Comment of the Week | September 18, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter Tim wins Comment of the Week in response to Percentage of Unemployed Men Similar to The Great Depression. Even though the government puts out rosy unemployment statistics, the truth is hidden as the numbers get massaged. Stay unemployed for longer than 6 months, and you magically drop off the unemployment rate statistics.

The truth? The number of “prime” working age males not working is greater than it was in the 1930s. Tim is working on his own escape from the system.

What an insightful article! I too am working diligently to disconnect. Knowing how the system works – I’ve spent the past several years planning and saving for nothing but my total escape. I only spend 1/3 of my income and bank the rest. Have everything worked out to the minutest detail and have double the funds to pull it off! Woo hoo! I could not have been more fortunate than to have recognized the beginnings of this gynocentric/feminazi induced social psychopathy twenty-five years ago. A gut instinct boiled within me mandating that I had to start planning for an escape – only back then – I hadn’t yet gained the ability to decipher or even articulate the meaning or purpose of that gut instinct. Back then – I only knew of the warning signs and not the full extent of the repercussions.

Next year – it’s bye bye to the system – and I’m far from official retirement age. I’ll become one of those prime-aged men not working or paying taxes or helping to further privilege women and the state’s anti-male laws and policies. I’m simply going to fall of the grid. I’m going Galt. Once I’m gone – I’m gone – and the gynocracy/femocracy will cease to have a hold on me financially or legally for purposes of forced wealth transfer. Income tax will cease. State tax will cease. Transfer of wealth from me to women via state and federal programs/laws/policies to force the majority of those funds towards women’s health, education and welfare will halt. The benefits to women and the state of my personal male disposability and the suffering I’ve endured at the hands of deeply embedded cultural misandry will be cut off for good. Whatever’s left of my estate at passing is earmarked to go to men’s charities – further obliterating the state’s/gynocracy’s power of forced wealth transfer from men to women.

The system has always been set up to bilk men of their lives and fortunes for the purposes of furthering male disposability, cultural misandry and strengthening the privileges of women and the state over men. Here’s to men waking up to these facts of life!

If enough men decided to become minimalists and Go Galt, we could bring the very system that profits off our labor far more than we do to its knees. Maybe Going Galt is what it will take to make our voices heard, since demographic change is drowning out our voice at the ballot box, as I wrote this week for Return of Kings.

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