How To Join A Protected Class By Becoming A Male Lesbian


Use the insanity of liberal narratives for fun, profit, and protection

Equal justice under law is a fine concept, but in reality leftist policies and rhetoric mean every sexual preference, ethnicity, religion, and sexual identity except being straight, white, Christian and male gets protection. This permeation of “protected classes” of people has ballooned during the last 50 years of Cultural Marxism in American and Western Europe as little more than a way of figuratively placing targets on the backs of certain people. While the civil rights laws of 1964 may have been well-intentioned, 50 years later their protections have devolved into a collective albatross around the necks of straight men everywhere, and especially those from Christian and white backgrounds. George Orwell wrote about this concept in his novel Animal Farm:

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

All an opponent has to do to gain an advantage over you and throw you under the legal bus is make claims of racism, sexism, genderism or Islamophobia, among other clever word jumbles, and as the penis-packing offender you will be promptly escorted out of your office, fired, subjected to a Social Justice Warrior swarming (i.e. a witch trial) and blacklisted. Of this type of behavior, astrophysicist Carl Sagan wrote:

The theologian Meric Casaubon argued—in his 1668 book, Of Credulity and Incredulity—that witches must exist because, after all, everyone believes in them. Anything that a large number of people believe must be true.

And so, today, because everybody believes men are evil and all white people are racists, it must be true. So, they get no protection from witch accusers. The ever-expanding confusion as to which people are and which are not protected now includes gay people who identify as conservatives, such as Milo Yiannopoulos who was just permanently banned from Twitter. (Read: This banning proves we on the alt-right and manosphere are being placed in the crosshairs of the next political witch trial.) As revealed by Breitbart:

The [Twitter] platform has demonstrated an unashamed bias towards progressive causes like Black Lives Matter, ignoring open calls for violence against police officers that emerged following both the Dallas and Baton Rouge shootings. In further indication of its political biases, Twitter also let death threats against Republican Senators remain on the platform for months without taking action.

So, as Twitter turns a blind eye to more serious offenses like Ghostbusters flop-actress Leslie Jones’ racist history including a post railing against “white people shit” while it targets certain groups of people, it shows a man can lose his “Superior Virtue of the Oppressed” membership card if he identifies with the wrong political orientation. In the early 21st century it is now okay to discriminate against conservatives in general as Faceberg, Twatter, Microshaft, and Skynet (Google) are already doing in their plots with the communistic European Union and the crooked U.S. government.

As we saw last year, as a business owner you can also be forced to bake a cake for a gay couple even if it goes against your religious beliefs, but apparently Twitter cannot be forced to accommodate gay men on its platform whose politics and free speech they disagree with.


Can’t give up women but need the protection of the Superior Virtue of the Oppressed narrative? Here’s how you can take on the shield

Becoming Part Of The Protected Class

In order to receive equal justice under law, as the hated Evil White Males™ of the world we must find a way to make ourselves a protected class under the eyes of the law. So, I came up with a plan to assume the cloak of Superior Virtue in one’s daily dealings with a the political game and the corrupt media. Here’s a four step process to becoming a part of the legally and politically protected transgender and homosexual communities:

  • Report being a cisgender male (male at birth) but now having a female “gender identity”
  • Report you are a cross-dresser who likes to dress like men
  • Become a lesbian
  • Report being a Democrat while continuing our narrative

In other words, become a lesbian man who identifies as a woman but dresses like a man, who is a conservative Democrat, to boot. Once one untangles this twisted mess mentally, it illustrates we can remain heterosexual men who still dress like men but we use leftist gender identities and political affiliations to gain protection under the law. This is where the twisted world of Marxism has led us, gentlemen. The only way to beat the system is to infiltrate it and play along with its twisted and crooked narratives.

The blueprint for this idea comes from a Canadian transgender case. A girl who dresses as a man named “Trevor” had her breasts removed, but then decided to move in with a “gay” partner and got pregnant from her gay partner all while presenting as a man. Perhaps reading the full story will alleviate the headache that case probably gave you. Suffice it to say, when one untwists all the “gender identities” and “sexual orientations,” a straight couple went through an incredible amount of gymnastics to act like they’re not straight. So, if they can do it an get lauded by the press, why can’t we play a similar game?

Meanwhile, the entire multicultural façade and the ideas about the “Superior Virtue of the Oppressed” are collapsing. Even Fabian Socialist Bertrand Russell who wrote the essay entitled “Superior Virtue of the Oppressed” knew the delusion about certain groups being morally superior to others could be maintained only for so long, and incidentally its collapse has coincided with America awakening from the collective delusion foisted upon the public by corporate media in the Television Age. Russell wrote:

The idealizing of the victim is useful for a time: if virtue is the greatest of goods, and if subjection makes people virtuous, it is kind to refuse them power, since it would destroy their virtue. If it is difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, it is a noble act on his part to keep his wealth and so imperil his eternal bliss for the benefit of his poorer brethren. It was a fine self-sacrifice on the part of men to relieve women of the dirty work of politics. And so on. But sooner or later the oppressed class will argue that its superior virtue is a reason in favor of its having power, and the oppressors will find their own weapons turned against them. When at last power has been equalized, it becomes apparent to everybody that all the talk about superior virtue was nonsense, and that it was quite unnecessary as a basis for the claim to equality.

In other words, the world doesn’t work the way leftists want it to. More and more people by the day are waking up to the fact that implying the so-called oppressed classes had superior virtue to everyone else was total insanity, especially as these “virtuous” classes become violent, burn cities down, persecute conservatives, kill police, conduct SJW witch trials, and kick men out of society. This shows us they don’t want to be equal at all, they want have their turn being the oppressors. A twisted and unending cycle of oppression in the saga of the human species is thereby revealed. Just don’t find yourself on the losing end of that cycle.

Until the entire leftist narrative obliterates itself, and it could take a number of years or decades before this degeneracy is either cleansed from our society or causes a catastrophe, this is an actionable plan to gain protection under the law. Is this plan really just exaggeration and sarcasm? Maybe, a little. But when it comes down to tactics in a culture war, sometimes a man has to fight fire with fire. And if he has to protect himself by assuming the mantle of the victim, a mantle invented to bring certain men down in the first place, then so be it.

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  • Is it good, then, if I identify myself as a Trans-Nigger? As in, I am a nigger born in a white male’s body? You can not imagine the suffering I go through. Everybody assumes I am a straight white male just because I am a nigger living in a straight white male’s body. Being accused to be a Racist, with having “white privilege”, these are daily occurrences in the life of a Trans-Nigger like me. A bit more tolerance towards us Trans-Niggers is definitely called for!


  • The Secret to a Happy Life for Men

    NEVER engage in a legally, financially, psychologically, emotionally or spiritually binding committed relationship with a woman. Be ready to leave her with no regrets and no strings at all times. Ignore this carefully hidden secret and you will likely end up suffering for that mistake in ways you never imagined possible.

    That’s it. It really is that simple – yet so hard for men to comprehend. Just don’t give a woman or white knight power over your life. Most of men’s life struggles occur because this one, carefully guarded and hidden secret is meant to remain a carefully guarded and hidden secret. Movies, books, TV shows, RomComs, etc., all carefully designed to hide this male life saving secret.

    That’s really all there is to it – yet most men will still learn the hard way – and women will continue to profit from the destruction of men. Why? Because women don’t love men. Women love that the system is designed to forcefully transfer your wealth to themselves – so they can go fuck the pool boy. They’re in it to suck you dry (no pun). In fact, the above secret will seem counter-intuitive to most men. Why? Because they’ve been brainwashed from birth to act against their own best interests and to primarily sacrifice themselves for the best interests of women – BY THEIR OWN MOTHERS. This anti-male brainwashing is extremely effective and starts almost immediately from the moment of a boy’s birth.

    Most men already know that what I just wrote is prohibited thinking and ridiculed by women and white knights. You could even lose your job if the wrong person discovers that you think non-gynocentrically and with such self-regard. My speech isn’t permitted in ‘civilized society’. Why? Because society thrives off the disposability of men. A guy like me represents and end to that usury of men. How would women and white knights survive? Can’t have that. DESTROY THE ANTI-GYNOCENTRIC BLASPHEMER!

    What I just wrote is considered highly prohibited speech and/or thoughts by the matriarchy and white knights. For the sake of your own livelihood, never repeat what I just wrote in the open or in a manner that leaves you identifiable due to the attempts at retribution, social and legal condemnation (false accusations) and endless shaming sure to follow your unmasking.

    MGTOW: Men who’ve discovered the above truth and have wisely acted in their own best interests.

    ANTI-MGTOW: Those that hope to keep men endlessly naive and hopelessly trapped within the gynocracy’s and white knight’s anti-male meat grinder.

    Let me be the first to proclaim – I, Tim, am a male lesbian.


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