Stop Buying Things for Women


Putting yourself in the subservient role of gift provider weakens you in the subconscious mind of women

Women are consummate materialists, and statistics prove it (beyond the song Material Girl that made Madonna’s entire career 30 years ago). More than half of women in Anglo America would dump the man they “love” if he didn’t deliver a gift on a birthday or for Valentine’s Day. Attention Betas: A stuffed animal or a box of chocolates literally has more value than your presence in the majority of women’s lives. Let that sink in the next time you break your back and your bank account to run like a rat on The Hedonic Treadmill.

Even a female relationship coach calls women out on these warped statistics. Rachel DeAlto threw up a flag on this play, criticizing women for expecting constant gifting no matter what benefits men provide to them.

I think it’s a little irrational. I understand being emotional, and obviously there’s some expectations involved, but talk about it before you make any irrational decision.

Expectations? Sounds like lot like female entitlement mentality to me. I’m worthy of gifts because I have the vagina and you do not! Nothing says “you’re a disposable meal ticket” than irrational ultimatums on useless consumer items that will either be dead in three days (i.e. flowers) or thrown into the garbage or closet. The money must be spent or you don’t love her!

Much like the classic Simpsons episode Trash of the Titans, marketers are constantly pushing for this type of wasteful holiday spending, even for made up holidays. All they have to do it get “x” number of women to participate in or expect gifts because of the holiday, and then social forces drive everyone to conform to the new ideal. Marketers have been using this playbook, pioneered by Edward Bernays for over a century. Trash of the Titans beautifully illustrates the insanity of making people spend billions on “assorted gougeables” and other crap:

Costingtons Manager: Okay, people, we need to cook up a new holiday for the summer. Something with gifts, cards, assorted gougeables.

Costingtons Woman: How about something religious? We had great penetration last spring with Christmas Two.

Costingtons Man: Oh, I know. Spendover, like Passover, less talk, more presents.

Costingtons Manager: No, no, no! No, it’s gotta be warm and fuzzy. Something like, um, “Love Day”, but not so lame.

Marge Simpson: Happy Love Day, everyone!

Think of Valentine’s Day as the real-world equivalent of Love Day. Never mind the fact women already receive 80% of the benefits of the consumer waste machine economy in the United States since they drive 4 out of 5 purchasing decisions, that’s just not enough. Men also pay 70% of all income taxes but the vast majority of government handouts benefit women. Yet paradoxically, Anlgo women claim to be Strong and Independent™ but they would be powerless without a massive government propping them up. Real Sexism presents more shocking statistics that show women spend, on average, 90% more than they earn. Women have it made at male expense but like the consummate gatherer (or hoarder – there’s an entire A&E TV series about it) there’s always something else that makes her eye sparkle. And, there’s never enough.

You must not fall into the trap: Stop buying her things! Or best of all, never start buying her things (even drinks) so there’s no expectation set. Buying women things puts you as a man in a submissive role! She is your master and your are her slave with this type of arrangement. It’s basic economics and psychology.


You’ll never make enough to keep up with her expectations, don’t even try

Spend Less, Earn More Respect

Save yourself the expensive lesson rather than trying to buy love, save and invest your money, and learn how to manipulate women’s emotions rather than letting them into your wallet. Use the money to invest in yourself instead and you’ll attract women like moth to a flame. If you look great with nice clothes, a nice car, trips to exotic locations, and money to burn there will be women orbiting you just as they orbit other high-status men. The trick is, never let them into your wallet. Use your money for you own self-aggrandizement, not theirs.

Importantly, realize women will never return the favor of buying things to you. It’s a one way street. As radio host Tom Leykis says, women are the cheapest creatures on earth, but only when it comes to their own money. Yet, they expect exorbitance from men in their lives.

The funny thing is, the less you spend on women the more respect you will earn from them. (Remember – are you the master or the slave in the relationship?) Spending and respect from women are inversely proportional. Don’t try to make sense out of the matter. Women’s behavior when it comes to gifting makes no logical sense whatsoever because women are not logical creatures, they’re emotional ones. You would think women would be grateful to men who go out of their way to please them – but they’re not. An astute manosphere commenter who calls himself John Doe sums up the play by play:

Women are adult children, read Schopenhauer, when you give everything to a child they become spoiled and uncontrollable. The reason a women loses respect for a man who gives them everything is just like a spoiled child who always gets their way, they feel like they have outsmarted their parents, and someone she can outsmart on a regular basis is deemed as inferior, thus they lose respect for them. In fact this can be applied to relationships with females in general. Married men who give into his wife’s demands trying to keep the peace are eventually deemed as inferior, followed by the wife losing respect for him. There’s no logic in this situation, it’s all about perceived feelings.

So, to summarize, spend your money on yourself and on your real friends, not strangers who you hope to bed, and not in ways that make you subservient or “pussy-whipped” to use a old maxim. Always consider any money you spend on women a loss, because that’s exactly what it will be someday, unless you have found a NAWALT magical unicorn. Gifts and spending will only curry short term favor with women, and in the long run being a “provider” puts you in a subservient role. With women, it’s never what have you done for me it’s always what have you done for me lately? Don’t fall into the trap. Stop buying things for women, and start buying them for yourself.

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  • The funny thing is, the less you spend on women the more respect you will earn from them. (Remember – are you the master or the slave in the relationship?)

    A good relationship should have neither master nor slave (bedroom role play aside), but 2 equals who have complementary personalities. No need whatsoever for female or male superiority…that simply leads to resentment and entitled behaviors from the one “in charge”. However, if you and your mate think of each other as having equal worth, then you’ll have a relationship built on love for one another rather than love for frivolous, materialistic gifts.


  • Another great article… 2 quick questions…why do you think women have this insatiable need for greed or selfishness? and have you written a book we can buy?


    • Relampago could probably answer in more detail but basically because women have a gatherer instinct. Its in their subconcious to try to hoard as many things that are valuable as they can to survive. In ancient times it couldve just been food maybe animal skins for warmth who knows. But in modern times basically money or anything with high monetary value.


  • I support this advice 100 percent. Last remnants of blue pill left my life when the girl who “loved me” figured out she couldnt get over on me and turn me into her personal slave and left me for a textbook beta. Now shes 8 months pregnant and hits me up cause she heard a song that reminded her of me lol smh. Had another girl recently that actually was very generous bought me things and was GREAT in bed but….batshit crazy. Smh had to keep it moving getting stalked verbally and physically abused wasnt worth it. Welp on to the next adventure!


    • Relampago Furioso

      I’ve been meaning to do an article about the girl I dated right after high school (a solid 8 back in those days) who dumped me when I went to college, and ended up marrying a drug dealer. Long story short, she fucked up her life with him, and now she sees me living on an island 15 years later. She’s offered me sex and even offered to run off and leave her drug addict husband (with his two children in tow) but I shot her down each time she approached. She’s down to being a 5 these days (lots of drug use and having kids caught up with her). Meantime, I’m banging the hottest women of my life. The great wheel in the sky does turn the tables for men and women if one watches over a lifetime.


      • Ahhh the sweet sensation of when they come crawling back. Best feeling in the world lol. One thought i meant to share with u. Ive chosen to embrace the red pill just as u have and to my understanding you started out as a blue pill man just as i did. Now i see abandoning the blue pill mentality as similar to abandoning a heavy drug or alcohol addiction. Former addicts after fully clean have always said however that the addiction is always there its just they know how to control it and must stay away from that original drug and theyll be fine. Now ive always said that once uve felt blue pill style love its one of the most powerful drug addicitons u can ever experience. And as a red pill man ill never choose experience it to that level again. So when ur blue pill fantasy dies with the last woman u felt it for. Do you always kind of yearn for that last particular woman a bit more….still in full control of course but still yearn for that “drug” since it was the strongest u last ever felt?


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