Women’s Suffrage and How It Relates to Today’s Decline


Women already had enormous biological advantages over men, but they had to take over the traditionally male world of politics, too

We live in a modern day dystopia. There’s plenty of shopping to do, plenty to eat, and everything looks nice and functional from the outside. But, scratch the paper-thin veneer of this postcard image or make a turn into the wrong neighborhood and the illusion is quickly destroyed. Demographically, America and Europe increasingly do not look like America and Europe. Americans are highly leveraged just to keep their fading dream alive, and slowly the sand the civilization was built on is being eroded by unending tides of liberalism and feminism. These two institutions, more than any other, are washing the foundation of the West right out from under it. A foundation built by men, like it or lump it. The West needs its men, but in modern terms it treats them like they’re nothing but disposable meal tickets, even despite evidence this is leading to demise. Women voted for the world we see today, at both the ballot box and using the power of the purse strings which they also control.

Today’s dystopia is the manifestation of the Anglo female’s psychology: materialism, solipsism, gossip, and covetousness permeate the land. It seems to many like there’s something that’s just not quite right, but the masses can’t figure it out so they look to political demagogues to fix their problems. The political class only betrays them and serves their real master – the female voter – while pilfering from the tax dollar trough.

One can trace many of the problems now sinking the ship of state in America and Western Europe back to women’s suffrage. Let’s conduct a thoughtcrime experiment as we examine what has been wrought by giving women the right to vote and more importantly, feminism encouraging them to wage war against men at the ballot box. The United States granted women’s suffrage in 1920, but before the battle was won and the inexorable lurch towards Socialism and today’s culture of misandry was cemented, an organization called the National Association Opposed to Women’s Suffrage put out this pamphlet. Ironically, many of it’s talking points have been proven true. The NAOWS made these claims in opposition to women voting:

  • BECAUSE it means competition of women with men instead of co-operation.
  • BECAUSE 80% of the women eligible to vote are married and can only double or annul their husband’s votes.
  • BECAUSE it can be of no benefit commensurate with the additional expense involved.

Several of the talking points from this pamphlet have been proven true

Even though The Atlantic published an article deriding this piece of literature with snark as is typical of the left, its main talking point has been unequivocally proven true. In the 21st century, men are being forced out of jobs by YouGoGrrl careerist shrikes by unfair competition, i.e. policies that provide disincentives the hiring of men. Women do not cooperate with men in Anglo-America as much as they railroad men to get what they want through everything from an anti-male culture to a gynocentric family court system that robs men of all classes from paupers to Alpha male actors. Interestingly, slavery still exists in America in the family court system, but because men are being enslaved, nobody cares.

Forcing men out of work and reducing their earning capacity has created huge issues with the delicate relations between the sexes, because female psychology shows us time and again women only see value in a man if he has money, status, or power. Money is deeply connected to a man’s status and power, so one can suffice it to say at the root of it all, women are only interested in male earning capacity. Women also hypergamous, wishing to date and marry up rather than dating or marrying across or down in economic status. So, we have the very problem this pamphlet predicted 100 years ago playing out before our very eyes. Women compete with men rather than co-operating with them. Beyond this competition destroying the nuclear family and creating today’s epidemic of fatherless children, women working for The Man rather than her man means corporations can cut labor costs in half and government can double the number of people paying revenue. Women’s suffrage, in real world effects, means a war on male status and power over society and family – two entities males have successfully guided since day one of the human species.

The second talking point is also proven true. Women annul or “cancel out” men’s votes, as they vote in larger numbers than men in America. This gap grows election to election as men realize their voices don’t count. The Washington Post went on another of its leftist, feminist male-bashing tirades in an article bragging about this.

But the truth is that women vote in higher numbers than men do. We have in every presidential election since 1980, and the gap has widened over time. In 2012, the difference in turnout was nearly 4 percentage points (63.7 percent of ladies voted vs. 59.8 percent of gents). The disparity was more than twice as large if you look just at those who have never been married. Girls, it seems, really do run this world.

Run the world they have, and after the 2012 election women can say they’re running it off the fucking rails as the United States and Europe wilt and die under the weight of unchecked immigration, gargantuan Socialist governments, the death of freedom and free will, daily terrorist attacks, and men checking themselves out of a system that targets them while at the same time labeling them evil oppressors.


Women want the government to make the hated Beta provider obsolete, and they’re succeeding

But Wait, There’s More

The third talking point is also substantiated by the fact women push for government policies that attempt to turn an inept entity made up of corrupt, squabbling bureaucrats into their own personal servant. The United States government has assumed the role of the Beta provider male, rendering a large proportion of the male population obsolete. Here are the results of the ignorance of Briffault’s Law this represents:

  • Increased role of government: Women support Socialism rather than individual competition, and the role of government as the “provider” for her and society. As a result, 70% of the U.S. government’s revenues go towards wealth redistribution and gibsmedat handouts, overwhelmingly aimed at giving women taxpayer money.
  • U.S. military intervention: Women do not support military intervention, even when national interests are at stake. They also support open-door immigration because women invite, men invade – it’s a way of shit testing to see who are the dominant males, the invaders or the natives.
  • Healthcare and welfare: Women overwhelmingly support socialized healthcare and welfare policies, funded in large part by men who pay 70% of all income taxes.
  • Firearms restrictions: Doves that most women are, they do not support the right to self-defense, and worse, their opinions on firearms are informed by a Marxist media since television news audiences are majority female.
  • Affirmative action to achieve equality: Evil White Males™ are being pushed out of jobs to accommodate everyone else. However, women never target dirty, difficult and dangerous jobs for affirmative action quotas, only forcing men out of cushy office jobs. And, women can’t “find a good man” because they took his job and now earn more than he does. (Again, hypergamy means a man is invisible to a women unless he has higher earnings or social status – and social status is largely dependent on earning capacity.)

In other words, the current government cucks the average man at the request of female voters. Since women have made up the majority of voters for so long, as proudly proclaimed in the Washington Post article, shouldn’t they also receive the majority of blame for the cluster our society has turned into? In addition to women creating crushing Big Daddy Government, materialism has become the national religion, a religion driven by the spending habits of women whose decadence funds 80% of the consumerism machine. Women then complain about environmental problems, clueless that their materialistic lifestyles cause the problem.

Real Sexism, a blog dedicated to exposing sexism towards men in Anglo culture, discusses how women are consummate takers who see government and men as nothing but provider modules to finance their wants.

Men earn 61.5% of all income but only account for 25% of domestic spending. Men only spend 40% of what they earn after tax. In contrast women make up 38.5% of all income but control 75% of domestic spending, women on average spend 90% MORE MONEY THAN THEY EARN. Men are exploited as cash machines and even with spending on children accounted for women still spend more money on themselves than the combined spending for men and children. This can even be observed in the floor space allocated to women’s products in most shopping centers.

So, it’s been established that women vote in politicians who promise more Beta male tax dollars so the girls can strike off the lower-earners of society from their list of suitors, they vote to live in consequence-free bubbles when they have children (often with layabout bad boys) out of wedlock as the majority now do, and they’ve proven several of the talking points of the anti-suffrage movement correct. Finally, with the power over the pocketbook, the voting women do with their dollars has yielded an empty, demographically sterile, sickeningly materialistic culture.

How does one “fix” all these problems? That’s not an easy proposition as the West has been inculcated with the belief in that women need to be involved in politics for a century. The problems brought on by women voting and canceling out the voices of men in the modern age are baked into the cake. The right of women to vote won’t be taken away, our culture is much to far gone to even consider that. Really all that’s left for men to do is throw up their hands and refuse to feed the beast women have created. All we can do now is live with the consequences of the men who failed one shit test too many back in 1920. Unless, there’s a heretic out there willing to take up the mantle of denying women the vote.

Unpopular truth like this goes through three stages, first it is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed, then it as accepted as self-evident. We are at the ridicule stage. And sadly, for all the good he’s doing, Trump’s daughter Ivanka has been pushing feminist narratives in his campaign. Men’s role a second class worker bees in Anglo society isn’t likely to change anytime soon, and women at the ballot box will only continue to reinforce that fact.

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  • Naturalism devolves into ruin … as the supernatural truth is steamrolled.
    Please don’t scream … there is not a *single* Catholic priest or bishop on the face of the earth, and there hasn’t been since 8 December 1965. There has not been a Pope for 103 years (since 1914) and it is not humanly possible … to re-fill these vacant offices before the end of the world.


  • I agree 100 percent…funny thing is everything always goes back to men having ultimate control. Once our women weaken us to the point that our enemies have finally destroyed us…the enemy who believes women have no rights whatsoever will revert these so called free women back to their natural role. Feminism will destroy the west from within and a totalitarian religion will have no mercy on them.


  • Some of what you say may be true for a few men. but a real man doesn’t want a slave instead of a wife or if he wants the beautiful gold digger wife don’t whine when she spends your money. A real man doesn’t blame others for the bad things that happen to him in life he keeps working.Real men don’t get a women pregnant and then abandon the family he participated in creating. the world is going for shit because we believe we are entitled to all sorts of rights and privileges but shouldn’t have to work for them. Actions and the life a person leads is the measure of a man not the amount of money he makes, not the crap he accumulates. If you want to kick ass and take names join the military.
    Plenty of men spend their time away from their family, spend their money on themselves and the wife sacrifices and gets a job so their children can play baseball and go to college.
    How can you afford decent health care and schools on one income if you want a traditional wife that stays home and cooks and cleans?
    If your traditional wife doesn’t dress nice, keep her figure and go to the beauty parlour once in awhile are you going to find a pretty little thing on the side? Is that what you believe to be your right?
    The world is changing and it is because there is plenty wrong with the entire human race, greed, lust and hate come to mind.
    There is plenty of room for manly men like you wish there to be and we want there to be.


  • This is a very good blog and thank you for sharing this. But can you please remove these pornographic pictures for younger readers to read them as well without viewing them? Thank you


  • I am late to this article but I must comment. That’s not the order.
    The late 19th and early 20th centuries saw a lot of change to keep those on top on top. The compulsory Prussian model schools, the federal reserve, direct election of senators, women voting and more. Each was a tool towards that (and some other) end(s). Women voting, the weakening of society from all angles, debt slavery, it’s all tools to keep those on top on top. Those people are still men. It’s not men losing a shit test in 1920, it’s men who viewed all other men as potential threats to them so they did something to eliminate those threats. It’s a classic behavior of a paranoid alpha to eliminate his competition and so that’s what happened.

    Of course the originators are long since dead, but their decedents are still with us. For instance David Rockefeller just turned 101. See what he’s done to weaken not only american society but human society in general so he and his may rule.


  • Lots of very interesting things that are all semi-related happened around the start of the WCTU, suffrage and so on. It’s not a coincidence that the income tax popped up at the same time as Prohibition (and the WCTU/temperance people were often pro-suffragettes). A good reading of the history of the Progressive movement (e.g. Margaret Sanger/eugenics), prohibition and similar topics will show how much they all really had in common. For bonus silliness, one of the creators (I refuse to call him an inventor) of an early form of the lie detector, Dr Marston, goes on to create the comic book character, Wonder Woman, one of the symbols of the women’s lib movement.


  • Women often achieve their political ambition through virtue signaling. The suffragettes were mainly republican women in the Christian Women’s Temperance Union which gave us prohibition and made prostitution illegal. And to quote Days of Broken Arrows, “The feminists and pedophile homosexuals of today were the nuns and priests of yesterday.”


  • FunkSoulBrother

    Today’s dystopia is the manifestation of the Anglo female’s psychology: materialism, solipsism, gossip, and covetousness permeate the land.

    You go, RF. I couldn’t have said it better.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Agree 100% and I have been making the some argument, loudly, since 1988.


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