Are Gays Natural Allies of the Manosphere


Normal arguments women have against those who challenge their insane narratives (i.e. sexless loser, can’t get a girlfriend, etc.) don’t work against gays

I was recently having a conversation with a gay friend of mine and was rather surprised to find out he and I were in almost total agreement when it comes to Anglo women, and especially white Anglo chicks. (For that matter, even a lot of Hispanic women I know will talk confidentially with me about the frigid, male-hating nature of Anglo women.) My friend is a teacher but also works in retail on the side to for extra investment income, and told me openly he hates having white Anglo chicks as customers more than any other kind of customer. He also doesn’t like dealing with white mothers at school.

We were also in agreement on their entitlement mentality. We were in agreement on their bad attitudes. We were in agreement about what a disaster both feminism and the women’s grievance racket have been. We agree women can’t stand when men challenge their victim status and their misandry. About the only thing we didn’t agree on was sexual preference, and even though gays don’t personally bother me at all I will always be 110% straight.

Indeed, as The Anglobitch Thesis proposes, nowhere in the world is homosexuality as prevalent as it is in Anglo America and the behavior of its women has a lot to do with this fact. This enlightening thesis proposes the prevalence of gayness has a lot to do with the poor nature of the relations between the sexes in a sexually repressed culture. It discusses the villainization of men in the culture as deeply rooted in Puritanism and cultural ideals surrounding the supposed infallibility of women, as it sees them as perfect creatures and men as beasts of burden.

Straight men are the monstrum horrendum of the Anglo mass media. One cannot read a newspaper or watch a news bulletin within seeing men being vilified as rapists, paedophiles, cannibals and mass murderers. No word at all about the millions of responsible fathers, husbands and employees out there – the Puritanical Anglo media hates sexualized beings, and so it hates men, period.

Since spending extensive time abroad in two Latin American countries, I can indeed confirm the weird attitude Anglo culture has towards sexuality. Unless sex is on TV or in the media being used to sell a product or promote “empowering” women by sending them subliminal messages to be sluts, it’s “dirty.” It’s something to be ashamed of. It’s something to be kept hidden. Totally the opposite of sunny and libertine Latin America.

Sex is so shamed, controlled, and used as a female bargaining chip in Anglo culture, should be really find it surprising that many men decide it’s better for their happiness and financial standing to have their sexual needs fulfilled by other men rather than dealing with women who treat sex with an attitude of taboo and a commodity?

This is without even mentioning hypergamy. A “good” man who doesn’t make enough bank for a female to waste on an empty, consumerist lifestyle isn’t even visible in the eyes of Anglo women.

It is a rule of thumb that men invariably marry down in Anglo Saxon countries. This is because Anglo women are programmed by puritanical Anglo-Saxon culture to consider men only as disposable meal tickets and success objects. Hence an Anglo woman of high economic status will find it impossible to consider a mid or low income male a viable partner. This is why middle class Anglo women continually bleat about the ‘shortage of available men’. In fact, all demographic studies show such a shortage to be a complete fiction. What these women really mean is ‘there is a shortage of men who earn more than them’ – something very different!

As a straight man, when it comes to these points I totally understand why many men would give up on women and either become a MGTOW, PUA, MRA, or yes, even turn gay. (Beyond biologically rooted preferences which warrant a whole other discussion. But these ideas do touch on why gayness is so prevalent in this culture.) The difference lies in seeing women for what they are and yet still being attracted to them. Red Pill men still want pussy, and gay men do not.


Milo has been a reliable ally of the manosphere and alt-right


Then there’s Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart’s gay conservative. Much like my friend, he is a hoot to listen to and a virtual wrecking ball knocking down ridiculous feminist narratives. Milo gets more creative license than a straight guy like me because he’s a member of the “protected class” by virtue of being gay. He can post GOD HATES FEMINISTS on his Facebook page and get away with it. (Twitter did ban him though, as a move towards overt censorship begins.)

Milo regularly discusses themes that would be right at home here in the manosphere. As with my friend, I find there is so much we straight men have in common with gay guys. Gay guys see right through women and their games. But, they’re not afraid to point out female ridiculousness and hypocrisy when they see it, in contrast to many straight men who obey their chivalrous instincts rather than logic. (To their own detriment!)

As I recently wrote for Return of Kings, Milo completely devastated Time’s hit piece on the manosphere and the alt-right when he had the weakling author Joel Stein on his show. He had a field day illustrating how media lowlifes in high places push the liberal victim narrative by selecting them as “victims” in their stories and broad-brushing anyone who opposes their opinions as “oppressors.” He cut through Stein’s cover story like a buzz saw, a story in which only liberal women were shown to be victims. Milo’s counterpoint was brilliant:

Conservative women get the worse abuse in the world…you made some partisan choices in the victims you chose for this piece. Everybody gets trolled on the internet…but you chose a particular side of the political divide to characterize as victims. You decided you were going to choose women and feminists…

Indeed, not a single person from our side of the political spectrum was included in the hit piece. Obvious bias which Stein had no defense against. The podcast of the entire show featuring Milo’s razor-sharp logic is worth a listen, as it’s an education in putting lefties on the defense and obliterating their talking points with logic. Milo makes Stein look like a total idiot.

Both my conversations with a gay friend of mine, and Milo’s logical Uzi-like approach to shooting up the liberal narrative lead me me to believe that in many ways gay men can be our natural political allies in the manosphere. More than almost anyone else, they know women’s games and don’t believe feminist narratives and lies. They are members of the Superior Virtue of the Oppressed class by virtue of being gay, so they can say things we can’t. In addition to making Time look like the shit rag it has become, Milo just wrote this piece, echoing the manosphere wisdom: How To Make Women Happy: Uninvent The Washing Machine And The Pill. Check out this turn of phrase, posted on none other than Breitbart:

Almost no invention or political decision in history affected gender relations like the washing machine, because it effectively freed up half the human species to enter the workforce. But, it is my contention: this change left women unfulfilled and miserable.

The role of the housewife has been thoroughly and ritually humiliated by successive waves of feminism — as if raising well-adjusted children, keeping a beautiful home and marrying a loving husband is worthy of derision and ridicule. In fact, it’s one of the most important things a woman can do with her life and may be one of the only things women can actually do better than men.

Incidentally, The New Modern Man just published a similar article featuring statistics that show housewives are happier than women in any other profession, and how women voting en masse has royally screwed up Anglo society, confirming many of the arguments published in an early 1900s pamphlet warning against the societal costs of granting women’s suffrage. We get called every name in the book, while Milo gets off taking very little damage due to his “protected class” status. The left certainly doesn’t know what to do with Milo except ban him and try to ignore him. Indeed, they don’t know what to do with most gay men who criticize perfect pedestal princesses.

It’s often said politics makes strange bedfellows. (No pun intended.) What do you think? Are gays natural allies of the manosphere? My experience having hilarious discussions about women with a gay friend of mine and watching Milo in action certainly seems to suggest the possibility.

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  • Interesting premise here. I would see them, at best, as weak allies. Most gay men that I’ve been around are as emotionally driven as women which is why the liberals have them in the back pocket. Unless the gay culture changes and they begin embracing more masculine values (logic, reason, etc), we cannot fully rely on them.


  • “For that matter, even a lot of Hispanic women I know will talk confidentially with me about the frigid, male-hating nature of Anglo women.”

    I grew up with a Latina girl and her brothers, and my family became good friends with their family too. And it was through her that I experienced a real awakening about women in general, and white/Anglo women in particular. She was a pretty girl with the sweetest nature one could find, so naturally she was popular with the boys, with no shortage of admirers, dates, men falling all over themselves to help her etc. And because of this, she experienced the vilest slanders that could be thrown at her. That fucking slutty cum dumpster! She’s fucking the whole school! What a fucking cunt, they would say.

    It didn’t matter that she wasn’t, by the time she got married to an electrician at the age of 24, she had a grand total of 3 long term boyfriends. But she had a sense of dignity that the other actual whores (women are a lot like SJWs, they always project) didn’t have, and she absolutely loved boys as a girl and later men when she became a woman. She treated the opposite sex with dignity and respect, and they paid her back for that tenfold. She and her like minded female friends derived their power from being sweet and kind. One time she and her like minded friends needed help moving when they went away to school, so they called her 2 brothers, me, and the rest of our boys to help them move, so of course we were only too happy to help. When the moving concluded, they wouldn’t hear a word of us going to shower and party. You boys must be starving, you’re not going anywhere until you’ve had a couple a few beers and you’ve eaten.

    So they asked us to set up the outdoor table, and they got us beers while they cooked. This is woman’s work, they would tell us, you men have finished the men work. So we sat outside drinking our Becks beer under the shade of the umbrella feeling like the lords of all creation. The girls actually enjoyed seeing that from the men, as I’m sure they felt like real women going about their business that day too. It’s that simple for men. But alas, for shrewish, harridan Anglo women, it is also that complex.

    One girl who hated my friend asked me why the guys liked her so much. I calmly explained to her (what femcunts call mansplaining) the reasons I just listed. She didn’t like hearing that, not even for a second. This bitch didn’t like being fed the biggest dose of humble pie that could forced down her gullet. Too bad, as that timeless book of wisdom, The Bible says, “those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” The biggest misogynists are other women. As Mencken said “Misogyny is when men hate women the way that women hate each other.”

    Now, onto the in particular part I mentioned about Anglo women. They’ve been put so high on their pedestal for so long, that they gasp in horror that their men would decamp from the west and find companionship, sex and comfort from foreign women. Those fucking sex tourist shitlords! How dare they reject us “strong, empowered, liberated, special snowflake” selves! Don’t they know what they’re missing having to compete against my career and my 1000 daily demands?! They don’t actually say this, but they think that men are stupid, and won’t see through their double talk, and call that bullshit for what it is.

    And for all their “anti racist” virtue signalling with the West’s rapefugees, we would see what Anglo women are really like if Western politicians decided to import millions of hot foreign women onto our shores. All the loathsome stereotypes would come out of their mouths for all the world to see, and they would scream for the murder of men if they said the same themselves. And while we’re at it, we start deporting Anglo bitches to the Middle East, since they’re so obsessed with “patriarchy” and “rape culture. Maybe we should start by depositing some of these hot foreign women in our universities. Yeah, it’s just a pipe dream and a mere thought experiment that would never come to pass because Western women hate and fear the competition, and they know it. Another reason women should be denied the vote.


    • You are definitely onto something, my friend.

      “That fucking slutty cum dumpster! She’s fucking the whole school! What a fucking cunt, they would say.”

      This was PRECISELY the reaction to my Be Like Dirk comics series featuring an Anglo male taking a vacation in Asia and finding love. “You can have those dirty foreign bitches if you want them” was the narrative from the feminists and the sexless loser orbiters who attacked me.


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