American Women Don’t Know How Good They’ve Got It


American women don’t know how good they’ve got it; they’ve got it too good, in fact

Oh, woe is me, woe is me. Why can’t I find a good (i.e. high earning) man? Why can’t I live the life of the Housewives of Whatever city? Why can’t I be the princess and the envy of my social circle?

American women seem to be oblivious to the fact they’re overweight queens running a fiefdom in which they’re the royalty and men are the subjects. They have few if any obligations to men and society and yet men are legally compelled to produce largesse for their benefit. It’s either pay excessive taxes or go to jail, or better yet, pay alimony and child support or go to jail.

What do we get for our labor, worry, and the lines on our faces getting clearer by the year? Welcome to the matriarchy. Welcome to hell if you happen to be the poor bastard born in The Matrix with a Y chromosome.

Dating is a disgrace. Hordes of men get in line vying for the same woman in one of the most dehumanizing spectacles imaginable, all offering themselves up to be the best utility for her to use and then place into the discard pile.

Of all the places I’ve been, America is the most sexless nation imaginable with icy relations between the sexes. Well, on the surface and for the 80% of “worthless” men out there in a sexual market that has shifted to the Pareto Principle it’s that way. Women hold out sex on Beta males as if it’s some sort of sacred rite of passage while they spread their legs openly for degenerates and those with obscene fortunes or high social status.

It’s the “good men” of society who suffer most. They go without sex, without companionship, without validation, without acknowledgement of their daily sacrifice.

Meantime, while women obsess themselves over materialism and consumerism by competing within cliques to see who can get the most “bang for the buck” out of their sexuality by using it to obtain the male with the highest utility value, few realize they have it made compared to women of eons past. You see, with the Hedonic Treadmill it is never enough!

Women are no longer expected to have children and raise them. The state and its henchmen in the child support and welfare system will do that for them.

Women are no longer expected to remain chaste and faithful. Feminism told them they were empowered by spreading their legs until the thousand cock stare is ingrained in their faces.

Women are no longer expected to be fit and trim. They have devolved into gelatinous blobs of protoplasm going from one fix to the other, whether it be a fix of sugary and fatty fast food or a fix of random sex with a thug or a fix of Starbucks’ overpriced coffee milkshakes.

In short, women no longer have ANY obligations to men or society. However, all the old restraints are still placed on the backs of men. We are told we need to work hard and produce as much as possible for society with our lives. Why? When the fruit of our labor is forcibly stolen from us and redistributed to people who do not deserve it, and we certainly need much less than we produce to lead happy lives.

Women are clueless as to just how good they’ve got it, and yet they’re still not satisfied. This is especially true for Anglo women who are coddled and spoiled from cradle to grave by the fruits of men’s minds and our labor.


Overindulgence is the obsession of today’s American women

Stop Playing a Rigged Game

Men can and should refuse to play along any longer. At the end of the day, every human exchange is an economic exchange and frankly, we as men are being ripped off. The sexual market is the granddaddy of all markets of man, and without proper care and attention we have no incentive to bust our backs and our balls for a society that leaves us sexless and hopeless.

I say we, because before adapting and overcoming by becoming a devil may care Sigma male I was one of the Betas being either neglected or used and abused by women. I ended up leaving the sad sack of a nation known as the USA, but many of my brothers are left behind and it pains me to the core to see them being taken advantage of in this way.

Women threw men overboard in pursuit of their self-interest. It is time for men to throw women overboard in pursuit of our own self-interest. No sex? No family? No problem. We will just pursue our own selfish agendas and leave you to keep up society running, ladies.

Being natural minimalists, we do not need luxurious lives and we do not need all the trappings of modern life women figuratively slit each other’s throats over.

That said, many men are still asleep, slaves to their own base desires which advertising tells them they can fulfill by buying product. They don’t realize the reason they want more and more material things is because of social conditioning that tells them from childhood that acquiring material things is the way they show their dominance and the way they show they’re competent citizens.

This must end. Men must be educated to stop behaving this way. Indeed, both sexes have been enslaved by their own unconscious selfish desires (as Freud and his nephew Bernays proved) to power a system that benefits the owners of that system more than it benefits either sex.

It is time for men to throw off the shackles of this system and demand changes. Women cannot expect to enjoy the fruits of our labor without some form of remuneration. They don’t play along, we don’t play along. It really is that simple.

The economics of the exchange has always been and always will be male utility, labor and cooperation for female sexuality, fertility, and beauty. As it stands now, male utility, labor, and cooperation are still being consumed while men are told “that’s tough” when it comes to female sexuality, fertility, and beauty.

Forget “honor” and all those other nebulous concepts put into male minds to control us. Millions of competent men are completely ignored sexually and for relationships because they don’t produce material wealth that’s ranked in the top quintile (20%) of the economy. What kind of lunacy is this in which the be-all, end-all measure of a man in female eyes is his ability to produce an exorbitant lifestyle?

Women will never realize or appreciate the sacrifices men make to keep the lights on and to keep the grocery shelves stocked and to keep Maybelline on the shelves. What do we get in exchange for it? Older, greyer, but wiser.

Wake up from the ruse. Invest your lives in women and a society that gives a damn about you as a human being, or remove the benefit of your participation from said society. Women never had it so good. It’s about time they see just what they gave up by treating men like expendable provider modules.

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  • “Foreing woman ”
    STOP… those are the same or worst. Trust me, if you are European or American they dig you…. your grave. Go there have fun (wrap it up, there is places with 10% prevalence of HIV, south RD for example)
    They lure you in, then try to get VISA and fuck you up.
    And if you stay with them over there you come back home after work to kiss the lips that just blowed Juan.
    Heed the old sage warning (I copied that from one MGTOW guy)


  • RF, American women DO know how good they got it. In fact they brag and gossip about it. All you need to do is watch any reality show, read any of their blogs or magazines… and you’ll hear how they consider men such DUPES and SUCKERS. Their job is to deceive you into thinking they don’t. It’s all a Game of Deception and by all accounts they are winning.

    But, here’s what more insidious…(and it’s insight coming from women)…”That men will do anything and everything for pussy.”

    So women are just being women and taking advantage of men being so pathetic and desperate….that’s the 80% you speak of and it’s very, very sad…because that 80% are not unaware of the situation…NO…they knowingly and willingly are complicit in their servitude and slavery.

    Until that 80% grow a pair… this sad dynamic will never change but only grow worse. One solution is yes, leave this hell hole for better pastures overseas, but that takes balls too, which the 80% don’t have…therefore they remain the same and (BBC) bitch, blame and complain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • By the way.. I love your writing and insights… I think this is one of your top ten articles… keep them coming.

      I would like to read what your solutions are in regards to this… yes, leaving the country is one, but most men will never follow through with that option…so are there others…my contention is that the American women will NEVER change but only grow worse because they’re DBR (damaged beyond repair), so wishing, hoping and praying is delusional at best.

      The reality for men is to quit being Beta Bitches and become Alpha Men or something similar…because as long as they are Beta they will stay losing… even if said Beta becomes financially wealthy..he will still be taken to the cleaners, eventually.

      So what are your solutions?….Thanks.


      • Relampago Furioso

        Good points. I am going to do an article about alternatives to leaving/expatriating soon. Even though it is definitely the best option, in my opinion.


      • Looking forward to that article…because you’re a living successful example. But, I know many men who would never leave due to family, careers, lifestyles, etc… Hopefully, you will list the top 10 countries to expatriate to and all the pros and cons.


  • To really understand how spoiled American women are, just flip the situation.

    First, let’s look at how it currently is;

    An upper middle class/upper class, fit, sophisticated, smart, non-alcoholic American man with decent looks is easily in the one-percentile internationally as far as sexual market value. The fact that American women don’t appreciate or even acknowledge that doesn’t change that fact. ONE PERCENTILE and there are tens of millions of men like this in the USA. So all a woman has to do to get an international one-percentile male is to simply pursue physical hobbies. If she goes on easy hikes, walks 18 holes of golf a few times a week, or swims,or cycles, or pushes the weights around, plays tennis or soccer, runs etc. then she is physically healthy. Simply being healthy puts her in the top 10 percentile of American females right out of the gate.

    So a woman does those satisfying, enjoyable hobbies and a one-percentile male is guaranteed to her. Any physically healthy American female EASILY gets a one-percentile male. If she actually wants to do full squats and hike vigorously and eat well, then forget about it. She will have hundreds of one-percentile males at her disposal just in her town. Think of a fitness model type. Tens of thousands of one-percentile males are hers for the choosing.

    For me, lifting and hiking, running etc. are my favorite things in life. So I can’t even comprehend not being able to do them, just for the enjoyment alone. When you add in the health benefits then it’s something I can’t fathom living without. My worst nightmare is a leg or back injury that limits my ability to enjoy physical activity. It boggles my mind to think that women are in a position where they ONLY have to enjoy physical hobbies AND as an added bonus, that gets them a one-percentile mate. “Oh, you golf on Monday and Wednesday and hike on the weekends? Here’s a one-percentile mate for you as a reward for enjoying awesome, addictive hobbies that improve your health.” WOW. Not a bad deal there.

    Okay, now let’s flip the script;

    Imagine waking up and seeing hundreds and hundreds of one-percentile females all around you every day. The kind of women you might see once or twice A WEEK in a large American city if you are out and about and see several thousands of people daily. So we’re talking about freaks. International one-percentile women are freaks that you will rarely see in America if you are not in a major city. (The ones that you do see in major cities are probably foreign anyway)

    Anyway, now you live in this city where there are hundreds of one-percentile women walking around you all the time every day. (This is the reality of how attractive American men are. This is the inverse.) So you, as a male, wonder what you have to do to get one. You assume it’s impossible but then an Irina Shayk look-a-like comes up and gives you the answer;

    “Look. All you have to do is golf and hike. Lift if you want. Keep the pounds off, eat like an adult. Then you can have your pick of all of us, every day.”

    Your answer; “WHAT!! All I have to do is golf and hike to be with you?!!!!! ” The answer is yes, because 90% of the other males can’t even be bothered to even go for walks to merit one of the one-percentile females surrounding them daily. That’s how lazy they are, so all you have to do is golf, hike and lift. Just enjoy yourself.

    Can you imagine? All you have to do to get Irina Shayk is to golf and push the weights around three times a week. As it stands now, you have to be a global icon worth 100 million to get Irina Shayk. Flip the script and all you have to do is walk 18 holes four times a week, keep the weight off. Enjoy weight lifting. Enjoy eating good food.

    Just move your body and eat decent food…and….presto…Abigail Ratchford has oneitis for you.

    That’s the situation American women are in. That’s how easy it is for them; simply indulge in semi-vigorous, satisfying outdoor hobbies and they get a one-percentile male. Yet 90% still can’t even motivate themselves to ENJOY a physical hobby. They can’t even go for walks. 99% bitch about how there are no good men when international one-percentile males outnumber international one-percentile females by 1000 to 1 in America.

    Imagine if all you had to do to get Jen Selter was to go golfing 5 days a week. Just tee it up five days a week, you don’t even have to have a job. Just walk, swim, lift and come home to Jen Selter and her desperate oneitis for you.

    If you were able to follow my overly long post and understand what I mean, then your mind should be thoroughly boggled. It’s so fucking easy to be a woman in America.


  • Think for a second what would happen if all of the hard working, middle class men stopped getting up for work or giving a fuck. I’d love to see the hamstering.


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