5 Things I’ve Learned From My First Year Abroad


Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are right here on Hispaniola

It seems like it was just yesterday I was running off the plantation in search of a life in a beautiful, sunny, libertine paradise.

Already, I’m just about to cap off my first full year of living abroad. I selected the Caribbean for my first experiment in living abroad for several reasons. First, it’s close to home, being only a two hour flight away from the U.S. Second, it’s Latin America so it’s still wild and free and I speaky the Spanish. Third, the women here are hot as hell and insatiable. Fourth, it’s warm and sunny with an average high of 85 degrees year round. And fifth, the island of Hispaniola has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

What are my conclusions after living here for a year? Am I homesick? Hell no. Am I happy? Absolutely. This without a doubt has been the best experience of my life so far. I’ve done more living and living on the edge in the past year than the previous thirty some odd years of my life before.

I have also been living on a fraction of the cost of my former corporate drone lifestyle. In all honesty, $500 covers housing, food, electric, and Internet, the basics. I will have to admit my partying budget for booze and other recreational consumables has soared. Here are five conclusions I came up with on the motorcycle ride back to my house from a hot girl’s apartment this morning.


Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. -Ghandi

1. I don’t want to come back to America.


Morenas (dark skin Latinas) abound on Hispaniola

I look at Anglo America as a figurative prison of sorts. The entire society is geared towards nothing but consumption for consumption’s sake, and creating problems with people’s lives to create profit. When I think of my future I always see myself either being here on an island or in any number of exotic locations. (Some more adventures in Southeast Asia are definitely on the agenda). The worst nightmare I have is going back to the lifestyle of working 50-60 hours a week to keep up a bunch of deadbeat bums and illegal aliens with my tax dollars and the sweat off my brow.

2. I have gotten used to true freedom.

I can do just about anything here. Literally, I have never felt this kind of freedom before. There are no checkpoints busting people for DUIs on Saturday night. The police by and large leave people alone. Many small infractions can be taken care of with a $20 bill. Quite simply, this island is a Libertarian’s paradise as almost nothing is illegal and those things that are illegal are loosely enforced. You have to be quite an asshole to win up in trouble with the law here.

I imagine the intent of the Founding Fathers was something like I enjoy here: freedom to do just about anything you want within reason. Where did this ideal get lost and a micromanaging nanny state become the norm? It’s totally insane and upside down.

3. I feel more masculine than ever.

Almost nothing scares me anymore. I don’t go around watching what I say or how I say it like I did when I worked in the news industry. I drive a motorcycle as transportation daily, as does most of the rest of the population. A man either sinks or swims here pretty quickly.

In contrast to rabid feminism, women expect me to tell them what to do. I was having a conversation with a neighbor just yesterday and she commented that she expects her husband to be “the man of the house.” Why the West felt the need to reinvent the wheel, changing a cultural and familial practice that has worked for thousands of generations is a mystery. Under men leading the family the human species has prospered. It was the blunder of all time to abandon this model, and women as well as men are happier when feminist boilerplate is not adhered to.

By the same token, I realize that I must be able to stand up for myself and carry myself like a man. A weakling will get taken advantage of in this environment. You can’t be a bitch here. If you are strong inside and outside you will get respect. If you aren’t, you will get fucked.

4. I have more women than I can handle.

I go through several women a week. It’s amazing to compare and contrast this experience with the experience of putting in so much effort for so little return back in Anglo America. A libertine culture is a wonderful thing in my opinion. Threesomes, all but unattainable back home are easy to come by here if you have the right connections and the reputation of being a bad boy.

I realize a lot of my success is due to not only game but hypergamous female instinct. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is my motto.

I have had so much success with women I can’t drive through town on my bike without some girl I’ve banged shouting at me or waving at me. It’s really incredible having this much access to twenty-something flesh, and a reminder that contrary to what we are told sex will often cure what ails ya. A man can even have so much sex he occasionally gets burned out on it. But too much is better than ain’t enough. Maybe Americans are angry and hateful online because they aren’t getting laid on the regular in a sexually repressed culture? The thought has crossed my mind.

5. I realize what it means to feel alive.

I have never felt more alive in my life. Whether it be playing pool and dancing with one hot girl while another hottie you’ve been banging walks in and both of you have to hide your feelings for each other, or learning how to have a backbone when conducting negotiations for housing or buying things (everything is negotiable here), this corner of the world has a way of bringing out the best in a man.

That’s what makes Latin America great to me. A man is still expected to be a man and can be a man. The rewards for a strong-willed man can be almost limitless. This can be summed up in two general themes: Possibilities and experiences. A man is not alive if he only exists to create profit for other people and has no life outside his job and career.  One of my idols, Charles Bukowski, said it best:

How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 8:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?

A man is alive if he wakes up everyday wondering which avenue of possibility he will pursue that day and what exciting experiences (and stories a man will carry to the grave) those possibilities will bring. The great Burgess Meredith flawlessly explains this concept in Grumpier Old Men:

Well, let me tell you something, Johnny. The first 90 years, or so go by pretty fast. Then one day you wake up and you realize that you’re not 81 anymore. You begin to count the minutes rather than the days and you realize that pretty soon you’ll be gone. And that all you have, see, is the experiences. That’s all there is. Everything! The experiences! You mount the woman, son. Or else…send her out to me.

Indeed, experiences, not things. That’s where it’s at.


…all you have, see, is the experiences. That’s all there is. Everything! The experiences!

Is Living Abroad is Right for You?

What do men do when their government turns into a tyranny and their women become repellent? They either look for greener pastures or overthrow such a system, or both. The critical mass has not yet been reached to overthrow the current tyranny. In the meantime, the man looking for adventure will surely find some, and in many cases it may be closer than you think. There’s a whole other world burning just south of Anglo America.

My advice for those who want to pursue this avenue of personal fulfillment: Get out of debt, stay out of debt, limit interactions with women to fun and games, become a minimalist, and dive in. You won’t miss the mall, McDonald’s and loud, obnoxious women as much as you might think.

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  • Great article! Where do you recommend in the D.R.?


  • I get it. I’m Canadian and I went to Cuba for a couple of weeks last year and it totally changed my definition of freedom, Those people had next to nothing but were happy, and we all think we have it all (nice cars and big houses) but if we look closer we see its all debt. I saw horses, cars and scooters (sometimes 3 people on one) sharing the roads and being left alone. Here I can imagine what the fine would look like for having 3 people on a scooter lol…… Id like for retirement to live part-time on my boat and in the Caribbean. I speak english and french, I just got to bone up on the spanish.


  • I always wondered why you use the phrase Anglo America and not just America… what’s your distinction?

    Also, when are you heading to Southeast Asia and where there abouts?


    • Anglo America (U.S. and Canada) vs. Latin America. Will likely stay in Chiang Mai with extensive traveling to Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.


  • Sounds like heaven. Funny how America constantly blabs about being the most “free” country yet everything even the damned words we say are regulated. Talk about irony. Sunny beaches, sexy women, motorcycle rides damn man will have to start looking at flights lol.


    • America is anything but free. I have realized that beyond the shadow of a doubt. It is one of the world’s biggest tyrannies, IMHO.


  • I’ve been thinking about getting the fuck out of the US more and more. The only problem is at this point in time I’m able to save more money than ever while living the minimalist lifestyle. My cost of living is very low and with extra money I am looking to invest in other business opportunities with friends.

    I work for myself basically and throw a middle finger up to every pozzed out Fag-O-Tron lugging his lard ass to a cubicle everyday.

    The negatives are well known. The standard shit with western culture. I have always had a disdain for social mores and if I have the choice of speaking or not speaking, I choose not to speak. This has caused some problems for me socially because I don’t care to socialize that much with western women or the men either. I view them as inferiors who are designated for extinction because they have collectively lost the will to live. That I think is the primary reason why the west is dying and at this point should most definitely die. This is what I call the New World Faggot death cult.

    Though I used to call myself a christian, I now see that religion as one of the main factors which have transvaluated our noble aims and brought us down to the gutter of equality. It has been a long time comin but we are here. A dysgenic and suicidal religion if there ever was one.

    I cannot stand the western woman the very instant she opens her mouth. I allowed myself to deal with them much more when I wanted to learn game. I had good success but honestly now I can’t even force myself to have the desire anymore.

    For some reason fucking a girl never made me feel that much better. Sure it boosted my ego and felt great but I no longer see it as an accomplishment(especially with the western whore). I thought that having the love of a hot girl in her prime would do something for me in the past. After I got that in spades it seemed very lackluster and I no longer cared for it. I simply do not care for the presence of women after I bust a nut. I only marginally care for their presence before I bust one. Ugly and fat women are completely invisible to me and I hope they perish from the earth this very instant.

    I can’t have fun or socialize around modern women because they have nothing of import or substance to say and they like to talk too fucking much. I don;t watch tv and I don’t fucking care about the faggot shit you watched on it last night or the terrible music you listen to. I like to read and the women I meet have never heard of much less read the books I’ve read. Nor do they care for the immense knowledge or experience I have accumulated in my lifetime. Even if they did care, they would never have an inkling of the understanding.

    I love women..for what little they offer but it has gotten to the point where….what exactly does the western woman offer?

    People will say only pussy of course but I will tell you right now…..that’s not fucking good enough for me anymore. Not here in this wasteland of virtue and beauty. Women of the west are now a much greater liability than ever. They are irreparably damaged and not worth saving.

    I don’t help these women or have anything to do them. I do not even wish to validate them with my penis. Honestly I just want to be gone from them completely. So yes I am probably a very likely candidate to leave here perhaps in a year or two.

    A few questions. How much money would you recommend having put away to live in a place like you are?

    Is your only source of income this website?

    Personally number 3 which you listed is probably the most damning reason for me to get the fuck out of here. I’m constantly angry because I don’t feel I can be authentic socially. I will lose out in a lot of ways if I behave how I naturally would. There is this constant stifling air surrounding everyone who wears their victim cards like a badge of honor. It’s just so disgusting I can no longer relate or associate with these kinds of insects in any way.

    Here in the USA even the most alpha of men are still coming in 2nd place in a plethora ways to the State-Corp complex when it comes to women. You simply CANNOT be a true man here. It’s basically illegal to do so. For that reason I find it shameful and debasing to put up with it.

    Part of me fantasizes about staying here to await to coming collapse so I can go Walter Kurtz on these motherfuckers.

    I have two hands. With one I might grab the ostrich neck of the white knight faggot. With the other grip the venomous, cackling throat of the western skank.

    Then choke the fucking life out of them both. Watching them twist and squirm like the worms they are. Finally embracing their destiny. A pyre of disgusting zomboids to light the night sky. Pure and righteous fire. Burn. BURN.

    The modern world has asked for the cold hearts of ruthless men. I will give it to them!

    My apologies for the rant. Hope you were entertained.


    • Man, your rants are better than a lot of articles I see out there. I would recommend at least $250,000 in investments if you plan on living here perpetually. The web site income is slowly growing, but I have to supplement it with money from investments, too. The extremely low cost of living vs. the very high quality of life (as far as I’m concerned, as I frequently say, it doesn’t take much for a man to live on) makes for an unbeatable cost-benefit analysis. Sure I can’t wing my way down to Walmart and buy a bunch of Chinese made garbage, but I can drive down the street and see sexier, more feminine women walking around in miniskirts and bathing suits than most men dare dream of back home. And chances are, with my level of game and charm and social status I can take any one I want home with me.

      I agree it is basically illegal to be a man in America. This year outside The Matrix has been the best year of my life, and I’m so glad I acted on my instincts – the instincts telling me something is terribly wrong with Anglo America – rather than bending over and asking the system to please use some lube before it gives it to me good and hard.


      • Rel,

        I’ve written you privately, and I’m getting the fuck out of here myself. I can’t wait! If things don’t work out with my Peruvian GF, I’ll be heading south of the border before long. Life is TOO SHORT to live up here in the soft tyranny of the USSA while working a job I hate…



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