Site News: Changes and Upgrades Coming


Stand by for changes and upgrades as part of our In Your Face, Globalists growth strategy

Thanks to our growing readership for making us surpass an average 50,000 views a month. Our reach has been growing at between 10-20% a month since the spring, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Free speech is like oxygen to generations of men who have had their views stifled too long.

Between now and the end of the year, The New Modern Man will be making some changes and upgrades. Here’s a look at our plans for making the publication¬†even better.

  • Addition of two regular, weekly columnists
  • Reinstatement of cash prizes for Comment of the Week
  • Return of Be Like Dirk Comics
  • Expansion of the Eye Candy of the Week section

Other ideas are also on the drawing board. The men’s movement is an important movement and it’s time for us to become more strident in our messages awakening men still in the throes of the Anglo-American cultural Matrix, educating men on money and minimalism, and pushing an agenda of male self-interest, while also sticking to our core effort of educating freethinking men about the harsh realities of women and the world.

We have yet begun to fight.

Help us grow by making a purchase from our Recommended Reading and Viewing page or our Politically Incorrect Apparel and Merchandise page or buy anything from Amazon using this link. You can also Sponsor The New Modern Man for as little as $1 a month.


  • Love this site. Any podcast in the future? Wouldn’t be a bad idea to listen to some of the content on my iPod while goin’ to prison…uhmm…I mean workplace or just doin’ some fun activity. Keep up the good work


  • You didn’t ask for suggestions but here’s some:
    Perhaps one of the columnists could write about health and fitness.
    Also, what about recipes? To accompany those drinks.
    Well done on 50,000 views per month.


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