Comment of the Week | October 30, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter jackronin wins Comment of the Week as he describes just how effective a mind control device television really is, in response to The Media Must Be Dismantled In Order for Freedom to Survive.

Great article. It’s a shame that more people in the sphere don’t talk about the degrading effects of the tv and the power it has to promote predictive programming. I wrote an article months back on this very issue and even quoted Jerry Mander in the book you listed as well.

Anyone who wishes to read it can find it here..

Your TV is called a PROGRAMMING device. Your brain is in an alpha brain wave state 1 minute after watching tv. Alpha brain wave state is like daydreaming and also where hypnotists want you to be to work the power of suggestion.

Americans spend more time watching tv than any other activity. Is it any surprise the country is full of atomized consumerist zombies?

I turned that shit off years ago and now I can’t stand to have it around me for even a few minutes. Commercials are absolute garbage chock full of corporate sloganeering and mass psychology tactics. People that watch tv on a regular basis are literally brain dead. I might have more confidence in a meth head being able to think clearly.

He’s absolutely right about the science behind television and what it does to the human brain. Television and centralized control of the media, more than anything else are responsible for the 50 year mass delusion society is just now waking up from. The Internet replacing TV as the go-to source for information, thus far, has been a gift from up above as its uncensored news, views and reviews are waking the flock up. As reported by The New Modern Man:

Media-driven myths were hugely successful in keeping people blindly participating in a consumption economy and government tax farm system for half a century, while keeping them largely oblivious as to what was really happening in the world and their government. For 50 years the entire population was essentially mind-controlled by a medium that provided them with sugar-coated fantasies and half truths about reality, and nobody seriously questioned the fact that big business and the government had Americans’ best interests at heart.

Of course, the Internet liberating the mind of man will not be viewed kindly by the elite who know it’s going to fuck up their plans for world domination. Look for it to be targeted for censorship and corporate control.

That said, it’s time to get rid of or virtually get rid of television in your home. Any video you need to see is now online. Every time I am subjected to TV I think to myself, oh, so that’s what they want everyone to be thinking and doing now. Maybe it’s because I spent 15 years behind the scenes of the media and became jaded by my experiences, but I literally cringe every time I hear the manipulative sound of glib voiceovers, reporters, anchors, and actors. Because I know just how empty most of those souls really are.

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