Comment of the Week | August 7, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter andinsdca wins Comment of the Week in response to Women’s Suffrage and How It Relates to Today’s Decline, an article detailing the aftermath of women voting en masse and ultimately canceling out men’s vote in America. He wrote:

Lots of very interesting things that are all semi-related happened around the start of the WCTU, suffrage and so on. It’s not a coincidence that the income tax popped up at the same time as Prohibition (and the WCTU/temperance people were often pro-suffragettes). A good reading of the history of the Progressive movement (e.g. Margaret Sanger/eugenics), prohibition and similar topics will show how much they all really had in common. For bonus silliness, one of the creators (I refuse to call him an inventor) of an early form of the lie detector, Dr Marston, goes on to create the comic book character, Wonder Woman, one of the symbols of the women’s lib movement.

He’s right. (By the way, WCTU is the Women’s Christian Temperance Union.) The hopeless mess we find ourselves in today has its roots in social engineering projects going back over a century, many rooted in the uniquely Anglo American brand of male and sex hating Puritanism, while others developed as money began to accumulate in the hands of too few men after the abomination known as the corporation corrupted the free market. Worse than the rise of a fundamentalist women, once women began to vote, an inexorable move towards Socialism and the end of the nuclear family began. It took us a century to get here, but make no mistake the beginning of the end took root between 1910-1920.

One of the WCTU’s pet projects, the prohibition of alcohol didn’t stick after these suffragettes decided they would “fix” what’s wrong with the patriarchal society the West once was. But, their other prohibitions – everything from pot to prostitution – did stick. Prostitution was not banned in much of the U.S. until around the time of the income tax, which incidentally is the same decade women’s suffrage and other patriarch-weakening proposals gained steam. This screwing around with the foundation of the nation is what today’s rotten edifice of corrupt democracy is built on. And, it is leading to a societal face plant as the whole façade goes off the rails in the 21st century.

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