Comment of the Week | November 6, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter Zan wins Comment of the Week with a counterpoint to The New Modern Man article entitled American Women Don’t Know How Good They’ve Got It:

RF, American women DO know how good they got it. In fact they brag and gossip about it. All you need to do is watch any reality show, read any of their blogs or magazines… and you’ll hear how they consider men such DUPES and SUCKERS. Their job is to deceive you into thinking they don’t. It’s all a Game of Deception and by all accounts they are winning.

But, here’s what more insidious…(and it’s insight coming from women)…”That men will do anything and everything for pussy.”

So women are just being women and taking advantage of men being so pathetic and desperate….that’s the 80% you speak of and it’s very, very sad…because that 80% are not unaware of the situation…NO…they knowingly and willingly are complicit in their servitude and slavery.

Until that 80% grow a pair… this sad dynamic will never change but only grow worse. One solution is yes, leave this hell hole for better pastures overseas, but that takes balls too, which the 80% don’t have…therefore they remain the same and (BBC) bitch, blame and complain.

His comment actually reminds me of the time I overheard two white bitches bragging in a Latin American bank (in which they assumed nobody understood them) about how they had both just cleaned out their ex-husbands financially and were using the money to travel, screw, shop, and eat out worldwide. (Anglo women are perhaps the most insidious of sex tourists, contrary to media propaganda.)

Incidentally, in my darker moments I know Zan is right. This is a very old game we are playing, and the female always wins in the end.

We may have awakened from the ruse, but that doesn’t mean every man will.

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