The Farm


Original nonfiction and poetry on The New Modern Man by RF

The first taste of freedom
The mind and spirit can never go back to their old dimensions
Realizing you have been kept in a comfortable cage your entire life
Seeing a true diversity of opinion and ways of living for the first time
Instead of fake diversity
Which hides a concealed uniformity
Realizing materialism will not lead to Utopia
Realizing life is a thing to be lived, not a problem to solve
Rational men sterilize everything by overanalyzing it; including themselves
Their lives guided by economics and politics instead of ideals
Economic growth is not everything
Politics are not everything
Creativity and individualism suffocated
Too many rules render a childlike people
Indentured and beholden to the State
So many realizations one has
When they wake up
And see life outside the human farm

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