Video of the Week: It’s All Over for Anglos

White people don’t seem to have gotten the memo that they’re being conquered – although peacefully – since feminism turned Anglo women into wannabe men instead of encouraging them to pursue their natural strengths as females and mothers. Whites get angry at more fruitful immigrants while neglecting the very reason they’re being made a minority in their own nation is due to the fact white women are statistically barren.

Due to a combination of factors, but mostly due to feminism and Marxism, white women now have an average of 1.7 children in their lifetimes. The minimum number of children to sustain a culture is 2.1 children per lifetime. To sustain perpetual economic growth the number of children per lifetime needs to be at least 3.

So, what do treasonous leaders do when white people have 1.7 children instead of 3? They bring in immigrants and refugees to keep the machinery of the consumption economy running. Meantime, white women keep on trying to be more like men, spurred on by social engineers.

What’s happening as women turn themselves into the very model of Freud’s Penis Envy theory by trying to displace men on the job? Anglo culture is dying off. You can see its effects first and foremost in American small towns that are literally withering away and dying, and in a visit to a metropolitan area in which one wonders which country they’re in, and in demographers’ pie charts like the ones above.

This video is primarily about why Texas is becoming an extension of Mexico rather than part of the United States, but the presentation also touches on the fact trends of Hispanic growth and Anglo decline are prevalent nationwide. Soon, perhaps within the next decade, Texas will no longer be a red state because of these demographic trends.

Then the Democrats will be able to do whatever they want to us, because they will have a lock on power in the electoral college. Trends also point to Democrat gains in the House and Senate in the coming decades.

As the presenter says, “It’s basically over for Anglos in Texas.” The truth is, it’s over for Anglos nationwide, they just haven’t realized feminism has cost them their nation yet.

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