Stories from the Road: That Moment


That moment at the pool table

Stories from the Road | Bro Stories from my Travels

So, I’m hanging out again last night with a very hot Haitian girl (she actually looks like a model). Incidentally, she’s the same sweet girl I wrote about a few days ago. Let’s call her Melanie. In any case, we are playing pool and drinking a few beers in between some fiery Salsa and Bachata dancing, when who walks in but another one of my flings, a lighter skinned girl (let’s call her Johnna) and her new beau. They start playing pool at the table right beside us.

That moment, I could tell Johnna was feeling awkward. I had already had a few beers so I didn’t feel awkward like her. I would stare at her and smile just to get a reaction out of her. (A little background on Johnna and me, we’ve partied together and screwed around on numerous occasions. She has openly professed she would like to be my girl and I really like her as a friend, but I know it’s best to leave things at friendship in this particular case.) There’s obviously still a spark between Johnna and I just based on how she was acting during the pool game. She would stare at me and give me huge smiles and smoldering looks while her dude wasn’t looking. She was looking at me more than she was her date.

Meantime, I was trying not to be so obvious around Melanie, but it did feel good in the fact there were two hot girls playing pool side by side at two different tables and I have banged both of them numerous times. Melanie remained clueless that I knew Johnna, but Johnna’s new guy must have seen the fiery looks Joanna and I were giving each other (trying to hide it as best we could) because he quickly whisked her out of the club after she gave me a “I want to do some blow with you and fuck the shit out of you” look.

I’ll never forget the way I felt being caught in that particular (but secret) love triangle. I sometimes go through several women a week, but these two are special to me and it was amazing to have them side by side if only for an hour or so.

Long story short, we stumbled home and Melanie gave me another one of the best nights of my life at her place. She’s really quite a thrill in bed, and loves to have sex with me. I’m sure I’ll run into Johnna again sometime soon.

That’s the latest installment from mi vida loca. By the way, I won both games with my chica even though she is quickly improving her game. She is beautiful and talented. Ha. Until next time…

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