Video of the Week: Candy

Sometimes a Video of the Week will take on a serious tone. This week we’re making a turn towards lighter (and sexier) fare. This week features one of my favorite videos starring sexy Latin women of all shades – white, brown, and black – dressing up like candy. It’s a video that’s sure to make feminist heads explode.

If only they could understand the lyrics. They’d really be in for a shit fit.

As you will see, the difference between Anglo women and Latin women is astonishing for the uninitiated to Spanish culture. These girls are smiling, they like men, they like being sexy, they like being physical, they like having fun, they don’t dangle their sexuality over men’s heads like Anglo women, waving a steak over a hungry dog’s mouth but never giving him a bite. They’re the antithesis of the obnoxious, in your face YouGoGrrls that dominate American music videos.

Maybe that’s why people seem happier and more well-adjusted here. In contrast to the Puritanical sexual repression of Anglo America, people are getting sexed on the regular down here. Sex is a normal part of life instead of something “dirty” and sexuality is normal rather than something to be ashamed of. How did things get so twisted back home?

In my mind, Rookh Kshatriya has the right idea in his thought piece about Anglo culture:

Feminism in Anglo Saxon cultures has a strident, misandrist undertone entirely lacking in continental countries. It has little to do with improving life for women and a lot to do with persecuting, hating and excluding men, something it has been singularly successful in achieving. Julius Evola has written that Anglo Saxon culture spontaneously promotes poor relations between the sexes and misandry in general due to its underlying puritanism. This gives women the notion that the world ‘owes’ them something (a living, an explanation) along with the idea that men are beasts of burden for their edification and amusement. Anglo Saxon women fundamentally do not like men.

Putting the academic discussion aside, I’ve been in and out of Latin America for over 10 years now, but still remember the first few excursions and how clueless I was about how much more libertine, and much more fun Latin culture is to be in. It didn’t take me long to pick it up, but after being stewed and basted in narratives that told me men are evil for having a penis and having sexual desire, it was both jarring and refreshing to be somewhere the attitude is 180 degrees different.

I quickly became addicted, and the rest, as they say, is history. I’m now capping off my first full year as an American expat and don’t want to come home. Being around women that like men and enjoy their sexuality is definitely as sweet as candy. Enjoy the video!

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One comment

  • This video hit home in so many ways.

    I remember in Primary school in London 10 years ago when there was this thing when guys and girls would kick each other for being born a certain year ( all in good fun ofcourse)

    There was this one guy who got kicked by 6 girls simultaneously and he kicked one back.

    Immediately they all ganged up on him ” you should never hit a girl” “girls are expensive” “girls are precious” “What would you do that” “What’s wrong with you” and so on.

    Needless to say , like the average 10 year old boy , he simply ran off and cried. This was 10 years ago , it’s even worse now.

    I can’t seem to put my hands on it , but the defensive nature of women is soo fucking high now. I however did escape and travelling the world. Am in Africa right now, the difference is astounding.

    The women LIKE men here and always strife to make them happy be close to them , make them feel welcome.

    I have found there is a quick way and easy way to test this out:

    Ask your friend to introduce you to a girl normally. If she is welcoming and trying to get to know you and asking you questions reflects a lot about her liking men. If she is simple forcing friendliness and keeping it minimal then you can already see slivers of her defensive nature.


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