Video of the Week: Demographic Winter Chills the West

One of the primary reasons Western civilization is in dire straits is exhibited in this film. The maxim demographics is destiny is proving to be true in both Europe and America as white people think they’re so advanced they don’t even have to replace themselves demographically by having dirty little children. That, and the corporate-government complex along with the Draconian legal system has made reproduction the equivalent of playing Russian Roulette with a man’s financial life and freedom – with most of the chambers loaded, not just one.

About the only complaint one can find when seeing these hidden demographic facts laid out is when the arrogant, feminist professor Kay Hymowitz blames men for the decline of the family, apparently clueless as to the lasting damage unleashing women’s base instincts and hypergamy did to the West. Hear leading professors and demographers lay out the harsh truth about how the diminishing family and the poor relations between the sexes are intimately linked to the decline we have been witnessing for the better part of a generation.

More than any “fix it” fantasies promoted by politicians, fixing the West’s family and demographic problem would solve virtually every other major issue faced by a fading, matriarchal civilization: everything from the need to import populations to keep the economy running to men checking out of an economy bureaucratically rigged against them, to terrorism as weak governments women vote for (women make up far more of the electorate than men) would be replaced by strong, masculine governments.

For this reason alone, this video is worth watching and worth sharing with your Red Pill and MGTOW buddies. Why aren’t our governments telling us we need to have families? Do they want this decline to continue?

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  • This video is about 10 years old, and every problem they mention has only gotten worse. The Muslim invasion of Europe facilitated by the elite Tax farmers there is a desperate attempt to solve the problem. And if it doesn’t solve the problem , It will cause enough chaos that they can sprint off to some Caribbean island with as much of the ill gotten loot as possible before the inevitable implosion.


  • These are the the ten countries with the highest birthrates:

    1. Niger
    2. Mali
    3. Uganda
    4. Zambia
    5. Burkina Faso
    6. Burundi
    7. Malawi
    8. Somalia
    9. Angola
    10. Afghanistan

    Here’s the moral of the story: Most people think that if Western civilization collapsed the population would plummet. Not so. The longer it stayed uncivilized, the faster a country’s population grows. Perhaps this is nature’s way of cyclically balancing human populations. We shall see.


  • FunkSoulBrother

    While western women are busy being busy and fabulous, third world immigrant women are having children that will accelerate the draining of public resources. Of course, Clinton will put them all to work building public infrastructure so maybe there’s a bright side. Yeah, right.


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