Surprise, Surprise: Male Tinder Users Have Low Self-Esteem


The harsh realities of the sexual market are revealed by apps like Tinder

A recent study found that lonely guys looking for some action from carousel riding women using the Tinder app have low self-esteem. It’s understandable, since Tinder takes the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule that 4 out of 5 men aren’t good enough for women) and digitizes it. Success on the app strongly prefers men who can take photos that make them look like a model out of central casting or a badass thug, or both. In other words, men are objectified by the app, a sin feminists claim is unforgiveable except when they’re the ones objectifying. So, your average “good guy” will have slim pickings when trying to get some nookie using Tinder.

Jessica Strübel along with Trent Petrie, two researchers at The University of North Texas found:

Tinder users reported having lower levels of satisfaction with their faces and bodies and having lower levels of self-worth than the men who did not use Tinder.

The problem with Strübel’s study is she tries to twist it into a pretzel talking about “body image” perceptions, in other words she tries to use it as ammo to tell fatties they don’t need to lose weight, and that everyone needs to lobotomize themselves and pretend fatsos are attractive. She wrote:

The objectifying effects of social media platforms, however, may be more pernicious than those associated with more traditional media outlets for example TV and magazines, because of its round the clock availability and constant scrutiny and evaluation by others. Although current body image interventions primarily have been directed toward women, our findings suggest that men are equally and negatively affected by their involvement in social media.

Let’s just dispose with the pseudo-intellectual babble about “body image interventions” and suffice it to say fatties need to stop shoveling Cheetos into their face. That said, one can go so far as to say the current obesity epidemic in America is at least in part due to its evil government screwing around with the food pyramid and pushing “low fat” everything since the 1970s, taking out fat (good) and putting in massive amounts of carbohydrate (bad). This medical and dietary chicanery is excellently detailed in the film Fat Head.

Petrie, who co-authored the study reveled in the fact the study reveals (gasp!) men are objectified on the app. What? Perfect Anglo feminist warrior princesses are objectifying men? After a half century of protesting and hell-raising about women objectifying women, this earth-shattering fact is revealed and yet it is quietly shuffled away. When women are objectified, it proves men are evil. But when men are objectified, buck up men, that’s life. Here is what Petrie wrote, proving university smart asses don’t actually give a flip about equality, and enjoy seeing men suffer:

The men, in essence, are put in a position that women often find themselves in, certainly in the dating scene: They’re now being evaluated and are being determined whether or not somebody is interested in them [based on their looks].

All that’s missing from that quote is the snooty tee hee, tee hee of a college teacher magina. Just over 1,000 women and around 300 men were used for the study. Around 10% of respondents used Tinder, and both sexes who used Tinder reported less satisfaction with their bodies and looks, but only male users reported lower levels of self-esteem. This is probably related to the level of desperation a man needs to have to try and hook up with some used up Tinder discards in the first place, only to be ignored because 4 out of 5 men aren’t good enough in today’s sexual jungle.


In my experience, Tinder skews towards carousel riding women looking for Alpha and Sigma bad boys

Gaming Tinder

If you decide to use Tinder, realize the demographics will skew heavily towards carousel riding women looking for either bad boys or rich boy walking wallets (i.e. on the order of Daddy Warbucks) they like to screw around with. Personally, I used Tinder a few years back and met a seemingly nice and well-built Army girl, but she turned out to have a convict boyfriend who she was waiting on to get out of prison and just having fun with me on the side. This incident confirmed my earlier thinking that women will often use the app to monkey branch. Other than that the app so disgusted me I just got rid of it, as matches would be flaky and when I would find out more about their history I didn’t want to stick in my new Tinder “matches” anyway.

If you want to go around taking photos of yourself all the time in interesting and exotic travel destinations, in front of symbols reflecting your status as the sacred holder of the leg-spreading holy trinity of money, status, and power, and you don’t mind pump and dumps with women who have been around the block more than the UPS man, then by all means go Tindering.

Just don’t expect to find any woman of substance on there. However, it can be an interesting study in just what motivates women when a man oozes down into the dregs of digital society. Men are objectified on Tinder, which shows us another unflattering side of the female psyche in addition to the fact women only want men who can provide monetary and material or social status benefits. We’ve got it bad on both fronts, gentlemen. On Tinder, as in all other areas of life, you will soon discover the Grand Canyon of disparity between what women say they want and what they actually want.

Musclebound assholes, lowlife thugs, and well-moneyed men who don’t mind letting women into their wallet win, while “good guy” Betas will respond to the questionnaire with low levels of self esteem and high levels of sexual frustration. (It’s actually worse than you can imagine, Betas – women don’t just ignore you, they hate and despise you.)

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  • I have a lot of success with online dating but very little with Tinder. For both men and women, it feels like window shopping.
    Recently I was playing around with Tinder because my girlfriend was being a bitch and I was looking around for a monkey branch. After maybe a hundred swipes I got only two matches. They’re still sitting there uncontacted because my girl came back to planet earth and is now behaving herself.
    In the past, I found that even if you match with and contact a girl she rarely replies or she soon ghosts. They aren’t serious about it either. It’s just a preening tool.


  • MGTOW: Never give a women or a white knight the legal, financial, social, physical, financial or psychological power to destroy your life.

    ANTI-MGTOW: Say whatever is necessary to keep men from becoming MGTOWs, for our own sake. We need those little disposable betas to keep getting destroyed. It’s good for the womenz and white knightz – dontcha know.

    Women and white knights hate beta males. Why? Because they’re ‘good guys’. Women and white knights look down their noses at men capable of responsibility, love, empathy and compassion. Why? Too boring. Not enough excitement. Easily manipulated. Boring, boring, boring. Plus – there’s a ton of money to be made and much forced wealth transfer to be had to the benefit of women and white knights – which is why ever more anti-male laws and policies need invoking. Beta males, while the engine of society, are the scorn of the earth. They need to be kept in their place – lest women and white knights suffer.

    It’s all so simple – yet so difficult to comprehend for those without a clear understanding of women’s and white night’s hatred of 90% of men. How does one counter their hatred? Cut off their life support – which is your eventual destruction. Simply refuse to leave yourself vulnerable to the laws, policies and social constructs they use to destroy your life. Simple, simple, simple.


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