Child Support Laws and Jail Hurt Poor Men the Most


Financial indentured servitude is doled out daily in the American court system and disproportionately affects poor men

As yet more evidence women will do anything for a perceived Alpha male, including sharing him with other women, young football star Orenthius Perkins got 3 girls pregnant at age 17. Rather than blaming men all the time, where were these girls’ parents and where was any sense of responsibility on the girls’ part? How could they not have known he was having sex with other girls? Orenthius is paying for his irresponsibility, but the young women he knocked up are getting a check for the next 18 years. In any case, Perkins told the press he had to give up his football scholarship and go to work.

I wasn’t mentally ready. I got put on child support for all three at one time. At that time at school being young and wild, I wasn’t focused. It took a while to kick in, to understand that I had three kids, and a lot of responsibility.

Once again the federal and state government has imposed itself in the lives of its peons. Perkins often challenges the insanity of the child support system.

Why do I [have to] pay you when I can pay my child directly?

Interesting statistics show 70% of child support arrears are owed by men who make less than $10,000 a year. The predatory nature of this system is never brought up in the lamestream press. David Pate, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee says:

Twenty percent of the people in this system shouldn’t be in there because they’re too poor. Those $10,000 or even $20,000 earners. Jail is appropriate for someone who is actively hiding assets, not for someone who couldn’t pay child support in the first place.

Many poor men then get caught up on the teeth of the system, disparagingly referred to as “deadbeat dads” by the gynocentric press and the rent-seeking mothers of their children. The only sin of many of these men is not making enough money.

Once they get caught up in the cycle of going to jail for not being able to pay child support, it’s wash, rinse, and repeat. They cycle between jobs and when they’re unemployed long enough or don’t make enough money long enough, they end up back in jail.

As pointed out by The New Modern Man this is abject slavery being doled out in the family court system in a nation that brags incessantly about how much “freedom” it gives its tax farm human cattle.


The life of children has been reduced to a money fight and money problem by your government

Time To “Man Up”?

Walter Scott has been in and out of jail for getting behind on child support, even though he’s made a good faith effort to keep a job. His brother, Rodney says:

Every job he has had, he has gotten fired from because he went to jail because he was locked up for child support. He got to the point where he felt like it defeated the purpose.

Once he lost his job, all the circumstances tilted against him made Scott say to hell with it all and throw up his hands.

I got mad at everybody in the whole world because I just lost the best job I ever had. I just stopped doing everything.

In Anglo America, for men when these things happen – that’s life. For women, the government always asks, “How can we do more for you?” One lawyer says details the insult to injury being poor adds to also having your children stripped away from you.

Parents who are truly destitute go to jail over and over again for child support debt simply because they’re poor.

Let’s just call this what it is – Cultural Marxism designed to break down the family. One can marvel at all the Draconian legal teeth of the American family court system, in which such slave-driving tactics are imposed men who can’t pay:

  • Withholding up to 65% of a man’s paycheck
  • Seizing bank accounts
  • Seizing investments
  • Seizing tax refunds
  • Suspending driver’s licenses
  • Suspending professional licenses
  • Imposing jail time

The irony of suspending driver’s and professional licenses while imposing jail time then expecting men to wave a magic wand and make money appear is apparently lost on the system. Once a man has no means of transportation other than hitching a ride and no way to use his hard-earned credentials in a job search, with the added baggage of having an arrest on his record, a simple income issue quickly turns into a huge life issue.

Making matters worse, many states can even base child support payments on “imputed” income, or the amount of money a man should be able to make in the eyes of the system rather than that amount of money he is actually making. This means a child support payment this is a higher percentage of an already low-income man’s paycheck. The system apparently never considered the inability of men to pay, whether through disability, unemployment, health issues, or being thrown overboard by the system as the middle class is shrunken by yet more piss-poor government policy. Vicky Turetsky, commissioner of the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement says:

While every parent has a responsibility to support their kids to the best of their ability, the tools developed in the 1990s are designed for people who have money.

In some cases men can be forced to pay huge sums of child support, in one case $166,000, even though there is DNA evidence the child is not biologically the child support payer’s son or daughter.

As with many things in America, when it comes to child support the system is totally stacked against men. It’s either pay, or suffer the consequences. In an economy where people are working so hard to just get by, a man suffering a divorce may soon – literally – find himself living under a bridge even though the only thing he did wrong was getting involved with a predatory Anglo female in the first place. Any wonder Men are on Strike?

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