Paternity Fraud Should Be Criminalized and DNA Testing a Part of Every Delivery

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Are you sure you’re the daddy? Paternity fraud statistics should worry you

Maternity is a matter of fact, whereas paternity is a matter of opinion. These wise words urge caution to any would-be cuckolded Beta male or clueless nice guy. It seems the old adage “five minutes of Alpha is worth more than five years of Beta” rings true. Even if low-end estimates are to be believed, millions of men in America are raising children that are not biologically theirs and mommy dearest either knowingly conceals the fact or doesn’t care. Statistics warn men: Before you sign any birth certificate, you’d better spend a little money and get a DNA test done to make sure it’s your kid.

If you have any doubts whatsoever, NEVER believe a woman when she says it’s yours and get a DNA paternity test on the child done immediately. Even if she swears up, down and sideways that you are the father and she’s never taken another cock or load inside her. Remember: Women lie as easily as they breathe. You must look out for your own self-interest, as women always look out for theirs.

DNA tests are cheap nowadays, under $100 and available over the counter at many corner drug stores. Save yourself a lifetime of pain and financial rape by being sure beyond the shadow of a doubt if you are the truly father or not. Once your name is on the birth certificate, in many states it takes a figurative, if not literal Act of God to get you off of it, even you later find out beyond the shadow of a doubt a child is not genetically yours. This means you are on the hook for child support and responsibility for the child, even if it is another man’s seed.

Just how common is female infidelity? As the thin veneer of gynocentric mythmaking gets scoured off the face of Anglo society because feminism continues giving us in the manosphere an interesting sideshow illustrating the true nature of women on a daily basis, Red Pill men are finding out female infidelity can be just as rampant as male infidelity. However, women, possessing natural gifts of dissimulation are better are hiding their affairs than men.

One frightening study says as many as 1 in 3 men are raising a child that is not biologically theirs! This is earth-shattering, yet you’ve probably never heard of it because of cultural biases that pedestalize women. Here’s the shocking data:

Lest anyone think that there is nothing but misogynistic bigotry behind the concern over accurate claims of paternity, a 1999 study by the American Association of Blood Banks discovered that in 30 percent of 280,000 blood tests performed to determine paternity, the man tested was not actually the biological father of his children.

Other studies say it’s “only” 1 in 10 children who have misattributed fathers. And yet more studies (most likely biased by the natural White Knighting nature of men) say it’s “only” 1% to 5%. In any case, that’s still millions of fathers raising children that aren’t theirs, oblivious to the fact their “loving” wives or girlfriends are taking them on a ride. Imagine how much screwing around on the side women have to do to get pregnant by her lover instead of her boyfriend or husband in the first place. These statistics speak volumes as to the natural deceptiveness of females.

The book Sperm Wars will also clue you in to biological facts suggesting female infidelity and paternity fraud are hardwired into the behavior of the human species, as even at the cellular level most sperm exists to fight off sperm from competing sexual partners. In other words, women have historically been so unfaithful biological adaptations evolved to compensate for the fact a female is likely to have other men’s seed swimming around inside of her at any given time. This speaks volumes about the ugly truth of the sexual jungle!

Spermatozoons, floating to ovule - 3d render

Most human sperm exists to fight off sperm from other men – proving female infidelity extends down to the microscopic level

Protecting Males from Predatory Females

In some cases, the cuckolded husband is forced by a Draconian court system to pay child support for kids that are not his. One Colorado man is on the hook for $166,000 in child support for a daughter DNA tests prove is not his. Worse, “mom” knows who the real father his, and knew it wasn’t child support guy’s kid in the first place. Yet, she’s not on the hook for obvious paternity fraud.

Biologically, there is nothing more devastating in a man’s life than using his life and labor to care for another man’s offspring. Two things can done to put a stop to this shameless abuse of good men.

Mandatory paternity testing at birth. As soon as the baby is born, a simple cotton swab and a low-cost test can confirm if a man is the daddy or if mom rode the carousel behind his back one too many times. There is absolutely no reason for the wrong father to be registered on the birth certificate and/or in the child support system in this day and age.

While a law desperately needs to be passed to protect men against predatory women who pull the old “Alpha fux, Beta bux” routine and carry the results forward a full 9 months, for the meantime common sense and self-interest will have to do. In female-worshipping Anglo society, legal changes to protect men are nearly impossible to come by. But that should be our end goal, if for now we only urge every man out there to protect himself with DNA testing at birth. Men’s communities need to push hard and raise hell demanding this accommodation be made to protect men from possible financial rape. The testing can be done by the hospital performing the delivery before any legal documents are signed.

Make paternity fraud illegal. “Deadbeat moms” who lie about paternity need to be fined and spend a some time on ice for attempting to steal large sums of money from Beta bucks providers. In cases in which women have knowingly lied about and extorted money from men via the child support slavery system, legal consequences need to be swift and severe.

No longer should men be held accountable for $1,200 a month in child support as in the case of Parker v. Parker in Florida, a crazy case of paternity fraud in which “mom” walked out of court scot-free and still collecting a check every month. The payments in this case will total $260,000 in fraud because Ms. Parker fucked some other dude, pushed out his kid and expected her husband to pay for it. The case went all the way to the Florida Supreme Court and even though DNA tests conclusively showed Mr. Parker was not the father, the insane American court system still held him financially responsible under threat of imprisonment if he does not pay.

In other words, men you have no friends in the matter. Women are not your friend, and the court system is definitely not your friend. Avoiding becoming the next meal ticket in such a corrupt system requires a bit of assholery, but it is for a good cause. You are never the father of a child until you have the DNA test in hand saying its yours. Women need to know this, and the legal system needs to acknowledge this. Hospitals need to make it standard practice. The era of free rides at the expense of men enslaved by predatory females committing paternity fraud in a misandrist court system must end.

In short: No more Beta bucks when the Alpha bad boy knocks you up.

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  • The way to sell this, to change the laws, is to claim “it is for the children”. With advances in genetics it makes it a lot easier to treat childhood cancers if you can determine someones genetic background for example.


  • It’s an excellent idea but it will, of course, never happen. There is too much money involved. Too many people getting a slice of the pie. Courts, judges, lawyers, social workers etc. Far too many incentives to keep things just exactly the way they are to the benefit of everyone except the men getting the shaft. It reminds me of the phrase, “The only winning move is not to play”.


  • All agreed. The technology exists. The only impediment is women who want to get away with cuckoldry, hiding their dark motivation under the usual cloak of the ‘best interests of the child’.


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