labor force, even though the Department of Labor manipulates statistics (i.e. lies) to push propaganda that the unemployment rate is only 4.9%. Who wants to go be talked to like a waterboy at a corporate job and be passed up for promotions for the sin of having a penis and worse, blonde hair and blue eyes, if you have them. Not to mention being forced to live the life of a choir boy to stay employed in many jobs thanks to tattletales on social media and a growing police state that has turned virtually everything into a crime. Then there are the stagnant wages and growing number of hours required to tread water: the average workweek is now up to 47 hours, and climbing. Never mind that Americans already work more and enjoy less life than any other nation on earth. The CEO needs more for himself and less for everybody else.

Over 100 million Americans are on welfare. That’s roughly one out of every three Americans receiving gibsmedats from Aunt Sam, scratching their belly and waiting for a check or EBT card recharge. Making this statistic even worse is the fact the government wasted the money paid into the Social Security and Medicare trust funds, making this program an unfunded liability, and basically another welfare program because of mismanagement. We are beginning to see the first signs the socialist gravy train is threatening to derail in the coming decades as the national debt has doubled under Mao-bama and will continue to soar unless serious mitigation takes place under the next administration. Having so many people on the take is not helping.

38% of all children age 5 and under are receiving welfare. Women like to label themselves Strong and Independent but the facts beg to differ. Single moms collect a lot of government bennies, all at the expense of the Beta male taxpayer. It’s the classic female go-around tactic. Women go around men and quite frankly treat them like shit in America, but in practice they only go to Aunt Sam and force him to extract the goodies from society’s pocketbook while giving men nothing back in return – when what most men want in Anglo America amounts to 5 very simple things.

All job gains are going to immigrants, not natives. The corporate-government complex loves immigrants of all types, legal and illegal because they press your wages down and allow them to treat you poorly because there’s always another John, Juan, or Johann to take your job. Immigrants have dominated job gains under the Obama administration. With the combination of cheap foreign labor and crushing student debt, is appears the nefarious aim of the government is to destroy the middle class.

Student loan debt and mortgage debt are rising. The problem with enormous debt is sooner or later it has to be paid back. Americans owe over $1 trillion in student loan debt and more than 40% of borrowers aren’t making payments on their student loans. Mortgage debt is now nearly $14 trillion and is also rising. This isn’t the 1950s, America manufactures nothing and it has morphed into a web site republic (a modern day version of a banana republic). If you thought the housing bubble almost destroyed the country, wait until the student loan debt pops – all that money is unsecured, unlike mortgage debt.

Over 20,000 new regulations have been added under Obama – most climate related. One can imagine the Deep State (the people who really run the government) cackling in an underground lair as they say, “Let’s tax the air they breathe!” Unfortunately, thanks to the global warming carbon tax scam, that’s just what is happening. Climate regulations based on faulty and often totally fabricated “science” mean there are now enough regulations on the books to cripple small business and the of the average, small-fry John Galt trying to make ends meet in an economy that threw him overboard 50 years ago. Regulations are often set up as barriers to entry, meant to keep the little guy from getting a foothold in the market and allowing corporate fascism to proceed unchecked. That’s exactly what climate regulation is meant to do.


You can go your own way

Going Galt

Individual policies and narratives punishing and scapegoating men may seem harmless to bureaucrats as they’re passed. But pass 1,000 of these monstrosities, all of them adhering to female and minority superiority agendas, and suddenly you’ve broken the figurative camel’s back of the men holding your society together.

Of course, the press dances all around this issue, looking at this statistic and that statistic and coming up with the most amazing mental and verbal acrobatics to avoid the elephant in the room. America and Western Europe have turned into places in which a growing number men feel they don’t have any value except paying for needless things for women and continuing to be a good little tax revenue and profit producing serf at Cogswell Corporate Cogs. University of Michigan economist Justin Wolfers told press:

What that means is the low levels of participation we see today are not primarily due to the economic cycle. They’re due to a much longer lasting demographic influence. It’s actually something that’s going to continue over the next decade.

It’s demographics, it’s the decline of the family, and its the poor treatment of men in society. The collusion of these three factors mean rough waters are ahead. Never before has there been a better time to check out and let this house of cards cave in rather than trying to keep a corrupt system going. John Galt said it best:

No, you do not have to live as a man; it is an act of moral choice. But you cannot live as anything else—and the alternative is that state of living death which you now see within you and around you, the state of a thing unfit for existence, no longer human and less than animal, a thing that knows nothing but pain and drags itself through its span of years in the agony of unthinking self-destruction.

Hard to argue against male self-interest, especially when feminists have been promoting their own self-interest for so long.

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  • What will you do when they come for you? You dont think they will just let you go, right? The men of mgtow will be destroyed. The state security services will turn you into a gender war version of Isis in the public’s eyes.

    I agree with much if what you think, but you underestimate what they will do to you.


  • There are many excellent sociopolitcal & economic reasons why Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands consistently rank highest in the world 5- and 10-years running in social healthcare, per capita GDP, sociopolitcal trust levels, and perceived freedoms as well as strong community relationships. Their Nordic Social Democracy model, or Nordic Economic model, simply works much better, more efficiently than the U.S.’s “old guard” capitalism/free-market models. Why? Simple…

    “The message for the United States is clear. For a society that just chases money, we are chasing the wrong things. Our social fabric is deteriorating, social trust is deteriorating, faith in government is deteriorating. When countries single-mindedly pursue individual objectives, such as economic development to the neglect of social and environmental objectives, the results can be highly adverse for human wellbeing, even dangerous for survival.” — Dr. Jeffrey Sachs

    It is way past time for the U.S. to get down off its proud high donkey (not horse) and LEARN WELL from other leading nations, their educational systems, economic models, healthcare and mental-healthcare, and rid itself once and for all of antiquated ideologies such as gender-inequality and religious-political patriarchy.


  • A personal experience: In late 1990’s, a class-action verdict against our corp caused an effort to integrate more females into sr tech positions. Over 18 months, I provided training to more than 65 females in preparation for sr tech roles (with the promise of a promotion into management for doing this); most either dropped (40) or opted for junior technical roles (25). When promotion time came…I was told to mentor a female for 6 months…then she was promoted to the position promised to me. I was told that because many females weren’t filling the senior tech roles, they decided to put females as managers of technical teams. 8 months later, she was rotated out to another tech mgr role. I was tasked to again mentor a female…and, viola! she was placed over me as tech mgr. After this, I moved to another region for another opportunity. I applied for another tech mgr position….not a female was selected this time. Instead…it was a gay non-technical. I was told point-blank because there wasn’t enough minorities in technical spaces.

    I couldn’t help but laugh because I was the only Native American with an MBA in a corporation of more than 100,000 personnel.

    This has been systematic for some time now.


  • ^Agree. It’s not too late however to change the system. 30% of world population live in Asia, where the above described dynamics did not yet gained foothold. It makes them more productive, both men and women values are creating more, even with less developed technology. Over time the advantage might add into China surpassing US in the GDP and other metrics. The same with Russia. The more efficient system always wins in long term and takes over the less efficient, bureaucratic systems. It must be the will and hand of GOD, because this has been happening for centuries. Falling of Greece (pederasty, demagogic democracy – these are all Greek words), Sparta (centralized childcare and child rearing, government decided marriages), Rome (debauchery and centralized government overspending, political rotten system similar to nowadays institutions found in EU and UN), Soviet Russia (Marxism economy), these are just a few examples. Time to learn Mandarin language and Russian, gentlemen?


  • Great article. These women are getting exactly what they wanted. They said they don’t need any men, so they have basically pushed traditional men to the fringe of society. They get their slack wristed, blue pill bitch boys and guess what? They’re fucking miserable and the world is going to shit because of it.


  • There’s a bit of cognitive dissonance here. You can’t decry the salary of a CEO while, at the same time, wanting men to aspire to more. Everybody wants to have that kind of money and the aspirations to same is what used to fuel men’s dreams. Notice that Galt never says anything about Danegger’s, Rearden’s, Taggart’s, Wyatt’s, etc. money.

    It’s the universal suffrage that’s gotten us here. Atlas Shrugged, one of my favorite books BTW, always keeps to the theme of Dagny needing a man: Eddie, Frisco, Rearden, Galt.

    Liked by 1 person

  • FunkSoulBrother

    I believe there is another facet of this issue. Without incentives, that is to say rewards of compensation and personal satisfaction at some level, progress socially, economically, and technologically will come to a grinding halt. Men are inherently adventure-seeking risk takers. Women are basically not. I’m not saying there are not exceptions and this point is not limited to physical pursuits. But as the rewards for pushing the boundaries and pushing the envelope and innovating at personal risk dry up. Life and living it will become stale. Stagnant. People will start checking out because there is just no reason to continue. I think Jack Donovan hit the nail when he wrote, “when a society has abolished all avenues of adventure, the only adventure left is to abolish society. Except it will not come as a conflagration. Rather, a steady spiral down to a quiet whimpering self-serve suicide.


  • Women: I don’t need a man! Hahaha!
    Men: Ok. Goodbye.
    Women: WTF?! Man up!! Why are all men such assholes?!


  • When women no longer need men – women betray men – hence gynocentrism. It’s been that way all throughout recorded history. By engaging in welfare states – society collapses. Why? Women no longer need men, rely on government and abandon men. The welfare state isn’t just about free money – it’s also about Title IX, Title IV-D, Affirmative Consent, female exemption from the draft, Affirmative Action and on and on and on. In other words, government becomes provider and protector – hence women don’t need men – until of course there’s a war – and women suddenly become weak and helpless children. If already in the service, women suddenly develop maladies or get pregnant. Then, women come running back to men – until the threat has passed – and then return to their natural, gynocentric, anti-male states.

    TFM did a great video recently on this topic. He said children stay loyal to their parents because they need them. If the government would instead house, clothe, provide for and protect all of the children and give children the means to legally destroy their parents – children would not want or need parents and would en masse rebel against them. Women are little more than grown children.

    Men have just begun to recognize these things in the past few years. Why has it taken men so long to wake up to these harsh realities? Ego. What happens to men when they finally do wake up? Existential crisis. What will be the result? Men will walk away. What will be the government’s response? More gynocentrism and even more anti-male laws and policies. For example, de facto marriage hasn’t yet hit the US, but it’s rapidly being deployed in the remainder of the Western world. The UK calls it the “Cohabitation Rights Bill” and specifically designed the new law to continue the forced transfer of wealth from men to women through alimony, asset division and child support. The government isn’t simply going to let men protect themselves from the government and women. Why? Men are disposable. Women are not. VAWA and Affirmative consent – two of the most gynocentric laws to come to the fore in recent history – allow women to dispose of and destroy men on an accusation alone.

    Thankfully – men are starting to realize the above truths and are acting to protect themselves from women and white knights. It’s too late to go back however. Thanks to the internet, this time around, men won’t let women come back when it all comes crashing down. The patriarchy is far worse for men than it ever was for women. The next round of the return of the patriarchy will be Islam on steroids. I’ll of course be long dead by the time that happens.


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