Comment of the Week | July 31, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter FunkSoulBrother wins Comment of the Week with his response to The Epidemic of Nihilistic Manchildren, an article about what passes for “comedy” on network and cable TV these days. He details the playbook as manchildren like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert aim for their target demographic, the Lowest Common Denominator:

The leftists and liberals are always first and fastest going to the gutter. Innuendo and name-calling always displace rational argument based on fact. The cries of the leftists, liberals, feminists, and the rest of the social justice warriors are never heard without volleys from their primary weapons, ie. guilting, shaming, and name-calling, because they have no real principles. Every argument is based on their feelings. In that way, they are dishonorable, incapable of honor because there is nothing greater to them than their feelings…like so many pre-schoolers fighting over the finger paints and who gets to stand first in line.

We all have seen leftists violating the very principles they try to hold conservatives to. The ad hominem attack is usually the first line of defense, like a squid spraying ink into the water to muddy sight of what’s really being discussed.

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One comment

  • Kesterson, ED - (lkester)

    Thank you for the recognition!

    Thanks for being there. I like a relatively unfiltered news and opinion site, but not completely 7th grade locker room with gratuitous grossness and profanity. Thank you for letting us hang out at your place.



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