Is Hillary Having Seizures


Hillary trying to laugh off awkward, seizure like behavior by talking about a coffee milkshake

As if Hillary didn’t have enough baggage with a possible new victim on their Clinton Body Count list (DNC email leaker Seth Rich), video has been surfacing in recent weeks that the queen of the damned is lurching around with seizures. One must admit a certain degree of schadenfreude when pure evil succumbs to a health problem such as this. Political dynasties and lie, cheat, steal, and kill their way to the top, but in the end they are just as mortal as the rest of us.

Seizure_HillClick this link to see an animated gif showing a (probably) heavily medicated Hillary having a seizure like jerking motion as balloons started to drop at the DNC last week. Watch her eye motions as she seems to have an epileptic moment then tries to get herself back under control, just as she did recently during a saccharine press interview. She jerks around in an out of control manner, then tries to play it off by talking about some crappy coffee drink to the oblivious, sycophantic girls interviewing her.

Of course, lapdogs that the Marxists in the American press are, the possibility of this major health issue is swept under the rug or totally ignored. She has also been seen wearing thick, Fresnel frames at public speaking engagements. There are also her unexplained coughing fits which have never been given the attention they deserve. Just exactly what is wrong with this old harridan? Dr. Todd Lasner, neurosurgeon at Mount Sanai in Miami told the press the glasses could be related to a blood clot in her head she suffered back in 2012:

My first suspicion would be the Fresnel prisms were prescribed for Hillary Clinton because of nerve damage causing double vision resulting from a trauma to her head, possibly from the fall causing the concussion.

Could the trauma she suffered during the fall also have led to seizures? Hillary has stayed out of the spotlight for much of her campaign. It is reasonable to ask if she is hiding because of health problems. So, if she is having seizures, what type of seizures could she be suffering?

Absence Seizure

Based on a layman’s study of the types of seizures people have, Hillary appears to be having absence seizures. These were once referred to as petit mal. Absence seizures involve an interruption to consciousness where the person experiencing the seizure seems to become vacant and unresponsive for a short period of time, up to 30 seconds. Slight muscle twitching may occur.

A seizure can last from a few seconds to more than five minutes, at which point it is known as status epilepticus. Most tonic-clonic seizures last less than two or three minutes. Absence seizures are usually around 10 seconds in duration.

In response to the video clip above, these were some of the top comments posted on YouTube. Some humorous comments are sprinkled in with the reality seeking comments:

The devil is trying to escape her soul cos even he thinks she’s too fucked up!

Followed by:

The demons don’t control that bitch, she controls the demons!

This user runs a cost-benefit analysis of her getting into office:

Wouldn’t mind if she dropped dead before she destroys yet more lives.

Finally, this user left a (probably) very accurate observation of her trying to laugh the seizure episode off:

She was told by her handlers to smile if it ever happened in public. This woman is not in good health.

Just like in 2008 and 2012, the lamestream media is running cover for the Democratic party through selection of topics bias. Health issues the American public should know about a potential President are being ignored. Similarly, issues that should have been brought up during the vetting process for Barack Hussein Obama were never brought up, and now important health questions are left to the true free press, those of us on the internet to bring up about Hillary.

What do you think? Is she just nuts or does Hillary have health problems?

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  • Hillary looks like she could have a Howard Dean moment at any time. She is either on drugs, or should be. There’s a reason she wears a tent (literaly) and I’m sure we don’t want to know what it is, nor want it in the White House.


  • Her and Bill look awful. He looks worse than she does. I swear hes just doped up all the time, but she does seem like shes speeding her ass off.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Yeah, I think Bill’s vegetarian diet is screwing up his health. They both look bad when they’re not bathed in makeup and soft lighting.


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