Poll of the Week | July 26, 2016

Assume the position: doggy style comes out on top

Assume the position: doggy style comes out on top

Each Tuesday we pose a question to get feedback from you, our readers. Comments are welcomed. If your response does not conform to the answers presented or you would like to expand on your answer, leave a comment. Each poll opens on Tuesday and is closed the following Monday.

Results from last week’s poll, What’s your favorite sexual position?: Doggy style is the winner, although girl on top and good old missionary weren’t far behind. Ankles over head and “other” as well as T-position (kind of like doggy style) came in at the bottom of the poll. Commenter “Don Johnson” posted the only comment with his vote on the “other” favorite position. He says he likes this one: Dude sitting on chair, chick sitting on him facing him. That definitely is a good one. I’ll have to write about the memories that brings back of the beauty pageant girl and I when we were 19. Anyway…this week’s poll touches on a slightly different theme. We look forward to hearing from you. As always, don’t be shy, your commentary is important.

This Week’s Poll

Results from Last Week’s Poll

What’s your favorite sexual position?


WINNER: Doggy style 33.8%
Girl on top 25.3%
Missionary 22.5%
Ankles Over Head 12.7%
Other 4.2%
T-Position 1.4%

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