The Animal Within


Original nonfiction and poetry on The New Modern Man by RF

The Animal Within
Repressed for so long
Constantly reminded
It’s a crime to be a man
In Anglo America

The Animal Within
Nearly consumed me
Feeling worthless
Feeling hated
I had to find a way out

Finally I found it
In an unexpected place
The borders between nations
Were also borders between attitudes
A more libertine place

What an oasis
Why had my people forsaken
Such an important part of themselves
I didn’t understand
I loved my new freedom

A place where women didn’t hate men
And women enjoyed being women
I suddenly realized
Everything I had been told
Was a myth

The Animal Within
Didn’t want to go home
Even though he only needed an occasional outing
Such diversion was  not possible
In a sexually repressed place

The Animal Within
Wasn’t the only one who wanted to stay
The Mind Within
Realized I was being scapegoated
For all of society’s ills

So we decided to stay
The two sides of me made a pact
To never be treated like that again
It was good to leave
I hope that sickness never comes here

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