Video of the Week: The Badass John McAfee

The creator of the McAfee brand of computer security software that you’ve probably had on your computers at some point (incidentally, a mismanaged brand after McAfee cashed out and sold his stake in the company) ran for president this year. Of course, he wasn’t successful and didn’t gain much ground because America loves pablum and not eccentric geniuses. One only wishes we could have heard more from him and less from Hillary in this year’s campaign.

McAfee could easily win the title the most interesting man in the world. Beyond being a cybersecurity expert, he openly uses drugs and married a black prostitute from Miami. He says people should own themselves and not be owned by the government.

McAfee lived in Belize for a while before becoming disenchanted with government corruption, so he came back to the corrupt United States. According to his own testimony, he is now being hunted down by the Sinaloa Cartel for exposing their corruption in the governments of Belize and Guatemala.

Many of his policies read like a libertarian’s dream:

  • Ending the War on Drugs and decriminalizing cannabis
  • Non-interventionism in foreign policy
  • A true free market economy
  • Abolishing the TSA
  • Preparing the nation for cyber warfare rather than traditional warfare
  • Adopting a policy of religious liberty (nobody is forced to buy OR sell a certain kind of cake, as in the infamous case of a gay couple forcing Christians to sell them a gay wedding cake)

Beyond policy, McAfee is open and honest enough to admit Intel has mismanaged his namesake antivirus software so badly since purchasing the brand that he “takes it off” his computers right away. McAfee was arrested for DUI and possession of a firearm while intoxicated in 2015.

This particular video is an interesting introduction to the man, John McAfee, probably the most interesting and badass out of all the candidates for 2016. Some people call him batshit crazy, but genius is often misunderstood. In any case, he’s worth a listen for the entertainment value if nothing else. But don’t dismiss him, many of his ideas are original and hold water.

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