Video of the Week: Positively False

This film by journalist Joan Shenton represents a mountain of evidence gathered since the 1980s which shows the HIV scare could be yet another way governments have been terrorizing their citizens. In this case, plague terror. The heterosexual epidemic we were warned about never materialized, and indeed a routine Google search will reveal the Centers for Disease Control’s own statistics say there is just shy of a 1 in 10,000 chance of HIV being spread through heterosexual, vaginal intercourse.

You would have to have unprotected sex every other day – going through 10,000 partners – with a different partner for your entire adult life in order to contract HIV that way. Or, you would have to do the same with an infected partner – have sex with her every other day for 55 years to contract the disease. In other words, ain’t gonna happen through normal, heterosexual intercourse, using the government’s own statistics.

To this day, the disease remains confined to risk groups, i.e. homosexual men and IV drug users. But, the revelations in Positively False go well beyond these findings. Hear from medical experts all over the world who are questioning the HIV hypothesis but are actively being silenced by big media and big pharma. It turns out plague terror keeps the peons in order, makes them scared to fuck, and is very profitable as big pharma can sell DNA-terminating drugs to patients.

After watching this film, you may come away with the same impression I did. How deep does the rabbit hole go in Anglo America? The more I study and the more independent research I do, the puzzle pieces are coming together to form a picture revealing nothing but lies, lies, and more lies from top to bottom in the corporate-government complex.

I do know this. While I used to worry about getting HIV when I was younger, I never worry about it anymore. This film and House of Numbers, as well as independent research I’ve done paint the picture that the powers that be want heterosexuals to a) not like each other very much, and b) be scared to fuck each other. Is it population control? Or is it an agenda of de-sexualizing and androgenizing the population through feminism and plague terror? Who knows. But it seems no matter what conclusion you come to, our government is not for us, it’s against us.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with this documentary or what I’ve stated here. But the truth doesn’t cease being the truth just because it’s unpopular. In any case, maybe the CDC statistics will help put your mind at ease a little. Don’t let the government and big media scare you away from living your life, and having the sex life of a sultan.

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