Comment of the Week | October 9, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter TheK wins Comment of the Week with a comment about how materialism is ingrained with Anglo culture, and how the decline of the Anglosphere might just be a good thing for the non-materialists of the world. In response to The Culture to Materialism Ratio, he wrote:

Materialism isn’t a Western issue as much as it is an Anglo one. Non-Anglo countries in the West do not have the sort of excess materialism present in the Anglo bloc. Materialism is simply the founding pillar of Anglo Neo-Puritanism. Personally, I think the world will be much better off once the Anglo bloc declines and Anglo attempts at cultural domination come to an end.

As much as one hates to see his own culture decline, a man does grow tired of an economy that caters and even molds women and men to be consummate materialists. Spiritual life and life outside buying things is almost completely dead as consumption rules over most people’s lives.

The urge to consume has become so rampant it is destroying every other aspect of Anglo culture, and even leading it to demographic suicide.

As Anglo culture eats itself up by cancer from within, as white people are in decline demographically in nearly every corner of the USA, one wonders and worries about what will come along to replace it.

But, all a man knows is things will be different. And soon.

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