Thanks, Feminism: National Suicide as America’s Birth Rate Hits New Low


The first item on the Cultural Marxism agenda is to destroy the family, and feminism is how it was done

American fertility rates are now lower than ever recorded. Translation: Americans of European descent (and incidentally, across the pond Europeans themselves) are committing demographic and national suicide as they now have dying populations, and the situation is only getting worse. This is all thanks to the deadly cocktail of feminism, heavy-handed and unfair child support laws which figuratively neuter and enslave would-be fathers, and a culture that despises both men and family. More people are dying than are being born in these populations.

Of course, this is always spun by the men behind the curtain as a positive development, as white people dying off is helping out with overpopulation. But no mainstream publication ever points out the negatives. Negatives like genocide and national suicide, as well as demographic replacement of whites from their own countries. You know, that sort of thing.

One can easily argue that if the demographics of Mexico were being changed by a flood of white people pouring in, and whites were set to make Mexicans become a minority in Mexico, self-hating liberals would be in an uproar about it. Realizing the truth of that statement makes one realize just how far to the other side things have gone.

America was down 600,000 births last year, full evidence that government policy designed to destroy the family and the fruit of heterosexual coupling is working. Vivisecting mainstream mediaites claim it’s connected solely to the downturn in the U.S. economy (arguably engineered as well), but as usual fail to see the larger picture and implications.

The Great Recession sent an economic shock through American society that reached far beyond the stock and housing markets. More than five years after economists announced the end of the recession, fertility levels have still not recovered. As a result, more than 3.4 million fewer babies were born in the United States between 2008 and 2015 than would have been expected if pre-recession fertility rates had been sustained. In each of the last five years, this birth deficit has resulted in roughly 500,000 fewer births.

It’s about much more than money. It’s about culture, it’s about government policy, and it’s about social engineering.

CNN even went so far as to say the population of the U.S. will continue to rise in the 21st century, but neglected to point out all of the increase in population will be from immigrants and refugees, which is convenient since the goal of globalists is to make white people strangers in their own lands.

Although the fertility rate is decreasing, that doesn’t necessarily mean the US population is going to shrink. The rate of growth may be slower, but the population is still expected to increase. The U.S. Census Bureau took the falling fertility rate into account and still projected that the population would go from 319 million in 2014 to reach 400 million by 2051.

Whites will have gone from over 90% of the population of the U.S. in 1960 to maybe 43% by 2051. And declining. Additionally, they’re the only group that is not allowed to look out for their own self-interest.


Changing demographics will make the previous generation’s culture war seem like a cake walk, not just in America but other Western nations

Alternative Media

Meantime, on the other side of the issue Numbers USA is “Educating Americans on the need for policies of controlled immigration for the national interest.” Countering Marxist CNN talking points, it publishes thought crimes that go against the corporate-controlled mainstream media narrative, like a Gallup poll saying nearly 80% of Americans are against increasing immigration numbers. Meantime, the border with Mexico remains wide open as the Border Patrol reports illegal crossings have already exceeded 2015 numbers little more than halfway through the year.

NumbersUSA calls for ending chain migration, reforming birthright citizenship, eliminating the visa lottery, reducing unnecessary worker visas and reducing refugee and visa fraud. Never heard of these common sense proposals? Thank the talking heads in the media and political operatives that create other window dressing issues for the American sheeple to focus on as a diversion tactic.

Donna Strobino at Johns Hopkins University inadvertently details the cost of social engineering schemes which push women to both pursue rubber stamps and force men out of jobs (insanity since women repeatedly show being a walking ATM machine is the only value most men have to them). The costs of YouGoGrrl-ism and careerism include so-called Strong, Independent Women™ having children at times in their lives when genetic defects and complications during pregnancy are much more likely, if they have a “dirty little baby” at all.

The good news is that infertility treatment has allowed women to extend the age of childbirthing, going along with a lot of trends we are seeing in increasing age of marriage, increasing education levels and increasing labor force participation. The bad news is the complications associated with aging that have to do with an increase in chronic diseases as women age, increase in pregnancy-induced complications and increase in complications for the fetus and newborn.

Put simply, nature designed women to have children when they’re 20-ish, not 40-ish. But we also never hear this emphasized in these “news” reports.

Are we likely to see a shift coming in the next generation back towards family and traditionalism? As much as I would like to be optimistic and say, yes, we will see that, my gut feeling is things are only going to get worse. Feminists are worse than ever and it appears they won’t stop until they’ve figuratively slit the throat of the entire population of the European culture-based world.

What’s even more amazing, although it really shouldn’t be surprising is the “dirty” nature with which some circles view “breeders” which only further paints a bleak picture of the evolving culture of death in the West. The culture of death has become so malignant as it spreads throughout and kills the body politic women now get patted on the back for killing their offspring.

Feminism is indeed an interesting offshoot of a Puritan culture, and an interesting case study proving much, if not all of The Anglobitch Thesis correct. When historians look back at the Decline of the West, they may wonder why a society that was so materially rich was so familially impoverished. Trite as it may seem to some, abandoning religion’s warnings about women was either the biggest blunder (for humanity) or the biggest success (for globalists) of all time.

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  • The actual goal of feminism is to stop white women (aka “educated” women) from having babies. It’s always been about white genocide.


  • There are lots of reasons not to have kids and people are finally realizing this, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the economy or race. For the most part, people just don’t want to be tied down with children. They’re expensive. They’re annoying. They’re noisy. And they stink. For the first time, people are finding it okay to say: “I don’t like kids.” The term is “child free” and you can find sites and Facebook pages all over the internet about it. *Spoiler Alert!* If you like kids, you might get offended if you visit as kid-bashing is quite the norm there. But if you want to discover how people really feel about kids, and thereby the low birth rate, check them out. I’m 47, single, and child free. I wouldn’t mind getting married someday, but he has to be comfortable not having kids. Kids suck!


    • Relampago Furioso

      If only your mother had made the same decision you did. Enjoy your cats.


    • Why does he have to be comfortable with not having kids? You’ve already hit the wall. If, by some miracle, you managed to conceive at the haggard age of 47, your kid is sure to have down’s syndrome or some other heinous genetic defect(s).


  • It is amazing how easy it is to figure out the cause of this massive pending collapse of nations by simply looking at a chart of fertility rates by year in America. The U.S. was averaging three or more children until the early 1920s when the birthrate mysteriously took a nosedive (coincidentally coinciding when the 19th amendment was passed giving women the right to vote). The nosedive continued until the onset of the Great Depression by the point it was about 2.2 children per adult female – barely over the minimum amount to ensure population growth. It is funny how during the depression which required women to rely on working men and their income for survival that the fertility rate started to quickly increase again. It kept increasing until it surpassed 3.5 children per adult female in the early 1960s. Amazingly, the fertility rate nosedived again starting in the early 1960s which coincidentally included when the Equal Pay Act was passed ensuring women earned equal pay with men followed by Title 7 of the Equal Rights Act being passed ensuring no gender discrimination when it came to employment. However, this time the drop still hasn’t stopped today other than being slowed down during the last couple years with the inclusion of illegal immigrants pouring into our borders.

    Unsurprisingly, the massive declines in nearly all other countries can be charted at similar points in which they incurred feminist movement breakthroughs while countries that never had feminist movements (mostly the countries located in the middle east and Africa) never had a drop in birthrates. However, amazingly, the liberal media almost always blames the massive birth rate declines on the economy and millennials as if millennials somehow started something that had been going on for decades prior to them being born.

    Seeing as there won’t be anywhere near large enough of a working population to support Social Security and healthcare for the enormous aging population that will still be alive in the next few decades, the future of America looks pretty bleak. If it is any consolation, many other countries such as Japan, Germany, and Greece will likely collapse before us, maybe, just maybe in enough time for America to save herself before it completely implodes, but by that point it will be far too gone to ever get back to the great America of yesterday.


    • Well before that happens they will have optional (and then mandatory) euthanasia for the elderly. Especially the massive and exponentially-increasing numbers of those with dementia or alzheimer’s. I dunno if you have any personal experience with this, but I do. A single demented old person is an enormous burden. Not just financially (though the monetary costs are colossal), but also with regard to the life of those tasked with caring for them. Already every family pretty much has at least one puddin-brain. Ten years from now it will be every old person over 75 years in age. And guess what all those young people who are wasting away their lives taking care of a mush-minds are NOT doing..? That’s right. They’re not raising children.


  • This is just minor misconception, but you seem to only point out that whites are being driven from their own countries, but you fail to mention that driving people away from their homes is all white people used to do while forcing those people to work for them for their own gain.
    That being said, feminism is no different from how all whites were back in the day and recall that feminism is made by whites, but it’s fair to include that other cultures such as African American, Latin Americans and many others have joined in on the feminism action.

    But you’re completely right otherwise. It not only changes the economy though, as it changes the former way of thinking Americans of all kinds once had.
    Feminism takes away what females formerly loved to do and is replacing it with what females “need” to do, but it isn’t benefitting anyone but women, who indulge in the privileges so easily and carelessly. Fathers desert their children because if they manage to have a child, they know that child support will take most of their money, even if they’re with the child they’re paying for. The woman they’d be with will change personalities and be even more demanding now that she has an extra level of income that she won’t even spend on the child most of the time. Need I mind you that if fathers leave their children, said children will have a chance at being sociopathic and sociopathic children have less chance of getting into the work force and aiding the country’s economy. Secondly, the idea of feminism attracts women that will eagerly support it without knowing what it’s about, thinking that it will simply promote the so-called scientific fact that women are superior to men.
    Men find egotistical woman unattractive, which leads the women to being alone and spreading even more feminism, which can affect more women around them. The same women that spread feminism always talk about how women needed to be free to do whatever and join in the work force like men, but when you think closely about it, all they want is just the best of every world for themselves. This technically means that there are still a great deal of feminist women, who decide that they can do whatever and it’s okay, like: sitting at home all day without having children and not being beneficial to the men who are working so hard to support them. They get married and have children for the benefits, not because they want the children as they consider the children as accidents, but will profit off the children by taking child support and spending less on the child while taking most for themselves, adding to their ideals of materialism and consumerism without even considering how it affects family.
    Their child will grow up wanting more for themselves and contributing to the work force, but if said child is female, she’d only focus on work instead of family as she was raised with the mentality given to her by her mother that once you become an adult, you can indulge yourself in everything while giving little in return while your child will have to wait until he/she’s older to do the same. I’m saying that because it’s like a scenario that explains why feminism won’t change years from now. But there are multiple forms of feminism.
    Then there are the women who do absolutely nothing but spout nonsense about equal rights. Women were given equal rights, but question yourself and ask “When do they even care to use these equal rights?”
    And the worst of the feminists are the “extremely hateful to men” ones. They go online and spout crazy things like all men need to die, but it seems that they don’t even understand simple concepts like reproduction. Women are extremely lazy, but want it all and will join feminism when a guy refuses to put up with their excessive ideals clashing with his own. He wants her to start a family and raise children that could grow up and be great in the workforce, but all she wants is sex and to be pampered. He leaves her and she starts considering all men to be against women like her. She looks online and tries her best to find media related to crimes against women so she could protest it, whether it be true or fake media, but women also perform crimes against women and it’s clear as day that these crimes are heinous, but they are easily overlooked because females as a whole will lose the level of trust men give them if a woman’s true intentions are revealed and thus women will all seem like good-for-nothings.
    Women that have daughters, but never wanted the daughters, post naked pictures of their underage daughters online in chatrooms with pedophiles, knowing that if said pedo were to spread the pics or even attempt to rape said girl, it could ruin said little girls life. She’d become homosexual and no family will be born from her, resulting in the population declining as women are becoming homosexual everyday and are less likely to have children than average women. This is a woman’s attempt to be just like men. If they like women and can hold their own in the work force without aid of any kind, what separates them from men will be the first question they ask themselves.
    As another point against the complaints feminists spread into the ears of men, the crimes against women thing is the most annoying. I’m not saying that men are saints, but women walk into their own dangers, but blame it on the obviously evil men. They do obviously idiotic like walking alone at night wearing whatever they find “sexy” because they feel like nothing would happen and that no rapist or gang is around the alley way, inviting strangers to their homes while their hard-working husbands are away for work (called cheating duh), and worst of all, literally seeking out the experiences of having these so-called “crimes against women” happen to them so they can get a thrill off of it. The moment this danger they throw themselves into occurs and goes horribly wrong, the woman will end up spreading lies to cover up for herself, which will also spread feminism as feminists all over the world keep track of online posts a woman puts online about her “horrible experiences”.
    I don’t hate women as I strictly believe one half can’t make a whole meaning that women and men need each other and the human race wouldn’t survive without them both. All feminists are just massive hypocrites who do what men do, but think that it’s okay for them. To take all and give absolutely nothing. Women are great, but feminists are just unattractive and they hate to think that so they hide their frustrations under the ideal that men are responsible for everything that happens to women. They’re arguing for MORE of everything they already have and just want to live selfishly. Getting free money from husbands and spending it on herself while he pays bills alone. Not wanting to have to sit home and watch over the children they decided to have so they can go work then go party. This is my personal opinion on why feminism is just unnecessary. It’s annoying to many men for women to complain about men, but we can’t complain about women without every woman in the country having an uproar and protesting us to the extreme.


  • Tim

    I’ve seen your comments all over the ‘sphere and always enjoy them. It has to be the same Tim. Yes, I agree. Feminism is the best thing that could happen to us. The honesty of it and the wretchedness has FORCED any intelligent man into a life of male imperatives (non-marriage). Had they kept the manipulation going by being semi-agreeable we’d all be married for decades to women who we wouldn’t even bother to glance up at when they walk by nude, even as soon as 8 months into marriage. It’s already that dull. Marriage always completed grinded against male gearing. All sacrifice in the best of times; now it’s laughably unthinkable. Even setting aside the cultural/legal hell of marriage, I think it’s a mistake just from a hormonal standpoint. Low-T equals depression equals health issues. There is nothing there at all for men. There is simply no choice at all when looked at from a legal/cultural standpoint. The anxiety of possibly regretting the decision isn’t even there either, thanks to feminism. They have unwittingly given us a red-carpet stroll to a male imperative life of decades-long debauchery in exotic countries and freedom. One of the happiest men I’ve ever seen was a 70-something in Brazil with a big-booty 20 year old mulatta on his lap. It was absolute joy on the guy’s face, even at that age. Unforgettable.

    My only disagreement is that I don’t see how women will ever ‘do all the work’. That won’t last long at all. It already would have happened but it’s clearly not. In a matriarchy, the men will still have to do everything.


  • Feminism (gynocentrism on steroids) is the greatest thing to have happened to men in world history. To wit:

    Countless millions of men have been destroyed through marriage and divorce. Trillions have been forcefully transferred from men to women through the same. It is feminism that opened men’s eyes to this monstrous destruction of men. Marriage rates and birth rates are lowest in US history thanks to feminism. Millions of men now and countless millions of men in the future will not know the total life destruction that marriage brings to men – all thanks to feminism. It is feminism that has freed men of the slavery of marriage for men.

    Women are becoming the majority of workers and soon will become the majority of taxpayers. What could be better for men than that? Who do we have to thank? Feminism.

    Women have sex freely outside the bonds of marriage (life destruction for men) with the number of men at their choosing. What could be better for men? Again – feminism is man’s best friend.

    With the possibility of a female president comes the possibility of female conscription and an ever growing possibility of mass gender discrimination suits against the government by men to counter the primarily male front line fighting force. This means that for the first time, women will have to fight for their own rights instead of them being handed to women on a silver platter through men’s deaths. Again – we have feminism to thank.

    The benefits to men of feminism are many. I think white knights need to open their eyes and acknowlege what’s right in front of their faces. The single most important benefit to men in world history is feminism. I could go on and on all day with the benefits feminism brings men.

    Feminism is rapidly shifting the burden of maintaining society from men to women. Feminism is rapidly releasing men from life destroying financial and legal commitments to women (marriage/divorce). I don’t know how some people can’t see this as a blessing to all men. Marriage is the #1 place men go to have their lives destroyed by women.

    You need only do one thing to protect yourself from the negative consequences of feminism on men: never engage in legal or financial commitments with women and make sure you can prove consent. That’s it. Follow this one simple rule – and thanks to feminism – it’ll be hard for men not to have a great life. In short – stop sacrificing your lives on behalf of society that sees you as a disposable utility and that openly hates you due to your gender. Be a strong, independent man. Be a free man – by simply avoiding the carefully laid traps of gynocentrists and the white knights that empower them.

    Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. The wrath of a woman scorned is backfiring spectacularly. Go with it. Don’t fight it.

    You get patriarchy – which is ultimately bad for men – or you get matriarchy – which is ultimately bad for women. Chose your side carefully.

    –The Patriarchy


    • Heeeyyy….I know you from ROK! Heh.


    • Tim,

      I agree that marriage is a raw deal for men these days and that it has destroyed the life of many men. I also agree that the state generally works against the interests of men.

      But with that said, we can’t just spend life “being free”, doing whatever we feel like (if that’s what you mean?). That’s fun for a while but it’s ultimately meaningless.

      We must do grand meaningful things with our lives. Make splashes, deliver our contribution to making things better than they are now. For our many kids and grandkids. For our tribes (which we will create).

      Oh, no kids? No grandkids? No tribe? Just playing video games and drinking beer? What’s fun when you’re 20 starts feeling a bit pathetic if you’re still doing it at 30 or 40.

      Living mainly for your own pleasure is just hedonism deluxe. It can’t be the main thing in a mature man’s life. It gives no lasting satisfaction. No real reason to live.

      I also disagree that patriarchy is bad for men. That’s thinking like a woman. That the goal of life is to avoid responsibility and sacrifice and just enjoy comfort. The more the better.

      I’d say a valuable man is ready to sacrifice himself for things which mean more to him than his own life or pleasure. I reckon the man who has found something to sacrifice for has generally done things right. He has transcended himself in way.


  • “Whites will have gone from over 90% of the population of the U.S. in 1960 to maybe 43% by 2051. And declining. Additionally, they’re the only group that is not allowed to look out for their own self-interest.”

    The truth of the matter is it doesn’t matter what we are or are not allowed to do. They cannot stop white people from discussing these issues or having pride in their heritage. Sure they’ll try all tactics of shaming whites, but if we keep moving forward and demand our voices be heard on the same terms as everyone else, they will submit. We must stand up and say “no more.”

    I will not be ashamed for my race, heritage, or culture. We’ve created the greatest civilizations across the globe. Civilizations that allow other races to come here and live better lives than what they would have had in their home country.

    Liked by 1 person

    • C’mon man. Other civilizations are treated like shit by us “Whites”, who’s pride and privilege are the most important things to us. We built America, but we wouldn’t have done so without driving the natives away from the homes they’ve held dear and enslaving others from another country to do our work for us. Even to this day, the descendants of the ones that our ancestors have enslaved are being told to return to their ancestors’ home country, though they were born in this country just like we were. Better life? I had the system protect me because I’m White while if I were a member of any other race, I’d have been arrested for something even milder than what I did. We don’t even call those that were born in America “American” we have to attach a prefix of the country they didn’t even come from. We harass them when they look like they could be something better than us and to keep their level of superiority from consuming our pride, we invented a system that keeps the majority of the minorities in check, so that we can continue to feel like we’re the master race. Just because we invented civilization first, it’s not like that’s something to brag about as look at how broken and fragile our civilization is? If we’re so worried that someone’s going to be better than us that we have to keep them put below us, our pride must be ridiculously weak and we should be ashamed that we are so weak compared to the ones we are harassing on a daily basis. Not saying that you’re or anyone you know is, but this is what’s going on. We whites are so blinded by our pride to the point of no return. We are beyond unforgivable for the years of oppression we put on others, but the other cultures forgave us anyway, proving that their capacity for understanding is much greater that ours as we’d never even forgive someone who’s wronged us to the extreme. We have a domestic terrorist group that still kills minorities, but we don’t go busting in and arresting them like we’d do a gang of minorities if they even had plans to eradicate us whites. So should we be proud that we’re so advanced that our mentalities are so primitive? Should we be proud to fight others because they’re not like us or they don’t agree with us? Should we be so proud as to ignore how much shit we put people through, misleading them about better opportunities when all that lies for them in our civilization is ridicule, abuse, and exile?


  • Because providing care for children is below them because they’re children themselves. The concept of having children is so foreign to them because of “muh oppression”. Look at any other traditional culture on the planet and women are raised from a young age to have skills to benefit as a mother.


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