Changing Demographics Could Mean a Hillary Win and Eventual Democrat Dictatorship


Changing demographics mean whites and taxpayers no longer determine the President of the United States

Don’t let the media fool you when they tell you Trump is up 5 to 7 points in the popular vote. Trump is still behind in many polls of the electoral college despite having such a commanding lead in the popular vote. Why? Waves of immigrants are changing the destiny of the United States forever. The Democratic party will be heavily favored in the 2016 election in the electoral college, and the math only gets worse in future presidential elections.

Look for states to increasingly swing to blue and stay that way.

All The New Modern Man readers should be concerned in 2016, and especially beyond. Democrats could have a virtual lock on the Presidency very soon, as white people scratch their heads and wonder why their voice no longer counts in elections. Demographic changes intended to dispossess whites from their homeland—a country in which they were 92% of the electorate in 1960, but will be 43% in a few short decades with their offspring representing only 38% of children under 5—mean emboldened Democrats will likely move even farther to the left towards Communism as they soon have a lock on the Senate and House as well.

Despite Hillary’s criminality and investigation by the FBI, despite the low turnout at her rallies, despite her image as a crook and a liar, despite her health issues, despite Trump being up in the popular vote—Hillary was still winning in the electoral college as of Saturday, October 1. She has a landslide 323 electoral votes to Trump’s 215 in this map from Electoral Vote. 270 votes are needed to win the presidency.


Read it and weep: Hillary has a commanding lead in the electoral college as of October 1: Hillary 323, Trump 215

Changing Demographics are the Canary in the Coal Mine

How is this possible? How can such a damaged goods candidate even be competitive, let alone WINNING in the electoral college? Call it the devious plans of globalists coming to fruition. Globalists have been flooding the country with immigrants for decades, and now the country is about to make a permanent electoral swing towards Communism.

Today’s mostly non-white immigrants (i.e. reliable Democrat cannon fodder because of constant divide and rule politics and media propaganda) tend to congregate in the largest cities of the country. States with the most electoral votes have a lot of electoral sway simply because they have the largest cities where all the immigrants – legal and illegal – happen to be.

Even deep red Texas will swing permanently blue in the coming decades as Anglo whites only make up 25% of the population under age 5. Texas demographer Steve Murdock admits it’s all over for Anglos in Texas. Latinos, who vote Democrat by more than a 2 to 1 margin, are displacing traditional Americans in the Lone Star State. These numbers from Texas along with other demographic trends signal the fact the entire Southwest U.S. is becoming an extension of Mexico demographically and culturally as Pat Buchanan repeatedly warned it would. (Also, whites thinking they don’t have to have dirty little babies and families is catching up with them.)


Blue “Democrat” counties are clustered around metropolitan areas and areas with high minority populations, save the clueless Northeast and portions of the Midwest

The weight large cities carry in the electoral college is easily seen when one looks at a county by county breakdown of the vote, which is why bringing in floods of immigrants and “refugees” is so brilliant on the part of social engineers who wish to debase white people at the ballot box. This makes blue states even bluer.

Generally speaking, every county in the country except metropolitan and minority areas voted red Republican in 2012.

In areas where blacks and Hispanics make up majorities or large pluralities of the population, i.e. inner cities, the Southwest, the Black Belt, South Florida, etc. the counties are blue. Even though most counties in a given state may be red, population in metropolitan areas is so large the blue vote effectively cancels out the red vote in the rest of the state.

All the managers of democracy have to do is drown out traditional Americans’ voices in the major cities. The “flyover country” people (i.e. whiteys) then have their preferences nullified at election time. Whites and other traditional Americans are then told by a Marxist media they’re “racist” for voting in their self-interest. That’s how bad things have gotten, folks.


Rapid demographic change has occurred in the U.S. for the past 40 years, spurred mostly by the decline of the white family and a de facto open door immigration policy

Taxpayers vs. Tax Takers and Demographic Displacement


Tax takers vote for more government freebies at the expense of the John Galt taxpaying class; Mittens Romney would have won in a landslide if only taxpayers voted

Here are some maps that illustrate how debased you, the traditional United States worker bee has become from your own nation. If only taxpayers rather than tax-takers voted in the last election, the milquetoast turncoat Mitt Romney would now be president having been elected in a Reagan-like landslide. There would not be people waiting for Obama phones to be distributed.

Further, one must imagine in a nation that looked like the one at left electorally Romney would never have won the primaries in the first place and a hard-assed conservative would have been running and elected in the last election instead of a compromise candidate like Mittens. Moreover, Barack Hussein Obama would never have been elected president in the first place back in 2008, and proceeded to “transform the United States” into a Communist worker’s paradise by destroying it from within.

We also would not have Hillary as a candidate promising to finish flushing America down the toilet. With only taxpayers voting instead of those availing themselves of social welfare programs, the Democrats would be forced to run a more moderate candidate.

People who bear the burden of enriching the treasury vs. those who filch from it vote quite differently. Letting people who contribute nothing to the system vote for freebies and social welfare schemes so transforms the electoral map that Obama was able to reverse this potential landslide and turn it into a defeat for the John Galts of America.


Mittens Romney would have won in an electoral landslide in 2012 if the country looked like it did in 1960

It may shock you to realize the white vote was completely nullified in the last presidential election by changing demographics. If the country looked like it did in 1960, before the treasonous Immigration Act of 1965 was signed into law and feminism killed the flower of family, we would definitely not be on the road to Communism and on the path to have such a lying, sickly piece of crap like Hillary winning the electoral college.

There’s little doubt, a right-wing candidate would have won in an electoral landslide in 2012 rather than the overt Communist we got if the nation hadn’t been so fundamentally changed by social engineers.

Running the numbers, if the population was still 92% white as in 1960, the conservatives would have won by a 400+ vote electoral landslide. As the white slice of the demographic pie gets smaller and smaller this segment of the population can expect to have less and less clout in the voting system. It is perhaps the most ingenious debasement of a people in the history of mankind by a diabolical elite power structure.


The U.S. government has skewed farther and farther left as the female vote cancels out the male vote

Immigration and Women’s Suffrage

What if there was no women’s suffrage? A similar conservative landslide would have played out last election. Moreover, the nation would surely not be one in which 70% of revenues are used in schemes of wealth redistribution, money that men are forced to pay to subsidize their forced removal from the family by Big Daddy Government.

The worst thing is realizing we were warned about this a century ago. A pamphlet published in the early 1900s warning about the social costs of granting women the right to vote (lampooned by modern media) has largely been proven true by the effects we are witnessing today. The pamphlet warned against voting for women’s suffrage for the following reasons:

  • BECAUSE it means competition of women with men instead of co-operation.
  • BECAUSE 80% of the women eligible to vote are married and can only double or annul their husband’s votes.
  • BECAUSE it can be of no benefit commensurate with the additional expense involved.

How is that not an astute summary of exactly what has happened since the suffragettes won. Speaking of “additional expense involved” as RealSexism knows, women avail themselves of Beta male tax money, and even replace his utility by having the government forcefully extract his resources rather than dealing with him directly:

Men earn 61.5% of all income but only account for 25% of domestic spending. Men only spend 40% of what they earn after tax. In contrast women make up 38.5% of all income but control 75% of domestic spending, women on average spend 90% MORE MONEY THAN THEY EARN.

Men pay over 70% of income tax but the vast majority of public spending is on services for women. There is more money spent on breast cancer than lung cancer and prostate cancer combined, despite the fact that lung cancer alone has 3-4 times more fatalities than breast cancer. A man’s chance of getting cancer is 44% and 23% of men will die from cancer, 38% of women get cancer and 19% die. Yet there is vastly more money spent on cancer for women, this is lethal discrimination.

Women pay 60% less tax despite spending 300% more in domestic spending than men. Women also consume two third of public spending, there are 3 times the amount of gender specific health services for women than men despite the fact that for equal increases in health spending a man’s life expectancy rate increases nearly twice as much as a woman’s.

Laughably, leftists claim to want to save the world environmentally while supporting policies that encourage rampant spending, materialism, and consumerism—all driven by women! These are all predictable consequences of a country that marginalizes and demonizes its men at every turn.

The spiritual emptiness of the consumer economy, the displacement of men in the home by Government Check Dad, and the ever-increasing tilt of the country leftward towards overt Communism are all reinforced by women at the ballot box.


Whites are losing ground demographically in all areas shaded red and pink

It Only Gets Worse From Here

So where does this all leave us? It leaves us in the middle of a situation that’s almost impossible to turn around without a revolution. Men, and particularly white men have been asleep at the wheel for a century as their nation and their voice in it has been repeatedly and steadily undermined. White people are literally disappearing from their nation because of Marxist policies that destroyed the family, largely by allowing women to vote themselves Beta male tax money without having to deal with the men themselves.

Whites are also being inundated in a deluge of immigration intended to drown out their collective voices. The downward demographic spiral of traditional Americans shows no signs of stopping, only accelerating.

We must begin righting the course of the ship of state by having discussions about our self-interest or be left to wither and die in foolish optimism that somehow our fortunes will be reversed by being Mr. Nice. The New Modern Man warned about where the road of racial politics with white people remaining apathetic to their situation leads late last year.

That’s why contemporary Progressivism should really be called Racial Bolshevism.  The psycho-political profile is identical: whereas the original Bolsheviks believed that the Communist utopia could not be achieved without the elimination of the bourgeois class, the contemporary Racial Bolsheviks believe that the multi-cultural utopia cannot be achieved without the elimination of white people–especially white men.

Make no mistake, you have very little to no voice left when it comes to choosing a president. Trump literally may be our last chance to stop America from turning into a grotesque parody of the intentions of the founders, and a full-blown Communist state on its way to becoming part of a totalitarian New World Order. You effectively have no representation as a white person and especially as a white man in today’s government, but you are surely be expected to foot the bill for everyone else’s desires.

Oh, and if the demographic changes don’t sway the election, voting machines that are designed to be hacked just might. So, the bottom line is we are in a fight for our very survival as the “deplorables” Hillary hates so much, i.e. the resistance to the matriarchal, anti-white New World Order. Trump went around the corrupt system to secure the nomination. But, even if he manages to circumvent the power structure and the electoral college to win the presidency, our battles have only begun. And Trump winning against these odds will be no cakewalk.

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  • Very good point. More people need to start waking up about this. Hopefully we might be nearing a tipping point on this. We need to keep exposing cultural Marxism. It’s not wrong to want to preserve your heritage.

    As for the women’s vote, it wouldn’t swing so far to the left if the feminists hadn’t convinced so many women, through their control of the media and education systems, of all their BS narratives.


  • It’s all over. The liberal/conservative/minority/corporate/gynocentric Amerikans (aka progressives) have been selling Euro-America off to anyone desperate enough to keep them in power (single women, H-1B visa workers, corrupt government employees, corporate executives, self-loathing whites and illegal aliens). These folks don’t give a crap about America. Their only interest in the country is how to milk it for all it’s worth. They want their wealth and power – no matter who they have to destroy to get it – and they’ll destroy anyone/everyone who dares get in their way. Flooding the country with cowards/America haters fleeing the oppressive dictatorships they themselves created is just their version of ‘the final solution’.

    Universities are churning out hundreds of thousands of anti-America Marxists every year – all of whom are planning on the repeal of free speech, gun rights, the imprisonment of anyone who disagrees and an eventual replacement of the greatest freedom loving country ever known with deeply oppressive socialism/totalitarianism. Glad I won’t be alive to see the conversion in its mid-to-terminal stages.

    The most startling thing to me, exposed by the Trump campaign, is just how many closet progressives (socialists) were hiding in plain sight in the conservative party. Wow! What an awakening that was! We’ve been living under a one-party-rule progressive system for who knows how long.

    Going to retire next year, the year after at the latest, and get as far away as I can get from populated areas as possible. Gangs of thugs are roaming the streets looking for anyone white to shoot, set on fire and/or beat to death – all carefully hidden by the progressive media – the expected outcome of the progressive anti-white hate agenda. The decay of America is what the progressives have been thriving upon for several decades now. Countless trillions have been transferred from men to women and the state through no-fault divorce, Title IX, Affirmative Action, alimony, child support and asset division alone. With ‘Affirmative Consent’, men can kiss their rights to presumption of innocence and due process bye-bye. This means prison for any man on an accusation from a woman alone – the anti-male tyranny and male life destruction of which is already enshrined within VAWA.

    It’s all about forcing the transfer of wealth and power from those that have it to those that demand it for themselves – which was the whole point of no-fault divorce, Title IX, Affirmative Action and others – all carefully choreographed with a deeply modified, agenda forwarding distortion of world history and and anti-white, anti-male agenda. The people flooding from the third-world hell holes, they themselves created, flee here for one purpose and one purpose alone: to repeat what they created in the sewer hole countries from which they cowardly fled and to feed like vultures off the progressive induced dying carcass of America.

    I feel truly fortunate and blessed to be amongst the last of Euro-Americans that will retire in peace, at a relatively young age, with the ability to escape the future of progressive Amerika.


    • You must be the same Tim I see all over the manosphere. I always enjoy your comments. Get your retirement and head overseas brother. China is fun as hell, especially if you are retired. Korea, Phills, Thailand. Get out and get you some. Don’t spend your retirement in the USA. Just my advice.


      • Yeah – I post one or more times everyday somewhere within the sphere. Have been active in anti-gynocentric, anti-male-disposability, anti-misandry online circles for several years. Have been going under the name ‘ThePatriarchy’ on Disqus and a couple of other places (Girls Ask Guys/Quora) for a few months. Tim is the only handle I’ve kept for any length of time and the one I use on sites that don’t require registration. Chose ThePatriarchy for the obvious anti-climactic letdown that follows reading one of my posts – as I’m anything but. It’s useful in having fun with feminists and other shades of gynocentrists too – as they assume I’m a tradcon/gynocentrist up front. Usually throws them off balance a little as conversations proceed. Have posted under so many pseudonyms over the years I’ve long since lost count. Sandman has made a VBlog on a post or two of mine over the years.

        Have a pretty good plan setup for retirement – though not a lifestyle to which most would aspire. Won’t be in one place for more that a week or two though. Will be constantly on the move and off grid 95% of the time – living a VERY minimalist lifestyle. I’m an introvert – so crowded places and lots of people never really interested me that much from the get go – but unfortunately – for work – I’ve had to live in metro areas most of my life. Just another super geek IT engineer longing to live alternate, far simpler, far quieter life. I do enjoy small groups of one or two others however. More than that and I tend to need an escape plan. Very much enjoy commenting online in the sphere – so will be doing lots of that for as long as my pulse and vision hold out. The totality of my comments must range in the thousands by now – though under dozens upon dozens of various pseudonyms.

        Love to be out in the middle of nowhere completely separated from the grid (forest/mountains/desert), so that’s my planned destination for retirement – the whole of the US back country. My neighbors will mostly be bears, cougars, wolverines, wolves, squirrels, rabbits, snakes and scorpions in the near future. I’m sure I was a forest ranger in a previous life. I just know it. Will meet folks like myself along the way and maybe develop a travel companion or two. Love to read and write – and one needs lots of solitude for those endeavors.

        Thanks for the compliment. Sure we’ll cross paths again somewhere in the sphere, if not again here. Have grown a little fond of this place, its authors and participants.


      • Very cool. Sometimes I wonder why I chased socio-cultural rewards as much as I did. Being out in the woods always works. It’s far more true and consistent and awesome. Pick a word. People are slippery. Even winning the game socially is just a matter of soaking up approval…which should have never mattered.

        I’m minimalist too and moreso by the year. I know it’s kind of a trendy thing but it’s also legit and I think young manospherians need to get on board. I’ve got my clothes, watch and knife and about the best feeling in the world is that I simply don’t need another item from this earth, outside of functional necessities. No more superfluous expenses. I’m done with Hollywood so no more movies/cable etc, don’t need a car in Asia…Minimalism is a great joy, not a sacrifice at all.

        It’s good reading your thoughts. Let us know if you start blogging or get published etc. Carry on brother.


  • Once Texas is full blue then it’s insurmountable. Cali, NY, and Tx as blue states and the right won’t win another presidency until after the state fails. Mexicans are flowing in. Hillary will have years to get the vote to those illegals. It’s over. Find an enclave overseas or in a small, flyover town.


  • Eduardo the Magnificent

    Like Tocqueville said, once people figure out they can vote themselves the treasury, it’s all over. There’s no going back.


  • Amazingly I’m in one of the few areas according to that chart which has actually gained in whiteness.

    Get fucked globalists.


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