Operant Conditioning: Modern Governments Aim to Homogenize and Domesticate People


“If freedom is a requisite for human happiness, then all that’s necessary is to provide the illusion of freedom.” -B.F. Skinner

Not so long ago (on a geological timescale) your friendly dog’s ancestors were wild wolves. Through a process of selective breeding and domestication, the descendants of canis lupus have become everything from the great St. Bernard to the humble Chihuahua. This shows us the power of selective breeding to mold beasts into everything from service animals to rat-like pets. The principle behind selective breeding extends down to other mammals, namely H. Sapiens, or human beings.

When one looks at what world governments are doing to the human population in the modern age, pushing “diversity” as a means of mixing out differences in our species to ultimately only destroy true diversity in the human genome, one must wonder what other agendas are being pushed. The problem goes well beyond creating a “standardized” human being through sheer sexual force.

Modern Western governments also use B.F. Skinner’s principles of operant conditioning to help transform man into the equivalent of docile human livestock existing only to produce profit on the corporate plantation and government tax farm. Stefan Molyneux has detailed this concept in a brilliant thought piece titled The Story of Your Enslavement.

So, what is operant conditioning? Simply, it’s any procedure that delivers reinforcement to an organism according to some well-defined rule. It is what The Matrix refers to as “a prison for your mind.” The almighty state which creates the prison for our minds operates on two simple principles: reinforcement and punishment.


The same psychological principles used to control rat behavior also work on humans


Rats are often used to study medicine and how it will react with humans. Interestingly, studying rat behavior also gives us two clues as to how governments (with politicians who are bought and paid for by corporations) reinforce the type of behavior the elite want from the working classes and the those dependent on the welfare system.

As George Carlin said, the welfare class exists to scare the hell out of the working class. Follow the rules of the state, or you’ll end up just like them! Thereby, the working class is controlled by reinforcement. There are two types of reinforcement: positive and negative.

Positive reinforcement: This occurs when a behavior (response) is rewarding or the behavior is followed by another stimulus that is rewarding, increasing the frequency of that behavior. For example, if a rat in a Skinner box gets food when it presses a lever, its rate of pressing will go up. This procedure is usually called simply reinforcement.

With this concept in mind, how can you get millions of young men and women to spend the best years of their lives learning, nay, being voluntarily brainwashed by Cultural Marxism and liberalism in the college education racket and smiling the entire time? While, at the same time making them take on the equivalent of a first mortgage as they pay for the privilege of being turned into compliant corporate worker bees suffering and average of $30,000 in educational debt bondage for the privilege of working? Why you give them positive reinforcement.

Much like a rat hitting a feeder bar to get a food pellet, human beings figuratively go hit the rubber stamp bar at State U in hopes of landing a better feeding position at the corporate trough. They need the better feeding position because of cultural memes that convince children from a very young age the only way to compete with others and to be competent adults is by practicing competitive consumption. This makes them live adult lives geared towards using materialism to measure their self-worth, and they’re told college will give them preference in the pecking order.

It then conditions them to accept the increasingly ridiculous demands of the system by taking the very essence of childhood away, as today’s kids spend less time outdoors than prisoners do. Meantime, the promise of a reward for time served and good behavior becomes nothing more than a bait and switch job. But, while they’re in the education system as long as they pursue the illusion students are rewarded with good grades and empty accolades.

And, of course, today’s massive police and regulatory state which micromanages virtually every aspect of the human livestock’s behavior from cradle to grave doles out its fair share of negative reinforcement as well.

Negative reinforcement: This occurs when a behavior (response) is followed by the removal of an aversive stimulus, thereby increasing that behavior’s frequency. In the Skinner box experiment, the aversive stimulus might be a loud noise continuously sounding inside the box; negative reinforcement would happen when the rat presses a lever, turning off the noise.

Removing a negative stimulus is the key to negative reinforcement. Licensing and insidious government over-regulation fall under this category. One can think of this as paying fees to the government to remove the threat of fines or imprisonment for activities that really shouldn’t need the consent of the government. Or, studying to avoid bad grades on tests. Or, going to work at a shitty job so you don’t end up with a social stigma like those on welfare.

Other examples: Not having sex because you don’t want one of those “dirty little babies” the media says you shouldn’t be having. Obeying speed limits to avoid speeding tickets and high insurance rates even though the autobahn proves speed limits aren’t necessary to have a perfectly safe road. Being forced to bake a cake for someone who challenges your religious principles. Sure, it goes against your belief system to bake a cake for a gay couple, but to remove the negative stimuli, media ridicule, SJW swarmings, hate mobs, and legal consequences one bakes the cake anyway.

Before long, you have an entire population that has no idea why they’re doing what they’re doing. They’re just doing it. And if reinforcement doesn’t work, the state proceeds to the punishment phase.


“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” -Tacitus


The U.S. government excels at punishment. As its already enormous legal code gets larger and larger, there’s just about nothing that isn’t a crime these days. In fact, libertarian lawyer Harvey Silverglate wrote a book entitled Three Felonies a Day, detailing the fact there are so many laws on the books today that if one got on the bad side of a government official or someone with political power a crime could be found to fit their behavior.

These laws make everything from faking a sick day at work a felony (Supreme Court Justice Scalia even pointed out how the law criminalizes this activity for a salaried employee) to making having an anonymous source as a journalist a felony. It’s all part of a program of punishment, of which there are also two types.

Positive punishment: (also referred to as “punishment by contingent stimulation”) This occurs when a behavior (response) is followed by an aversive stimulus, such as pain from a spanking, which results in a decrease in that behavior. Positive punishment is a rather confusing term, and usually the procedure is simply called “punishment.”

So-called “positive” punishment is merely adding a painful stimuli following a behavior. Just as a rat would be zapped with a mild electrical charge, humans get zapped with arrests and imprisonment.

Some examples include jail time for just about anything you can imagine as the per capita prison population in a “free” country far exceeds any other nation on earth. Most of those in jail are there for petty drug crimes, i.e. putting people in jail for possessing or selling chemicals or plants the government says they can’t have. (Meantime, we aren’t supposed to notice prescription drugs kill far more people than recreational drugs.) Refusing to pay taxes to your “king” and then being raided by IRS agents and put in jail is another example. Rather than “protecting and serving” you, the American police state protects and serves the interests of their patrons, namely the corporate-government complex.

Negative punishment (penalty) (also called “Punishment by contingent withdrawal”): Occurs when a behavior (response) is followed by the removal of a stimulus, such as taking away a child’s toy following an undesired behavior, resulting in a decrease in that behavior.

Negative punishment means taking away something the human livestock need or want. An example would include penalties for consuming plants the government deems inappropriate, i.e. taking away a person’s right to work because they smoked a single doobie one weekend in Colorado (detectable in the urine for 30 days and now in hair follicles for 3 months!), while consuming alcohol to excess the same night is not punished.

Other examples of negative punishment would include taking away a person’s business license or other privilege granted by the government for not accepting degeneracy promoted by social engineers who run the media. Then there’s social stigma for not following trends, fads, and ways of thinking deemed important by social engineers.


“I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.” -Hitler

Scientific Dictatorship

In short, using the ideas of Skinner to manipulate the masses – along with many other psychological scientific principles – is how the faux democracy we live in does whatever it wants while convincing its subjects the state has the moral right and responsibility to control their behavior through reinforcement and punishment. The state no longer needs violence as it shifts towards figurative mind control of the sheeple through control of everything from media narratives to the education system.

The state legitimizes itself by eliminating competition, so it can be an entity with a monopoly on violence and kidnapping (arresting, imprisoning and executing people). Moreover, with the advent of widespread cultural Marxism it can eventually replace God as the moral entity in the average person’s life.

It’s all about molding the human species according to the whims of those at the top of the political and economic games. In Anglo America, this has resulted in the loss of culture and many of the simple pleasures of being alive so one can dedicate his life to producing profit in a never-ending game of material and consumer oneupmanship.

It produces an enormous amount of material wealth which is then shifted up the pyramid, out of the hands of those producing it. But, it ultimately destroys the cultural and social fabric of the society. The end goal is a completely homogenized and domesticated planet, in which men and women become little more than androgynous, interchangeable cogs in a perpetual motion, machine culture of profit making who do not move without permission from an authority figure.

Sadly, it seems many of our most innate behaviors have not evolved much beyond those of lower mammals. Worse, those at the top of the food chain have figured out a way to exploit this vulnerability through the use of science and psychology.

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  • Great piece. Any solutions?


  • Excellent article.

    From wolves to chihuahua’s is something I’ve said on my own blog before. That is exactly what they have been doing with humans. This is why my focus is to shout at the male dogs of our society who still have some some wolf in them. When you reach a certain tipping point with a population then a culling will occur.

    I believe we are reaching this point as the useless eater becomes the normal, average citizen now.

    Regardless a creature with no more will to live is a creature not worth saving. Those of western civilization who are welcoming their doom deserve to receive it the most. Consequently the awakening male must realize a very important thing. He has to stop supporting the system in every possible and depend on himself, think for himself and utterly rely on himself.

    Stop helping the women of the west. They have a husband,father and god whom they will always run to when things get tough…..and it’s most definitely not you.

    Stop thinking you need to follow or obey any of the rules imposed upon you. If the legitimacy of those who rule over you is obviously corrupt, you only obey out of fear. Most people do not understand what it means to be free. To them it is freedom or license rather to consume in excess.

    True freedom is self reliance. The more you have this the more freedom you have. When a man is free he does not need rules or state approved laws to tell him so. He has become the rule.


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