Stories from the Road: Visiting a White Girl Strip Club


My jarring experience in an American strip club, after spending over a year abroad

Daddy Rabbit’s, Paper Moon and Pure Pleasure | Richmond, VA
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I’m back in The Matrix for a quick visit to family and friends before I return to my haven from Anglo American insanity in the Caribbean. I have some spare time on my hands, so I wander on down to a titty bar the other day in an East Coast city to kick back, relax, throw down a few Yuengling beers and watch some titties and ass bouncing around. You know, typical guy thing.

As usual, because my instincts are honed when it comes to having a good time, I head to the “bad part of town” because that’s where the best strip clubs usually are. I see black chicks walking around outside the stores and restaurants in this neighborhood, so I feel like I’m safe and I’ll be having a good time soon, just as I did days earlier when I stopped off on Downman Road in New Orleans. (If you haven’t had the black strip club experience, you need to.) I manage to end up in a strip club that has nothing but white chicks. It’s about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I think, fine, I’ll hang out here and see what happens.

Here’s what I remember about the experience.

Being taken out of Latin America by plane and dropped into the middle of Anglo America is culturally like being taked out of a warm, comfy bath and dropped into ice water. As I told a Peruvian guy who I met that day, las chicas aqui son frias, i.e. the women here are ice cold. He completely agreed and we further agreed it was the culture more than anything else.

While talking to him, a couple of white girls came around offering dances and VIP ripoffs to a customers sitting around me. I, of course listened to what they had to say to some guys who were obviously regular customers. As they started talking, what were the topics? Career. (Of course.) Shopping. Eating out. Jobs. What material goods she and her friends have and how she’s plotting her strategy to competitively consume with these people. What she wants to have materialistically.

All the programming via social engineering and the media seems to be still working, untarnished in my absence of over a year.

Other thoughts. It’s the strangest thing for a straight man to see a chick naked in front of him and experience the following:

  1. Thinking how strange the skin color looks (totally white).
  2. Thinking how very little tits and ass these girls have compared to what girls in Latin America have.
  3. Thinking how cold their attitudes were towards me and other customers.
  4. Experiencing a latent feeling of resentment (which I hid with a smile) towards the women, to the point of not wanting to tip them.

I didn’t give them a single $1 bill. I just drank, and looked on, bored really. Maybe it’s because I’ve been getting more ass than a toilet seat over the past few years, but maybe there’s another factor too.


Las chicas aqui son frias…that’s what I thought as I sat and watched women take off their clothes in Anglo America

Closing Thoughts

I know all women are in strip clubs for cash, but white chicks’ personalities are so frigid and they have so mistreated me as well as most friends and male acquaintances I’ve known throughout my life they’ve become the equivalent of walking bags of protoplasm to me. Asexual, difficult personalities, self-absorbed, too K-selected to be much fun but somehow taking off their clothes for a living. No conversation beyond lame attempts to sell me a dance and extract some money from my wallet. Typical. I know I’m nothing but a walking, talking utility to you but at least try to have a little humanity, girls.

I hang out for a few hours to try and give the place a chance but decide to wander off to another club I saw on Google Maps when I searched strip clubs.

The second place had mostly Latinas and black chicks, and if nothing else I had some interesting conversations with the dancers who were much friendlier and “warmer” people than the white girls in the other club. The mood of the second place wasn’t as “frio” as the other one.

I actually met a Latina (Mexicana) who was originally from California who was very fun to talk to for a couple of hours. Even though I could tell she has been tainted by her experience in a materialistic, male-hating culture, she still retained some of the Old World charm I’ve grown very fond of over the past decade of being in and out of Latin America. Of course, she wanted to sell dances too but at least I got some sort of human interaction from her. Same deal with the black chicks in there.

I tried a third place in town and it ended up being the same as the other two.

That said, I don’t think the fact white chicks are so dull in strip clubs is race as much as it is culture. Anglo culture pedestalizes women and white women are the most coddled and privileged individuals on this entire planet. Having a K-selected behavioral reportoire also means they are more cunning and less caring when it comes to men. All this is of course, my opinion, based on a lifetime of careful observation.

But in an already jarring experience coming back to The Matrix for a visit, the white strip club visit really seemed to confirm how disjointed and mercenary relations between the sexes have become in 21st century America. It was bizarre. I’m not a hard person to talk to or get along with, yet I felt completely out of place in the white strip club and just thinking to myself how did our women become this bad? Have they always been this bad?

Can’t wait to get back on the plane outta here.

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  • I couldn’t agree more and have felt the same thing. Don’t frequent strip clubs anymore. Well, maybe every other birthday but that’s it.

    Great site RF. Keep up the great work!


  • Ditto here. I travel and have expatriated many times. I made it a tradition to hit a strip club, alone, the night before I shipped out. I used to love strip clubs. Loved the white girls (then). Really loved nude Asians while in America. Something about that really got me going. Anyway, I’m saying I used to LOVE strip clubs. The last few times I went, it was stupid. One girl (a 6) sat with me unasked and immediately called me ‘mediocre’ right off the bat. I wasn’t rude back to her but I wasn’t enthused at all about talking to her. She got the hint and very sarcastically said, “Well, I’m suuurree the girls will just love you,” then she stormed off. I’m not that bad of a guy. I lift etc but I’m very much the boy next door. Another girl did her set on stage and I was watching her jiggle around as she put her (two) pieces of clothing back on before making her rounds at the tables. She (despite being a stripper) was apparently very offended that I would watch her as she sat there naked. She barked at me. So, no lap dance from her. Another white girl with amazing naturals came up to me. I asked if I could touch them during a lap dance (strict-style NW laws). She agreed but said I couldn’t kiss them because she “didn’t want to spend the whole night being everyone’s mom.” The sullenness and outright hostility was such a turnoff. Those three stories accrued over two or three visits. I can’t remember. I no longer go. Strip clubs from 94-2002 used to be heaven for me. I was a major incel and just watching hot girls asses for 3-4 hours as they walked around was the greatest heaven on earth. ‘Stripper’ used to be synonymous with ‘hot with a great ass’. No longer. The girls were fun and slutty and actually did their jobs back then. Now they ooze feminist indignation while making 1000 bucks a night for sitting down and moving around a little bit. It’s not worth the 70-300 dollars anymore. I no longer get that horny at my age where just getting 3-4 lap dances means that much to me. Not worth it especially since I’m a career expat and get waaaayyy more for that same amount of money by waaaayyy better women, younger, cleaner, waaayyy better bodies. Another thing is that the quality in the US had lowered significantly. Strippers used to have great bodies…because…well, duh….but the last few times was full of 5’s. Only the foreign girls had anything to offer. A strip club habit and poor impulse control is a mistake. A few misguided trips and you will burn through 3 times more cash than a quick jaunt to Guadalajara for the weekend or something.



  • Down with the deploarables! Hillary is man’s only hope!

    Ya know – one of the things I enjoy most about liberal society is that I can type ‘nude women tumblr’ on Google and find millions upon millions of women stripping down naked, willingly, for the camera and my viewing pleasure. Massive quantities of quality, free porn is quite possibly the greatest gift bestowed upon mankind – all thanks to liberals. That and a good supply of Aveeno and I’m set for a couple hours of edging. Good thing it wasn’t available when I was much younger, cause you’d have had to remove the superglue from my door jamb to get me out of my bedroom. Who needs misogyny or sexism when women will simply bare it all en masse for free?! WooHoo!

    But in all seriousness folks, liberals also helped kill the institution of marriage – and hence cut off the money flow of alimony, asset division and child support from men to women. It’s no big secret that mass immigration is now mandatory for all Westernized countries thanks to liberal led mass abortion – pumping up the supply of unskilled brown people to do the jobs no sane white man would want. Add to that the daily production of crazed campus SJWs and feminists and my nightly YouTube comedy entertainment card is filled to the brim. Who needs comedy TV shows with all that? In the next war, like in the last few, ‘stop loss’ will continue to be used in lieu of male-only conscription – forcing the government to either build more robots or conscript women – cause you know – gender discrimination. We have the real possibility, thanks to liberals, for females to be added to conscription and mass anti-male gender discrimination lawsuits by males if those dastardly repukes try mass murdering men again over some silly war. Can’t wait to see feminist Hillary try to send an all male front line combat force to fight a war. Talk about AWOL en masse! Who knows – maybe we’ll end up with a couple of centuries of female-only conscription and an all female front line combat fighting force in reparation to men. Men now have the ability to stop working and go on the dole – like the majority of women did in the past through marriage and now do through welfare and female-only quota programs. What guy thinks that’s a bad thing?! Women dang near pay the majority of taxes now, which is g.r.e.a.t for men! What’s more – all those redneck hick males that America traditionally disposed of through war will refuse to enlist! Yee-Haw!

    Hillary must win this November. She’s the only candidate to ensure the continuation of all the above hypocrisy and and double standards – guaranteeing a harder time for women and an easier time for men. Unbeknownst to most men – liberalism and feminism are God’s greatest gift to men. Some just can’t see the forest for the trees. Let feminism and liberalism reign supreme for all of eternity!

    Vote for ->HER, because feminism IS good for men, TOO! Feminism has backfired so well against women, you’d a thunk it created by the patriarchy. Shhhh…..

    Hillary…in reality…is the much discussed men’s ‘2nd cumming’. You go GRRL!


  • Until men forcefully put women back in their fucking place this will not stop. The women even loathe the men now because none of them will smack their bitch ass flappers shut.

    They are going to drive everyone insane until men sack up and do what needs to be done. The anglosphere continues its cuck odysseyy and it will be dead soon. Just like the blackened, barren wombs of its whores.


  • Wow.. a travel buddy of mine and I had the exact same experience.

    You nailed it when you said, “white women are the most coddled and privileged individuals on this entire planet.”

    What we can’t figure out is in spite of white women’s privileged position atop the female hierarchy, why do they bitch and complain more than any other race of women?


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