Video of the Week: JBeatz Music Video on Divorce

My Haitian friends who have had experience with the Anglo American family and divorce court system know full well the ridiculousness of the whole charade designed to facilitate wealth and resource transfers from men to women. This Video of the Week is a hot new music video in French Creole no less, from one of the top artists out of the tiny Caribbean nation of Haiti. Let’s call it an expose on true multiculturalism and difference of opinion, not the one size fits all variety that fits Marxist narratives.

Shitlibs and SJWs will no doubt take umbrage at its depiction of an unfair court system taking a man’s house away from him and leaving him homeless as he pleads with the judge for mercy, while the coy ex-wife of JBeatz smiles and cackles, mocking him as she walks out of the courtroom. However, he meets another woman while in court who takes mercy on his plight, perhaps seeing he didn’t deserve the injustice metted out in the male-hating court system. When his new friend goes to help him retrieve some clothes from his former home, his bitter ex comes storming out and pours bleach on his clothes and almost starts a fight.

The video is interesting in that it can be interpreted as an “outsider’s” take on the court system in America, and it fits many of the narratives of the manosphere. Consider it independent verification of many of the topics we discuss here, including male enslavement and male utility value. Those hurling hate and vitriol our way would do well to hurl it at other societies coming into the gynocentric Anglo American “salad bowl” who incidentally do not believe, in violation of the dictates of Hivemind groupthink, that women are perfect creatures and men are evil oppressors.

Other than the refreshingly fresh perspective, JBeatz is a fine artist who is mainstreaming Haitian Kompas music. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to him on such a brave, well produced, countercultural work. A woman comes out looking bad – what blasphemy!

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