Comment of the Week | September 25, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter TheSavageLifestyle wins Comment of the Week with a sentiment that echoes among many men when it comes to the decline and fall of Europe.

I alternate between sadness for Europe and contempt. On the one hand I think to myself “you get the world you asked for”. On the other I realize the level of indoctrination and propaganda Europeans and virtually everyone have been exposed to since WW2.

Those who can resist need to band together and fight it out on their feet. Better than dying on their knees.

While many want to blame governments and invading “refugees” many of the problems that led us here have been prompted by white people becoming too effete to reproduce. Population decline in an economy that needs infinite growth means the whole system crashes unless there’s a constant supply of warm bodies for it to consume. The demographic decline of whites in their own lands is the root cause of so many of our present day problems.

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