Phasers at Maximum: Male Feminists Swarm William Shatner


Spiner, Mulgrew, and Shatner at Comic Con, the event that sparked the latest feminist attack

Even Captain Kirk is not immune to rabid feminism. The good captain came under attack by feminists last week, particularly the blog Mary Sue for teasing Captain What’s Her Name, um, Janeway using politically incorrect, thoughtcrime speech. The feminist Social Justice swarming was brought on by William Shatner telling Kate Mulgrew “a woman’s place is in the fridge” at Comic Con. It is insane that was all it took to spark the real world equivalent of a full on war with between the Federation and the Klingons. Importantly, the Mary Sue blog is run by a mangina white male. This is what the gelded writer typed up as he attacked one of the greatest living actors of our time.

Was Shatner trying to insinuate something about women being frigid? About women’s weight? Was he actually making a joke about the “women in refrigerators” trope, in which a female character is killed off in order to motivate a male character? It seemed unlikely he’d be aware of that feminist critique, but it’s hard to think of a way that Shatner’s comments could have possibly been respectful to women.

So what if Shatner was making the insinuation about women being frigid? (Even though he wasn’t and this is another mountain made out of a mole hill by deranged leftists). Most of them in Anglo America are just that, frigid. Take my word for it as someone who has been all over the world and spent extensive time in Latin America enjoying the warmth of Old World women. And if Mary Sue hasn’t noticed, Anglo American women are the fattest in the world. Fat jokes do apply if women choose to be slobs that don’t take care of themselves. Moreover, since when are men supposed to be respectful to women in a culture that loathes men and enslaves them? One need look no farther than the commercial break between Star Trek episodes to see the bumbling, idiot white male caricature denigrating masculinity in advertising.

In true Captain Kirk fashion, Shatner did not back down from the self-hating mangina making the accusations, no doubt as a ploy to drive traffic to his puss pedestalizing Mary Sue blog. Social Justice Warriors often try to build themselves up by tearing others down, especially men who have done far more with their lives than they ever will. Shatner took to Twitter fire phasers at the pathetic U.S.S. Mary Sue, and make fun of them because he is now getting more publicity than ever out of the deal.

I didn’t make a dumb comment, sir. Your “stellar” publication jumped to conclusions And yes it actually does help.

Shatner then fired off a photon torpedo.

I’m thinking of creating my own click bait, yellow journalistic site called Tropes, Tirades & Tiaras. Thoughts?

And then another, echoing wisdom from the manosphere.

If you’re going to be a cyber warrior for a misandrist tabloid that creates headlines for clickbait to keep the lights on; do research first.

The incident with Shatner is a teachable moment when formulating tactics to fight back against thought and speech tyranny from the Communist left and their minions. Making this even more rich, the incident stems from an inside joke between Shatner and Mulgrew. So obviously, no disrespect was meant. Logic, however, matters very little to rabid, overly emotional SJWs and their ilk. Here’s how you can protect yourself if you find yourself under attack by the hivemind, preyed upon in the same fashion Shatner was.


The man has still got it, even at age 85

Stop Jumping When They Hiss

Vox Day has written an excellent summary on how to survive a Social Justice swarming, and it appears Shatner got the memo or knows the game better than the natterers do. The most important step is realizing that nobody really gives a damn about the perceived transgression except those few feminists and incels screaming at the floor, flopping on the floor and foaming at the mouth.

The first thing to do when attacked by SJWs is to recognize that you are under SJW attack, remain calm, and realize that no one else cares. You need to understand that the attack is happening, accept that is happening, and refrain from the temptation to try to make it not be happening. Do not panic! Don’t go running to others for help or sympathy, don’t try to convince everyone around you how outrageous or unfair the accusation is, and don’t explain to anyone how little you deserve the way you are being treated. They don’t care. They really don’t.

Another crucial step from the guide is to never apologize. Agree and amplify what they’re screeching about or reframe the issue. Never ever, jump through SJW hoops. The good Captain also got this part of surviving a swarming correct in his Twitter war. Take a lesson, men. This is how you fight hand to hand with dirty little vivisecting vermin.

The third thing to remember when undergoing an SJW-attack is to never apologize for anything you have done. I repeat: do not apologize. Do not say you are sorry if anyone’s feelings were hurt, do not express regret, remorse, or contrition, do not say anything that can be taken as an apology in any way. Just in case I am not being sufficiently clear, do not apologize!

It is becoming obvious, as the candidacy of Trump has shown us, and the spread of politically incorrect behavior like a wildfire across the savannah, if men become assholes and then make no apologies for it the SJWs may kick and scream like red-faced children in the candy aisle at the supermarket, but that’s about all they will able to do if you do not back down to their bullshit. The drive-by media may even launch attacks on you, but the internet helps neutralize their attacks in the modern day and age.

Captain Kirk said it best on a Star Trek episode: A balance of power — the trickiest, most difficult, dirtiest game of them all, but the only one that preserves both sides. Using new tactics in the war against SJW tyranny will finally help men achieve that long-needed balance of power. All safe spaces and hypocritical self-righteousness must be eliminated. It’s nice to see the 85-year old Shatner has still got it, and won’t be taken down by the thoughtcrime crowd anytime soon. And always remember, most Americans do not consider themselves feminists.

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  • Absolutely fantastic! William Shatner deserves massive applause for standing up to those bullies!


  • i’ll always love the guy. for an 85 year-old, he is remarkably up to date on SJW-isms. one of his latest tweets even openly mocks an SJW who “attacked and ran”. I wonder who fills him in on this stuff.


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