The Multibillion Dollar Vaccine Scam – Flu Vaccines Do Nothing in 98.5% of Patients


Flu vaccines are statistical placebos once one takes a hard look at the cooked statistical books regarding their effectiveness

As autumn arrives flu shot propaganda reliably kicks into full swing. The American vaccine market represents $24 billion in profits annually for Big Pharma, and the pushes to get people to take a worthless vaccine become more strident with each passing year. When Big Pharma has product to move, it works overtime putting out fear campaigns.

Sycophants in Big Media (mostly SJ Guardians who believe anything from an “authority” figure rather than using critical thinking skills and the scientific method of skepticism) reliably put out boilerplate propaganda stating 36,000 people die from the flu every year. As usual, their numbers are shit as even ultra liberal NPR shed some light on the fudged statistics:

A new analysis of the past 31 flu seasons, put out by the CDC this afternoon, shows that 36K might have been a third too high. It’s more like 23,607 per year, on average. But it all depends on how you slice the data. The new average is an average of the past 31 seasons. It goes all the way back to 1976. But if you were to look at just the past 10 seasons, the average per year is higher — 32,743.

Some years, much fewer people die of the flu. And that’s assuming CDC methodology for determining flu deaths isn’t biased or flawed. As we will see in a moment, its methods for cooking the statistics regarding effectiveness of the flu shot are shameless and a total fraud. So, there are likely moneyed interests influencing the death toll numbers as well. In any case, some years very few people die of the flu.

Or you can look at this way: In some years as few as 3,349 have died (back in 1986-7).

There’s little debate that most of the people who die from the flu are elderly and the infirm. Healthy people, as we will see, have nothing to worry about despite what quacks and talking heads tell them.

Obviously, with billions of dollars in product to sell, a lot of people have vested interests in conducting campaigns of plague terror on the pliable public. So just how effective are the vaccines? Not very when one untangles the web of lies surrounding them.


Injecting people with a worthless vaccine is part of a $24 billion vaccine industry

Flu Vaccine Effectiveness

Amazingly, whether vaccinated or not the overwhelming majority of people won’t catch the flu. It is an exceedingly rare virus, contrary to what we have been brainwashed to believe. People often think they have the flu, but when tested for it, their sickness ends up being the result of another respiratory illness and not influenza itself. Natural News breaks down the CDC statistics mathematically.

Let’s start with the actual numbers from the study. The “control group” of adults consisted of 13,095 non-vaccinated adults who were monitored to see if they caught influenza. Over 97% of them did not. Only 357 of them caught influenza, which means only 2.7% of these adults caught the flu in the first place.

What the hell? Over 97% of people who had no flu shot whatsoever did not catch the flu! This is our first clue that something is seriously wrong with the flu shot narrative. Yet, we never hear this fact from the Big Media or from those with a vested interest in injecting you with their placebos. So, just how many people who got a flu shot caught the virus?

The “treatment group” consisted of adults who were vaccinated with a trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine. Out of this group, according to the study, only 1.2% did not catch the flu. The difference between these two groups is 1.5 people out of 100.

This is beyond sad. That difference – 1.5 people out of 100 – is how the effectiveness statistic is ginned up. The media often claims a 60% effectiveness rating (or some other number) they obviously never checked out. Here’s how that number is invented.

This is called “massaging the numbers,” and it’s an old statistical trick that the vaccine industry (and the pharmaceutical industry) uses over and over again to trick people into thinking their useless drugs actually work. First, you take the 2.73% in the control group who got the flu, and you divide that into the 1.18% in the treatment group who got the flu. This gives you 0.43.

You can then say that 0.43 is “43% of 2.73,” and claim that the vaccine therefore results in a “57% decrease” in influenza infections. This then becomes a “57% effectiveness rate” claim.

The overall “60% effectiveness” being claimed from this study comes from adding additional data about vaccine efficacy for children, which returned higher numbers than adults (see below). There were other problems with the data for children, however, including one study that showed an increase in influenza rates in the second year after the flu shot.

So when the media (or your doctor, or pharmacist, or CDC official) says these vaccines are “60% effective,” what they really mean is that you would have to inject 100 adults to avoid the flu in just 1.5 of them.

Let’s put it in plain English:

Flu vaccines only prevent the flu in 1.5 out of every 100 adults injected with the vaccine! Or, put another way, flu vaccines do nothing in 98.5% of adults.

When one sees these statistics broken down in this way, it’s hard not to become angry and to lose what little faith one has in the system and its constant need to create problems that don’t exist in order to create profit.

Our opinion: Don’t get a flu shot this year. There’s just shy of a 100% chance that it will do absolutely nothing except pilfer money from your wallet for what amounts to a statistical placebo. The Rabbit Hole gets deeper and deeper as one examines The Matrix.

The flu vaccine is only the tip of the mythmaking for profit iceberg, as evidence mounts the HIV virus has also been used in a campaign of plague terror by the CDC and Big Media. (The CDC’s own statistics say there is a nearly 1 in 10,000 chance of getting HIV from unprotected vaginal intercourse with an infected woman. In other words – you’d have to fuck her more times than most people have sex in their entire lives to contract the virus this way!)

The cholesterol scare also turns out to be another myth designed to push unnatural diets on the public and to sell statin drugs for problems that can be solved before they begin with education and proper nutrition. Some of the same creeps who sell worthless treatments to the public have even discussed encouraging people to commit suicide at age 75 to save costs with Obamacare. The New Modern Man has also reported on the worrying correlation between SSRI drugs and mass shootings. The medical-pharmaceutical complex is far, far worse in its systemic effects on Anglo society than the street corner drug dealer selling recreational cocaine and pot, yet there are no DEA agents raiding the Pfizer CEO’s home.

Once again, the monster in the closet turns out to be another fantasy. Take a vitamin C tablet each day. That will do more for your immune system than a worthless flu shot.

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  • Interesting discussion. I heard this issue being discussed a few months back on the radio. Apparently, part of the reason the effectiveness of the flu vaccine is so low is also due to the fact that there are so many variations of the flu. A board of doctors/bureaucrats/whatever, get together and decide on the 3 most likely strains that will be spread throughout the flu season each year and that is what everyone is vaccinated against. 3 out of 100s or even 1000s isn’t very good odds. I haven’t gotten a flu shot in years and have always been fine. Coincidentally, that last time I got a flu shot, I got sick a few weeks later with, you guessed it, the flu.


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