Weekend Reading | August 19, 2016


Here are some of the most politically incorrect, incisive, interesting, or original links from around the web for the weekend of August 19, 2016.


Embrace a Merciless Fate With Courage

It would seem the human mind in our current world is intimately invested in denying the brutal reality of our existence. We assume that happiness is found in comfort and ease of living. We live a life of leisure, sports and hobbies which attempt to fill the empty void in our souls. Virtues like honor, integrity, courage, heroism and the love of battle are non existent in the modern fuckboy. These sorts of inferior genetic specimens have been allowed to circumvent the process of natural selection by the attendant luxuries of the modern world.

Naked Desire

Naked desire. What is naked desire? Naked desire is that deep yearning desire you have for a woman. The one that all men have yet most hide or try to keep pent up. The masculine desire for a woman. That is what I’m talking about. You see your naked desire for a woman plays a key roll in seducing and sleeping with women. Desire is an incredibly important yet often overlooked part of having good game and having the sex life that you want. Without naked desire you will be a robot and not have your heart in it, which will lead to lackluster results at best.

How Much Does the Stock Market Have to Increase by for Us to Retire?

To be blunt, the entire US retirement system is a ponzi scheme. I’m not talking about social security or Medicare (though, those are ponzi schemes as well), but the 401k’s and IRA’s that the government, the media, Hollywood, our employers, and our educators tell us we “just must” invest in. The reason why is very simple – we are relying on capital gains (i.e. – increasing prices) to fund our retirements and NOT increasing profits. This is why PE ratios are going up and dividend yields are going down because stock prices are increasing faster than the underlying profits corporations generate and the dividends they pay.

How to Meet Women Through Sugar Daddy Dating Sites

As dating becomes more and more difficult in the West, men are turning to new methods to meet women. One of the biggest kept “secrets” these days is the utilization of sites traditionally reserved for gold-diggers girls in need of financial aid. It’s become referred to as “sugar dating”, or “splenda dating”. In a nutshell, you pay the big bucks to join these sugar dating sites, where women traditionally are looking for men with a net worth of over a million dollars. Then, you exaggerate your status to get responses and dates.

Seven Extreme Steps to Improve Your Sexual Market Value

In case you hadn’t noticed, the nature of our sexual marketplace has recently changed. Gone are the days when any man with job and a lower jaw could marry his high school beau. Today’s men are searching harder for love and lusty encounters, with poorer results. There are various reasons for this: reduced social controls on sexuality, decreased female dependence on a male protector and breadwinner, and the obesity epidemic.



Apocalyptic Flood Ravages Louisiana – Where’s Obama?

More than a dozen people are dead in Louisiana, at least 40,000 houses have been ruined and some 82,000 people have been forced from their homes. “Like his predecessors, Obama has no doubt discovered that crises keep their own calendar, even when commanders-in-chief are trying to take some time off the clock,” the Baton Rouge paper said Wednesday.

UK Surveillance Powers Have “Gone Further than any Other Western Democracy”

Britain has gone “further than any other Western democracy” in its expansion of surveillance powers and its ability to collect bulk data without justifiable reason, a British MP has said. Joanna Cherry, a Scottish National Party (SNP) MP, made the comments in reference to the Investigatory Powers (IP) Bill, which has been introduced to extend surveillance and data-gathering laws. It will allow UK intelligence agencies to collect, store and access information about internet users.

We’re So Fucked, Shit Out of Luck – New Metallica Song Tells It Like It Is

The metal-heads who thought Metallica had turned into tired old wussies should sit down and shut up for three minutes, because the quartet is back with a new song that ranks as its best work in decades.

The NSA Built a Secret, Warrantless, Shadow ‘Social Network’ and You’re Already On It

For roughly the last decade and a half, the NSA has been caught in lie after unscrupulous lie. Every time they are caught spying on Americans, the secret agency first denies it — then justifies it. The NSA has now been caught again. And, again, they denied it and are now justifying it. This time, their unscrupulous spying involves a shadow “social network” that combs data from all social networks and your online data to create a graph of everyone and everyone they know. If you’re wondering where your invite to join this shadow network came from, you never got it. However, you’ve already joined.

Insane: State Department Blames Media For It’s Own Lies And Deception Over $400 Million Iran Deal

In a remarkable exchange with the press corps, a State Department spokesman was berated and questioned for half an hour over blatantly obvious lies and deception concerning the Obama administration’s $400 million payment to Iran. For the first time in seven months, State Department spokesman John Kirby admitted Thursday that it was a key part of the deal with Iran for American prisoners to be released, and without that provision, the Iranian government would not have received the money.

Book of the Week

Comic-BookGet it while it’s hot and on sale! My Be Like Dirk and other Politically Incorrect Comics created a Social Justice Warrior and feminist swarming of my Twitter page and blog last week. It’s also been selling briskly. I have all the SJW vitriol saved for future use. Their utter contempt is a sight to see, whether it be contempt for Beta males who take exotic vacations to paradise or contempt for sweet, feminine women. Especially if those women happen to be Asian.

In honor of the comic going viral, I’m offering it for 40% off for a limited time. It’s currently on sale for less than $3. As a bonus offer, I’m offering the lossless PNGs as a FREE additional download to those who purchase the comic. I didn’t make the comic to cash in as much I made it to challenge Hivemind narratives and make heads explode. It appears I succeeded on that front as over 100,000 ragers have been driven to my page in a week’s time.

In any case, since “Season One” caused such an outrage and the comic has been selling briskly, “Season Two” of the series is already on the drawing board, and will be even more outrageous than the first. Thanks for your support!

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