Nearly Half of Adult Singles in Japan Virgins – Is It Hypergamy?


Nearly half of Japanese women in the prime of their lives – up to age 34 – report being virgins

Just when one thinks the sexual jungle in the Western world is bad with the number of incel men growing rapidly, out comes news from the Land of the Rising Sun that an incredible 42-44% of adult singles in Japan have never been laid! Wow. Even more amazingly these statistics apply to both men and women in the prime of their lives. Unlike the West, in which women will spread their legs unendingly for bad boys while refusing a tepid kiss for Beta males, Japanese women seem to be very chaste. (At least when they’re being questioned about their sexual proclivities. Note: Women have been known to lie.)

In any case, here’s how the numbers break down for the only real sexes that exist (fuck off, leftists) aged 18-34 years:

  • 42% of men are virgins
  • 44% of women are virgins

Japan, unashamed to promote their people’s identity and self-interest, unlike suicidal Caucasians in Europe, has been working to stop its population from dying off. It is encouraging people to start fucking again. But monetary incentives don’t seem to be helping, which can be seen as further evidence that something more than Western feminism is at play when it comes to frigid relations between the sexes across cultures. The Telegraph reports:

The country’s government has worked hard to boost the birthrate in recent years, providing incentives such as support for child care and tax breaks. The new data however indicates, that, if anything Japanese men and women are growing apart.

As damaging as feminism has been in the West, possible contributing factors to sex lives that have been reduced to hand jobs and sex robots include:

Working too much and obsessing over career too much to enjoy any type of social life; an interesting proposal by economist John McMurtry that GDP rise correlates with social decay leading to a nation of estranged individuals as a culture has to increasingly sell itself out to keep GDPs rising; and a sociological shift towards extrinsic life goals (i.e. materialism) rather than intrinsic life goals (i.e. having a family) which do not actually provide happiness – only the illusion of it.

Futoshi Ishii, head researcher for the Japanese National Institute of Population and Social Security told the press he thinks individualism and people chasing fantasies are helping drive the sex drought and resulting demographic decline.

They want to tie the knot eventually. But they tend to put it off as they have gaps between their ideals and the reality. That’s why people marry later or stay single for life, contributing to the nation’s low birthrate.

As the birth rate declines, fewer young people have to work harder and harder to support larger numbers of old people in what is termed by demographers as an inverted population pyramid.


Marry up or die seems to be the rule worldwide, even in Japan


One of the key pieces of evidence that helps solve this demographic riddle is buried at the very bottom of The Telegraph’s piece on people practically going to their grave as virgins in Japan – female hypergamy. Put simply, hypergamy is the driving instinct in female mating choice. It is the instinct to fuck and marry up in social status, not across or down. One has to get all  the way to the bottom of the article to find this nugget of information:

But recent years have seen a shift in traditional family structures, and a protracted economic slowdown as a global powerhouse, which has reportedly resulted in many men struggling to hold down secure, full-time jobs.

Boom. There you have it. Women don’t want to fuck men of lower social status. It might as well be a law of the universe. Social equality or men with no secure income means an end to sex lives. Perhaps this is the real reason the wage gap myth is pushed so hard (even by Ivanka Trump!) in the United States. Because social engineers know Briffault’s Law well:

Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

If a man can provide no benefits the female can harvest from him, or gain by association with him, either social status or material wealth, or power (which usually results from social status and material wealth), he is a good as dead in a woman’s eyes. Importantly, Briffault’s Law is not just applicable to human mating, but to other animal species.

It seems women will literally let a nation and their family lineage die off if they cannot find a man who provides some sort of economic or social benefit to them. Now who’s objectifying who? Give me some benefit or I’ll stay a virgin until I die and your nation can die with you seems to be the early warning to the West coming out of Japan.

Could the sexless fiasco get even worse in the West, following Japan’s lead? A man can either make fun of this story, or look at it as a canary in the coal mine for what’s to come as men’s earning capacity and leadership roles in society are diminished by the insane leftist doctrine of equalism.

It’s hard to look at what’s going on in the world and not see the invisible hand of social engineers using science to reshape the human species into sexless worker drones. But that’s all crazy talk, right? In any case, it seems man’s biggest mistake is giving woman what she wants. The Bible talked about that sort of thing.

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  • I’ve been in the Far East for a long time now. Bottom line; don’t worry about Asian men. Don’t think about them or worry about them in any way. There’s nothing to be gained by it. Instead, squat, dead, press, pullups, eat a lot of protein, get jacked and come to Japan yourself with gorilla game (whatever that is, just made it up). It is a GOLDEN opportunity.


  • Good, hard information about Japan is dificult to come by. To begin with, their culture is as alien as distance can put it. One thing that is certain, they don’t believe in pre- or extramarital sex. That would account for the high rate of virgins. As for the low marriage rate, it is hard for a man to find a good job that can supporta family and it can get worse when he does. He’ll work crazy hours to hand over his paycheck to his wife. She will, in turn, give him an allowance that amounts to lunch money. While all this is going on, marriage is sexless and the bicker all the time. One more thing, she is expected to leave work once married, so it is all on him. What guy wants to sign up for that? What we have here may be the opposite of what we have in the west. What I see here is a fmale driven marriage strkike unatil the last moment. In Japan, I see as male driven. No one in government has thought to adress the concrens of men. Until they do, Japan is headed to losing one third of its population each generation.


  • ^IDK if the extreme fetish is because they are technical virgins. I think it is more a reflection of the desperation of males, a really huge fetish is ‘childhood friend’, you can see the subconscious desire there, and the unlikelyhood of it playing out in reality.


  • No need to worry about American women…they love to fuck and get paid for having kids.

    But I’m shocked there are so many virgins in Japan…..this phenomenon goes on in others countries, where the men aren’t employed or low wage earners and the women are still fucking and having babies.


  • Given the evidence of Japanese porn often being more extreme in fetishes, I would think their female definition of “virgin” matches the West’s version; oral and anal slut with adept proficiency/addiction using the Hitachi Magic Wand.


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